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Aion A Story Of A World Shattered

Around the time you close in on level 20, the progression of the story will take you to cities that are near gates that allow members of the other faction to slide through. At this point the game takes on a different dynamic and instead of being a player-versus-environment game, it opens up to the player-versus-player aspects. Alas, Aion, the latest massively-multiplayer online gaming release from NCsoft, falls partially into that category. The game’s pacing is great through the tutorial and even into the initial foray after leaving the lands of the tutorial portion.The game has a wide variety of quests that steep players in the lore of the game, drive plot points, and give a sense of the world dynamic. You will find quests for hunting, to combat the forces in league with the other faction or those groups that are simply profiteering off the nearest available target – which happens to be your factional group, either Elyos or Asmodian.

Aion is the story of a world shattered, with two races growing up separately with a racial hatred of the other side. The Elyos are pure and representative of the ‘light’ side of the world, with white wings (once they have ascended to level 10 and become a Daeva – more on that in a moment), while the Asmodians are a bit darker, with clawed feet and fingers and black wings, with a world that is seemingly in a perpetual dusk. The game does have a robust customization selection in the character creation so while there are some physical attributes particular to each race (as well as armor that is bit more finite in looks at the start), you can create your own look for your character.


2、Comprehensive guide of Aion

There are four profession archetypes, that each break down into two sub-classes: warrior breaks down into gladiator and templar, priest goes to cleric and chanter, scouts can become rangers or assassins, and mages can choose the path of sorcerer or spiritmaster (pet class). There are beginning towns that have a series of quests designed to introduce the game to players as well as get them to level 10, which is when players ascend to the rank of Daeva and get their wings, as well as determining what class they will play through the rest of the game with that particular character. As your character advances, you buy skill books to learn the skills commiserate with your level and class. The wings players get at level 10 truly offer an interesting dynamic to the game. First off, they are not a form of transportation that can take you all over the world. The wings are on a timer and can be zone specific – in that you can fly in some zones, but not in most of the land-quest zones. However, you can still glide by double-tapping the space bar and this can help you traverse hostile territory faster, or even chase down a running enemy, if you can find a bit of a hill to use as a launching point for the glide mechanic.

Skill books can be bought from class trainers, and sometimes can be purchased from other players or off the player market – this is a world market, based on faction, where players can put an item up for sale while setting the price for the item. Players can also set up their own private store, assuming a camping position and walk away from the game. This might seem like a good idea, but when you zone into an area and find it jammed with private stores, that idea seems to take on a less-than-spectacular aspect. While the folks at NCsoft have tried to ban the accounts of gold farmers, the proliferation of these people is blatant and obvious – at least in the first months of the games release. And there are also expenses incurred through travel. You can bind to a certain location, but that will cost a nice chunk of currency, and should you choose not to, you can travel via ghostly bird within the region you are in, or teleport to another region. The bird flights are relatively inexpensive compared to the costs of teleporting.






1、Aion’ glory

The game itself has base elements that are standard with most MMOs. You get a series of quests designed to draw you through the lore of the game as well as level you up. You level, you get better skills and better equipment. There is also a harvesting and crafting element to the game that will give players who want to take a break from the fighting something to do. The harvesting can be tied to the quest lines and thus keeping your harvesting skills up for the zone is advisable. For example, you may get a quest to harvest a certain material that requires you to have a level skill that is 85. If you have not harvested your way through, because of inventory space considerations, in order to do that quest, you will have to backtrack to the younger zones, and grind your way up. You don’t always advance your skill for each item harvested. Sometimes you may have to harvest multiple items to get one point in harvesting skill. Plus, each resource node allows for (generally) three harvests per node and then the node disappears. You have to wait for it to spawn again to move forward and continue that particular grind.

