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pick up lines 40
pick up lines 40

40 + awesome free Windows-based applications can be downloaded in 2 seconds

Depending on your Internet connection may be able to get a lot more(or much less) than 1Mb in two seconds but to call this a post about apps meg but it is not so much fun!

No, I really do not have to pay too much attention to the proposal followed the hard drive more. After all, when you can buy a 1.5TB drive for less than $150US, what a difference a few mega-here or there to do?

On the other hand, its amazing to see what some developers are unable to reach a very small amount of code.

There are plenty of great, free applications that were created in less than 1Mb did not fully realize how much time I began to introduce this list together. This does not mean a complete list, so if you missed your favorite but be sure to share it in the comments!Desktop / Shell Enhancements

Launchy (408Kb) Hotkeys FTW! Launchy no more than a shortcut, of course, but even after adding bucketload of plugins is still in the 1Mb.

Open + + (114Kb) Helps improve the performance of the context menu of six ways from Sunday. Associate with another app like NirCmd for a nice one-two punch.

ViGlance (198kB) Want task iconized Windows 7 in XP or Vista? ViGlance pulls it in less than 200KB. Also swaps orb start button(on XP, of course) and has a program grouping and pop-up window lists.

VirtuaWin (385Kb) Most Linux distributions allows multiple virtual desktops by default. Windows does not support them out of the box so you have as an application VirtuaWin. This is a good way to keep your workspace organized.

XNeat (797Kb) no need to bother with separate applications on the taskbar icons shuffle, roll up, or add transparency. XNeat it all in one tiny package. It also allows you to hide window, minimize to tray, create shortcuts, and much more.


DiskCryptor (740Kb) One of TrueCrypt can do OmZiff is not encrypted volumes. DiskCryptor can also do this and it is well below the 1Mb mark

LockNote (320kb) If the only thing you really want to encrypt some private thoughts and notes, Steganos GPL LockNote is a good choice.

OmZiff (408Kb) Protection of confidential data with encryption is never a bad idea. OmZiff And there is a huge featureset of TrueCrypt, it is one-tenth of the size and offers all the basic functions and contains the File Shredder and password generator.


7-Zip (919Kb) Sure, 7-zip is the main application window is ugly, but who uses it? All archiving and extraction of energy you just right-click mouse click away.

All (334Kb) a perfect tool for desktop search, index all the contents of the drive quicky and supports find-as-you-type. There is no portable version also available and it is even smaller.

FastCopy (194kB) Both FastCopy and TeraCopy are great, free applications that make copying and moving large amounts of data easier. FastCopy wins for me because its free for commercial use, open source, and about one-quarter the size of TeraCopy.

Fling (230kB) those cheap hard drives make a perfect place for backup and archiving files. throw not only supports synchronization with disk drives, but also plays well with FTP servers, and USB flash drives. Its one of my favorite discoveries this year .

QDir (439Kb) If you can get used to multiple pane crazines QDir is an incredible tool to manually manage files and folders.

Space Sniffer (863Kb) CCleaner does a great job removing junk from your system, but sometimes you need to dig deeper. Sniffer helps you locate the area of unwanted pigs space graphically.

choke (180kB) One great way to keep clutter to a minimum in the system is a consolidation of similar directories its not sucking. It is portable, too!

Emu wincd (783Kb) Daemon Tools and Virtual CloneDrive are more known programs for mounting ISO images as virtual optical drives in Windows, but wincd emu is almost the same functionality in a smaller package. Supports ISO, IMG, CUE, BIN and RAW files.

Internet and Networking

Ammyy Admin (548Kb) Although it is not TeamViewer is the speed and features bonus Ammyy still a firewall-friendly remote control. There are no open ports, and if it is a matter of trust, you can run your own router Ammyy(85kb) instead of using them.

Gmail Notifier Plus (985Kb) kicked-With support for Windows 7 is jumplists, it is useful, sexy app support for each of your Gmail account.

Hamachi (989Kb) Even if this 50% higher than in the past, still Hamachi dang very small and very useful.s zero-config VPN enables remote access to systems simple.

HydraIRC (949Kb) The installer puts HydraIRC over 1 MB, but the portable version squeaks into wire. Features tabbed interface, support skin, DCC chat and transfers, monitoring the channel and loads more.

iFTP (838Kb) I love the second line from the developer site: I originally wrote i.Ftp be the first freeware graphical client for BeOS, but someone showed me a few days and nobody notices, and who comes 2nd. It may be true, but still put together a very capable FTP client with SFTP support.

