Nudibranchs – Can’t Get Enough of ‘Em

Nudibranchs – Can’t Get Enough of ‘Em
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Image by Boogies with Fish…
Saturday at the South end of Leper Island  was a good day for nudibranch hunting. There’s not much challenge to hunting nudibranchs, except to find them in the beginning. Sometimes there are a lot of them and sometimes none. I don’t know where they go. The slide around slower than land snails, so motion capture is not a problem. Most of them, however are teensy-weensy. This Chromodoris geometrica  was about 1.5 cm long:

You have to get your camera lens practically right up against the critter to get a shot like this. That means that, with the Canon G10 rig, you can’t use the flash; it’s blocked by the housing.

I was frankly surprised that these shots came out so pretty. The colours are very accurate and I got enough depth of field to get good focus from edge to edge. Here’s another shot of the little fellow going downhill:

The breathing organ (branch) is the feathery thing at the back. The antlers at the front are, I imagine, sensory organs. I’m very happy with these shots, especially since this is the first time that I’ve seen this species.

Here’s something that you don’t see every day, nudibranch eggs: The cluster is about as big around as a golf ball. If you click to enlarge you will see that is is very lacy. The individual eggs are stuck together and come out in a ribbon. They are always laid out in a circle or spiral shape.

Here’s another nudi for you. This one is a Phyllidiella pustulosa: I can’t say that I’m fond of the taxonomic name. Anything that starts with ‘pust’ doesn’t appeal to me. The shot above was taken with the flash turned on. For a flash shot, it’s not too bad, though the colours are just a bit off.

Here’s the same critter with the flash turned off. I like this much better: It is much closer to what I actually saw. To me it appears more natural. I sometimes wonder of non-divers ever notice the difference. I suppose that most people just assume that everything is gaudy-bright the way the popular press shows most underwater images. It’s not really that way.

The clown shot of the day is provided by these cute little Striped Catfish (Plotosus lineatus): They travel around in schools and usually line up along a front edge of travel while they pick up tasty bits from the bottom. It’s comical to watch them marching on their whiskery little noses. Ones at the front will break away and move to the back so that their buddies can get to the fresh stuff. Or maybe they just need time to chew. I’m not convinced that fish are altruistic.

Here’s an image that I shot a few years ago up at Mililat Passage  of a river of Striped Catfish:
Cool, eh?

Most pick up lines are a dime a dozen.  So why do we try to come up with new ones?  Because there will always be one or two really great ones that work.  In these next few paragraphs I’m going to teach you how to come up with your own pick up lines anywhere, any time. 


The first thing you need to know is that women are emotional – they feel everything.  When you come up with words that make them feel special, positive, happy, secure, whatever, then you know how to connect with them.  And for women, connecting is everything. 


When you are scouting out a woman to approach, be sure to watch her for a while.  Check out how she styles her hair, what she’s wearing, whether she’s animated when she talks or subdued.  Look for clues about her personality in all the things she does. 


Here are some simple questions to ask yourself when looking for clues:


Why did she come here? Is there something in particular that she likes about this place? Does she look sad or bored?  Happy? What is she doing with her hands? What is she wearing? Does she wear a lot of jewelry?



All of these question will give you the answers into her personality that will help you come up with great pick up lines.  For instance, let’s say you’re in a neighborhood bar and you see a cute little blonde sitting at the end of the bar.  Her hair is short and curly.  She’s wearing a dark colored sweater and dark jeans.  Her earrings are large and dangling, and she’s wearing a bracelet that has large, chunky stones.  She’s drinking a glass of red wine and looking into the glass frequently.  What does this tell you?


This woman is normally very upbeat and is not afraid to be a little different (big jewelry, short curly hair).  However, tonight she is feeling down and something is bothering her (dark understated clothes, looking into her wineglass).  Probably sad (sitting alone at the end of the bar, red wine – it’s fruity, sweet, and somewhat indulgent). 


So, what’s the pick up line for this woman?  Something that shows her you noticed that she’s feeling down and sad tonight, but will make her laugh or smile at the same time.  “I was sitting across the room when your bracelet winked at me.  You look like you could use a little company.  At least your bracelet thinks so.”


Use your observations to come up with pick up lines that fit each and every woman individually.  Women love to hear words that make them feel special.  All you have to do is watch and take your cues from what you see.


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I made my lil bro, Howie do some pick up lines…he had no idea what some meant but he did em anyway. Enjoy!
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