Aion’s glory is also a warning post for the player base – this is not a world where a player can waltz through it with hardly a thought for strategic elements or group dynamics. The Shattered World is a harsh place where beauty can host peculiar wildlife that will do you in quickly and effectively. But more so than the player-versus-environment (PvE) elements, the world of Aion is also player-versus-player (PvP). And you don’t get a choice of whether you wish to participate. If you are in the same zone as  players from the other faction, they can attack you and likely will if they see you. If you are Elyos and work your way up to the Eltnen Fortress, you may find the woods outside the citadel a haven for Asmodian raiders. There is value in gaining rift points, and that means hunting and killing the players of another faction. If that happens, expect the ranger to curl up into the death posture. The fight won’t last long, the sorcerer will get abyss points and the ranger will be paying for soul healing and perhaps transportation back to the zone (if he or she did not bind there).


2、Compare Aion to anyother game

You can earn Abyss (which is an open PvP zone players can get to after level 25) points through killing players of the other faction. But it does not matter if you are simply trying to quest or not. Every player is fair game in an open-PvP setting. That is a reason why Aion is not for the more casual MMO gamer. You need to be on your toes and watch to see if a rift has opened. While Aion is a beautiful game, the number of quests drop off as you get into your 20s and some quests will involve you running all over to different zones, all at a cost to you, the player. This is a silly notion, especially when you are charged a ridiculous amount of coin for the transportation. Juxtaposed against the reward, this sometimes seems hardly worth the effort. The problem with the game, though, is that it is a grind and at a certain point the story ceases to matter as much and raiding becomes the focus. That, and the economic woes, may be the undoing of this game.

The game also allows for crafting and like much of the rest of the game, you have to grind up – it also requires coin to purchase some materials and inventory space. The actual act of crafting is sandwich time – make sure you have the right number of materials, select a recipe and the total number of units you wish to make, hit the craft button and walk away. There is nothing you can do to improve the rate of success or chance of failure; it is all arbitrary. You will sometimes succeed, sometimes fail and sometimes elevate your skill. You can learn all the crafting professions in the game, to a certain point, but with the inventory stress, unless you have a deep bank, this might seem impractical. Aion offers some new ideas and the whole wing dynamic is wonderful. The game is a real treat for the eyes and there is no ugly race. Players can, however, choose to create a beautiful being, or an ugly creation – mostly tied to Asmodian – in the character creation process, though. Even the starkness of some environments contain some amazing elements and interesting creatures.


3、Scoring Details for Aion

The farmers are out in full force in this game, and you no sooner ban one than another pops up to spam you. It’s annoying and irritating. Couple that with the fact that you have a finite number of names you can block and you soon have to start playing with the list – unblocking the old to block the new. Yes, NCsoft is working to ban them, but between the spam and the player stores that block up areas and cause some lag through sheer volume, the game takes a hit. The player community can be nice, but sometimes finding a group for quests that are obviously geared for the quest dynamic if you are hunting at your level is hard. Character creation and the flight dynamic are definitely worth a look, but the main problem is that while the gameplay is inviting enough initially, it starts to bog down as you near level 20 and there are not as many quests.

Another thing you will want to compare is price.While there are thousands of different Aion kinah selling sites available to you – not all are created equal. I checked out some sites online and did a price comparison and without a doubt the price of this sites are all different. The prices in some sites may be twice than other sites. If we choose a much cheaper site, we can save a lot of money. However, we shouldn’t just choose a website for its cheap price. There are many rip-off website who use the lowest price to attract the buyers. We should check whether the website has a good reputation. A reliable website should have perfect live chat support, good prices and a refund policy. As previously mentioned, buying Aion Gold is the best way to increase your performance when playing Aion.


4、Most complaints about Aion

Completely, utterly, and indescribably untrue. Every class has a toolkit to work with, and when you fight another class you know which tools to use from it almost immediately if you’re any kind of seasoned PVPer. That is a stupid argument in the first place, as timing, reaction speed, and prediction are all part of being a skilled PVPer, more than just “hitting buttons”. If you play Street Fighter casually you can probably play with your friends and mash buttons, and somehow observe that Street Fight is just a “button masher” fighting game. The competitive player will laugh at you and tell you the exact opposite, and find a science in the game that makes it impossible for “button mashers” to win, because the competitive player understands the game, the casual player only observes it. Completely untrue. While some RNG does affect it, IE having a stun resisted or dodged, the assassin who is not on top of their game will almost always lose. Watching buffs like Focused Evasion and knowing not to use a stun if it is up, knowing when to use our own FE and Aethertwisting to seal a victory are all valuable skills to have as an assassin.

