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Almost every sex and dating survey tells men the same thing: what girls most want in a guy is a great sense of humor. Forget looks, money or social status, if you can make a chick laugh, you are in with a chance.
So why do funny pick up lines get such a terrible press? Women are forever complaining about the cheesy jokes men tell to get their attention, and it’s hard to find an advice article which doesn’t recommend ditching the one liners and simply saying hello.
What’s a guy to do?
I’m not going to suggest scrapping your pick up lines. Faced with a gorgeous girl, many men find that having something witty and pre-prepared to say is what gives them the courage to go on over and talk to her.
I am going to suggest re-thinking how your lines are delivered, though.
Pick up lines suffer from many problems, not least of which is how dated they can be. The first time a man stated that heaven must be missing an angel velvet bell bottoms and dodgy moustaches were all the rage. Most jokes get less funny with each telling, so if you want to get a girl’s attention avoid delivering any line which is more than a few months old.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing a crude joke with a pick up line. Even if all they’re after is a one night stand, women like to feel appreciated. Your line should imply that she’s beautiful, special and sexy – not that she’s a bit of a slut, so if your joke’s got anything to do with sex or genitalia you need to give it a miss.
Bear in mind that no matter how witty your one liner, if it sounds too well rehearsed the girl will turn and walk away. Perfectly timed, impeccably delivered pick up lines give girls the impression that you go around chatting up every hot chick you see. Perhaps you do – but it’s best if the women don’t realise it. Girls like to believe that they’re somehow special, so stumble over your words a little and stop her from feeling like one in a long line of ladies.
Alternatively, if your pick up line is a bit passe, you can still make it work for you by showing a little shame. Deliver your line stylishly with a self-deprecating smile, then laugh at yourself and apologise. Stating, ‘I’m sorry that was so corny, but I really wanted to talk to you’ is incredibly flattering and bound to make a girl grin.
There really is nothing more attractive to the average girl than a guy who can make her laugh. Pick up lines may not be a popular approach any more, but a genuinely funny joke will make any single chick stop and give you a chance.
Girls are just as nervous about meeting new people as we are, so whether you greet her with a one liner or an offer of a drink, any excuse to start a conversation with you will be welcomed. Keep it clean, calm and delivered with a pinch of apology and any good pick up line is going to do its job.

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