NewsSifter (262Kb) an intelligent RSS reader, which looks at new items, depending on the content and nature of the categories that you create.

Putty (444Kb) Classic SSH / terminal client. Nuf said.

uTorrent (270Kb) Im using uTorrent, as long as I was downloading torrent files. Its got all the features needed, the client(and more) and is well below the 1Mb mark, even when added to the WebUI zip file. Of course, there are other options, but uTorrent is easy on my system resources and just gets the job.

Wakoopa (309Kb) fun(and information), social app, use Wakoopa tracks applications and allows you to see what other users are running programs. This is a great way to explore the application may not attempted before.


Evil Player (537Kb) a lightweight, minimal audio player, Evil Player supports all major formats and Shoutcast streams and Icecast(which can also be recorded.)

Fotografix (370Kb) This little gem has brought quite a bit of noise from the I first wrote it . This is an excellent lightweight alternative to Photoshop, with features such as layers, masks, filters, scripts, and edit type. If the developer site is down, grab the file with Rapidspread .

Greenshot (160kB) open source screen capture tool, supports the full Greenshot screen, window, and captures the selection, saving many image formats and annotations. Both the portable version and the installer(404Kb) are available.

iDump (197Kb) Need free, mobile application for creating backup copies of your iPod? iDump is a good tool to work, and downloads in a flash even at dial-up.

NCH Express Burn (390Kb) ImgBurn burning is the default Windows application, but the Express Burn a lot of sports the same features and packages them in a much smaller package.

VideoCacheView (65KB) It is hard to pick one app NirSoft to the list, because so much is Nir media are under 1Mb, and all are at hand. The scours files, browser cache FLVs and SWFs, and allows you to save them for offline viewing.

Office and productivity

ArsClip (986Kb) clipboard manager with tons of better configuration options and features. It is packaged in a zip file and completely portable.

CintaNotes (365Kb) drop it on the flash drive and an excellent CintaNotes way to collect fragments, links, and other text data. It supports tagging and search-as-you-type.

Converber (253Kb) its super-power conversion units tought to beat. Can not use Converber often, but small enough to keep around just in case.

TypeIn KA (920Kb) a cool little app that allows you to easily create and reuse text. You can get advanced with it as well, because it supports variable. It also has auto-complete.

List ² (32kB) certainly does not need Excel to create a very simple style sheet lists. This application is more than can, and takes about as much space as the first page of the help file for Excel.

TinyPDF (586Kb) To the north of half a meg, and the ability to create high quality PDF documents from any application using File> Print. Not freeware, but you can download the installer from the last free Freeware Files .

TinySpell (590kb) Not all of our favorite applications include spelling. TinySpell fills gaps and 110.00 has the word dictionary.

WinWorkBar (593Kb) increasing productivity, calendar, todo list / GTD application of heat to your sidebar(which can be set to Autohide).

Tools and

CCleaner (979Kb) One of the best tools for file and registry cleaner portable version around, and still weighs in at 1Mb.

Update Checker (154Kb) FileHippo is a great place to get popular free applications. This is not to mess with misleading advertising, and the site is well-organized. Updater is a clever way to keep the installers on a regular basis.

HijackThis (793Kb) essential for cleaning malware. HJT not recommend to casual users, but if youre a DIY-er with a good idea of what should and should not be in the registry, it should be a set of tools.

Magical Jellybean Keyfinder (367Kb) Before reformatting the system is a good idea to backup product keys for installed programs. Jellybean is a free, open source application that quickly back up the keys and write them to a CSV or TXT.

NirCmd (86KB) I tried, but deep down I knew that you can not get through this list without the other around NirSoft. NirCmd tonnes of packaging the command-line Kung Fu in a single download.

Process Lasso (544Kb) provides more control over running processes on your system. If youre normally using the application loads at once, Process Lasso can help keep your system running smoothly. Tweak things manually, or let ProBalance work for you.

UltraDefrag (374Kb) a good tool to defrag the hard drive helps keep running like clockwork. Half meg and open source UltraDefrag even in 64-bit flavors, and is not in the micro build(like 374Kb was not small enough already).

Unlocker (252KB) I hate trying to delete a file only to Windows tells me that I can not because the file is in use. Unlocker provides a simple solution to this problem.


40 + awesome free Windows-based applications can be downloaded in 2 seconds

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