I think that just about covers my feelings about Aion PVP. Overall there is a lot of technical skills to be learned by most players. How to use distance to their advantage with each class, how to fight in the air better, how to counter other classes and use your toolkit to its fullest. The players who sit and cry that the game sucks and the PVP sucks, really do not understand how to PVP in the first place. They don’t understand how to play their class or are too stubborn to learn. Like the scrubby Street Fighter player they just insist that Class X is cheap and all you have to do is mash buttons, but all they’re doing is criticizing their own failure.


5、Is Aion dying out already

Then, there’s the people, like me, who are just too distracted playing other games. Torchlight, Dragon Age Origins and Fallen Earth seem to be the most popular. I still like the game. I can’t decide if I’m clinging to it because it’s the online MMORPG style I’m familiar with, or if because I genuinely do enjoy the game. I wasn’t having much fun when I transitioned from Altguard to Morheim, the jump in mob difficulty was painfully noticeable. No longer was I taking mobs with ease, in fact the very first mobs right after you zone through were dropping me to half health each time. (I was 21, they were 23)The other night I decided to go and have a look at Brusthonin because it’s apparently meant to be slightly easier. And it was, remarkably so. That is, when I could actually get to a mob. The fact that there is no mob tagging in Aion is one of my biggest leveling frustrations at the moment. Over the grind and everything! With my lag, buffing takes me a good 5 seconds, and then there’s the slight delay while Alexan aligns the arrow in her bow and fires it. Most times someone has jumped in and taken my mob by this point, regardless if my arrow lands or not.

I’m a nice player, even though I saw it first, and technically I started attacking first – it’s not my fault my arrows have to travel – I leave the mob to who ever jumped in. The same courtesies are not repaid. Even when I do manage to get the first damaging attack in, if there was a spell caster mid-cast, they keep attacking. Hell, some even go as far as to start attacking a mob I’m already on if they think they can out-damage me! Spending 10 minutes fighting to get a single quest mob is not fun. This didn’t happen in WoW, once you got that first point of damage in, the mob was yours. If you survive your encounter with Bubblegut, but fail to kill him and use up both of your Slime Immunity potions, see Geolus for more. See our (soon-to-be-posted) Quick Trips Category for a free (no Kinah necessary) shortcut from the Tainted Swamp back to Geolus, the Frillneck Woods, and the Southern Tolbas Forest. You will have to get back up to Bubblegut after you see Geolus. A quick return to Verteron Citadel and a flight to Pilgrim’s Respite is your best bet.


6、Aion Kinah Making Tips

Gathering is a good way to make Kinah. Everyone needs resources sometimes for things like crafting, enchantments, potions, and gear. No matter what resources you gather, they will sell out all the time, as long as your prices are reasonable. If prices are lower at the moment than you want to sell for, just wait a day or two and they will probably change. In Aion there are a lot of items that look cool, but don’t do too much for your character’s stats. Many of these good-looking items can be sold for a very high profit. People will othen use these items to change the model of their current gear if it has good stats, but looks like an outfit they stole from a clown. Use your private store(for more than just going AFK)! Everytime you go AFK, make a store. Put anything in that you think another player could even have a remote possibility of wanting. You might get lucky and some player will come by and buy some unwanted item from you.

There is so much happening in-game with such great graphics that I sometimes find it difficult to locate my team. Ok, I admit I can get lost in the mayhem or absorbed at the Broker.Anyway, those floating icons that the group leader can place over group members’ heads really help! The icons are visible from a much greater distance than the individual characters are. It’s also quite amusing to see a huge smiley face, heart, star, etc. bouncing along in the air and emerging from a valley or village, etc. Using icons can also facilitate coordination of group attacks if the group leader places an appropriate icon (the skull leaps to mind) over the head of the current target. We did experience some temporary loss of icons at times during the beta. They seemed to drop off for some, but not all players, but would reappear if the group leader placed them again.

