Pick Up Lines 19

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pick up lines 19

19 Pick-up lines that WORK!!

Approach Women: 19 Tips To Approach Women

All of these are based on my experience. In mid August of 2006 I saved up over $1000 and spend all of it on my trip to NYC. I have to tell you that it was one of my best experiences yet. I spend there one whole week.

In those 6 days I was there I must have approached and talked to over 50+ gilrs. All cold approaches and using all sorts of methods. From the pick up lines to direct approaches.

It was all fun and nothing bad happened. The worst approach was when I used a pick up line and the girl stared back at me and then ignored me. Here is what I learned and wrote down in my journal while on the way back. So everything I wrote down was from experience and what I got from it. I pretty much overcame my fear anxiety. I still get nervous, but that is part of the process now, I do not fear it.

1. Lead.
Take a lead and approach. Taking this first step puts you ahead of 99% of all other guys she met.

2. Situational Opener
Open with a situational opener. Mentioning something about them, where we are, observation of some sort has worked the best.

3. Intro the Excitment
Introducing something exciting to them to get them out of their boring day to day living. ME. People are creatures of habit.

4. Talk
Most girls want to be talked to, someone to want them, take care of them and show them new experience.

5. Novelty
Novelty. Being fun, charming, remain eye contact, being playful, mysterious, leading-taking them by their hand and saying lets go.

6. Connect
Its all about sharing a connection with another person. Relating to them on some level. Because you can approach and run scripts, pick up lines etc. but if both of you walk away with nothing gained from the interaction then it was a waste. Because we remember the people we meet that we share something with and those are the people that enrich our lives. Quality over quantity. We remember moments in our lives. Fill your life with moments and good memories.

7. Be Real
Being real and genuine. Sincere.

8. Fun is key
Have fun, do not take the approaching so serious. Its about having fun. Playful vibe, always. There will be times to be serious later.

9. Be an opportunity taker
Always approach. See an opportunity and take it. Be a man and step it up. Take what is yours. Follow your heart.

10. Do not apologize
When interacting, don’t apologize or say you are sorry. You do loose power and control over interaction as well as your respect that she had for you; its gone. As bad as it may sound, it is true.

11. Composure
Be calm and composed no matter what she says or what happens around you. Think Bond, think Jason Bourne. Just be cool and confident.

12. Calm
Calm and relaxed.

13. Confident body language
This is key and one of the things this website revolves around.

14. Don’t take any shit
If she is being rude, tell her. Even if she says the doesnt care. She does.

15. Opinion of Your Own
Have an opinion. Be decisive. Pick a side.

16. You only live once
You only get one chance, so what ever it is, TAKE IT. Go out and create your circumstance, create your own opportunity and you must create your own life. Because no one will. Risk it, rewards will be great.

17. Lead a fun life
Have an interesting life. Lead an interesting life. Take risks. Create your own adventures.

18. Confidence is king

19. Experience
Nothing will ever compare to your real experience in the field. NOTHING. Which for some is the hardest part and some will never over come it. The only person that holds you back is YOU. I have learned this and over come some of my limitations, I hope you will take the same road. Its tough, but very fun.

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Originally posted 2005-02-07 11:01:47.

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