Once upon a time, I would have flirted with those girls. But I’m getting too old for that nonsense…

Once upon a time, I would have flirted with those girls. But I’m getting too old for that nonsense…
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Image by Ed Yourdon
While I still have many parts of New York City left to explore, I realized the other day that I don’t always have to go looking elsewhere for interesting photographs; some of it is available just outside my front door.

I live on a street corner on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where there’s an express stop on the IRT subway line, a crosstown bus stop, an entrance to the West Side Highway, and the usual range of banks, grocery stores, fast-food shops, mobile-phone stores, and other commercial enterprises. As a result, there are lots of interesting people moving past my apartment building, all day and all night long.

It’s easy to find an unobtrusive spot on the edge of the median strip separating the east side of Broadway from the west side; nobody pays any attention to me as they cross the street from east to west, and nobody even looks in my direction as they cross from north to south (or vice versa).

So, these are some of the people I thought were photo-worthy during the past few days; I’ll add more to the collection as the summer progresses … unless, of course, other parts of New York City turn out to be more compelling from time to time.

One of the greatest perks about being a girl is you can almost get away from everything unscathed — all you need to do is act sweet and cute! Well, when it comes to attracting guys, there are a few lessons you need to learn. Below are some hot and sizzling flirting tips for girls you surely don’t want to miss:

Play a little hard to get. Guys a little challenge and the more you try to turn away, the more he’ll try to reach you no matter what it takes — so don’t be available for him 24/7, never text or call him the whole day. Guys will work harder for you when you aren’t easy-to-get.
Give him double meanings. Nothing can rile a guy better then letting him hang on for a little bit — but don’t lead him on when you don’t really have any feeling for him. Lead him on only if has the shots for you — but prolong the excitement. He’ll be more attracted and yearning for you if you do.
Look and feel good. Being beautiful will always rank high in every guy’s standards so it pays to make extra time looking and feeling good. Be beautiful inside and out — it’s going to make you more attractive and lovable.
Always maintain eye contact. Keeping his gaze while talking is one of the strongest flirting signals there is — it’s also one of the most undeniable signs of attraction so don’t b scared to maintain the look — it is a sure fire way to build and create sexual tension.

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