7、How to Defeat Poisonous Bubblegut

Most players, regardless of class, should be able to solo Bubblegut by level 17, or at least by level 18.  Numerous players have difficulty with ol’ Bubblegut, (what a name!) and most of the difficulty stems from failing to use the provided Slime Immunity potions at the proper time. The quest to defeat Bubblegut is the fighting portion of the “Source of the Pollution” quest chain. When you are done, remember to stay and talk to Kato, and then return to Spatalos to inform him of the result and pick up your quest reward. If you are traveling at night (in game time) in addition to the Broken Rock Kalgolems that are always there, you have to beware of the Ancient Elysean Spirits who stand about at the side of the roads.If Bubblegut is out and about in battle with another player, take this opportunity to target him and look for the green square representing the Slime Spouting buff below his name. This buff is the key to defeating him.

If you find Bubblegut outside the swamp with his buff already up, you can attack him and use your Slime Immunity potion.If Bubblegut does not have his buff up, you have to attack him and get him to put it up BEFORE you use the Slime Immunity potion. Geolus does give you two Slime Immunity potions, so you can run away and try again. Try using it a second time, if your attacks do not seem to be doing any damage to Bubblegut; he sometimes puts up his Slime Immunity buff a second time right after you neutralize it with your first potion. If worse comes to worst, and you find yourself in front of the Obelisk by the Soul Healer, bent over, clutching your chest and gasping, with no more Slime Immunity potions in your inventory, don’t give up! Simply return to Geolus, and he will give you two more potions.

8、Gulux – the Asmodian version of Paksigue

You’ve probably seen our post on Paksigue aka Crab Norris, the level 13 Elite that roams about Verteron Citadel cutting short the lives of unwary low level players. Well, the Asmodian equivalent is Gulux, a level 13 Elite Demi-humanoid ice creature that follows a path in the Altgard Ice Lake around Altgard. Like Paksigue, Gulux has a 7 meter aggro range and pre-emptive attack. For whatever reason, Gulux does not seem to have developed the same reputation, notoriety, and fame as our buddy Crab Norris. Rifts join Eltnen to Morheim and Beluslan to Heiron. There are seven rifts in each direction.We have labeled the Elyos entrances and exits with numbers and the Asmodian entrances and exits with letters.

The entry point for each rift is stable for both factions, but the exit points may vary slightly. No doubt this is intended to prevent defending players from camping the spot where incoming opposition players arrive. We have done our best to mark the maps accurately.There are limits to the number of players who can enter each rift; see the charts for the rifts in each area. There is also a level maximum for entry into each rift, probably so that very high level players cannot suddenly appear in the lower level areas.

9、Gathering and Extracting With Gatherer Hat or Macros

Whether you are gathering for a quest or just to level up your skill for future high level items, gathering everything from Rubis to Aether can be frustrating if you are having difficulty locating the item you have to gather. There are a couple of items available to help with gathering once you have ascended (from level 10 on up.) You can spend some of your hard-earned Kinah (Q) and buy a vitality or aether gathering hat, called a Gatherer Hat or Aether Gatherer Hat. Gatherer Hats are available from the Vitality Extraction and Aether Extraction item vendors in the Vitality and Aether Extraction areas of the Artisan’s Hall in Sanctum for Elyos, or the Aether and Vitality Extraction Training area for Asmodians in Pandemonium.

With so many expenses competing for your attention a Gatherer Hat may seem too costly. After all, you still have to expand your cube and warehouse space, pick up some new armor or weapons, and pay to level up your crafting skill. A Gatherer Hat, it is true, goes one step further than a macro and tells you what gatherables are available in any given area, but it may be cost prohibitive for lower level characters. It is also amusing when using macros to put your character on autorun, periodically click your macro, and find your character suddenly veering off to one side and running head-long into a barrier in an attempt to reach the item the macro is set to gather.


10、Paksigue – aka Crab Norris

If you haven’t met him yet, Paksigue is an Elite Level 13, a giant crab that roams the sands surrounding Verteron Citadel striking fear into the hearts of low level players. He has been dubbed Crab Norris for obvious reasons. The more unwary players there are roaming the dunes around Verteron Citadel, the higher the hourly kill count for Crab Norris. He usually kills the unsuspecting or preoccupied player in one or two hits. Paksigue outside the Verteron Citadel next to a potcrabI actually rather enjoy the big guy. He’s a nice touch. He adds a random element to the game that makes it more entertaining and realistic. He also performs a valuable function by alerting players to the necessity to watch the mini map for red dots that move rapidly and randomly; these fast, erratic red dots signal danger.

When you get to Eltnen, those randomly moving dots will be noticeably larger than the NPC mob dots and will represent players of the opposing faction who have stolen into your area bent on mayhem. You will be even less able to predict their presence or location than with Paksique. Paksigue doesn’t seem to roam into the water or in close to the walls of the Citadel, so if you want to go afk on the Verteron sands make sure you are standing knee deep in water or high up on the dunes right next to the Citadel. Keep an eye on your mini map while you are questing about the dunes and you should be able to avoid Crab Norris.
If you’re looking for in-depth help in getting the most out of your Aion gaming, you couldn’t do better than Killer Guides. Their Aion Guide offers strategies for rapid leveling and for earning Kinah faster than you thought possible, as well as advice on each profession. They also offer individual guides for each class to help you get the most out of your precious gaming hours. If you can’t decide which class you like the most, your best bet is to get the Aion Complete Guide Package, which contains every guide they make- that’s 10 guides for the price of 3.


11、Aion Crafting – Save Your Kinah!

You level the skill with Work Orders you obtain from the trainer. If you want to save some Kinah when making these Work Orders, make only the exact number of items required. The Work Order gives you extra materials, just in case of failure. For example, you receive eight (8) caprauna to make 6 caprauna juice. If you make all eight Work Orders successfully and turn in the completed Work Order, you do not save any extra created items towards the next Work Order, and you do not gain any additional Skill. Oops! This last part is incorrect, as a commenter pointed out. You do get skill increase from making the extra items. (Sorry, I was getting confused after too many late nights gaming.) If you are purchasing mats for one Work Order at a time, purchase enough mats to make seven, but resist the temptation to click the “Make All” button; make only 6. If you succeed you are done! If you fail on any of your attempts and you  need to make more, then do so.

What I meant to say was that another reason that you might want to only make the minimum items necessary to turn in the Work Order is: by doing this way you increase the number of times you turn in Work Orders as you level up your skill, and thus you increase your chances of receiving some good recipes as rewards for completing the Work Orders. (I knew there was another reason.) Save your Kinah; don’t buy more mats than you need to. I find the failure rate is fairly low, at least from Skill levels1 to 100, and by turning in more Work Orders I received a fair number of interesting recipes as rewards, which is much better than buying them off the Broker. You still have that option if you don’t get what you want as a reward from the Cooking Trainer. Try this same trick at other skill levels, too. Some of the higher level Work Orders require fewer, less expensive mats than those at lower levels. When you find an inexpensive Work Order, keep making it as long as you continue to gain skill level.

12、Places of Interest in Aion 1 – Angelic Frippery

I found this store only by accident so I figured it was likely that many other new players also did not know of its existence. The store “Angelic Frippery” has many interesting cosmetic modifications for your character, and we all know that cosmetic mods are the best  . Style over substance has always been my motto! You can now buy aion from the most reliable retailer at the most convenient, easiest and fastest way. Buying aion cd key is now safe to be done by simply moving your mouse to their wonderful website. The site of buyMMOAccounts.com is the official online shop of this visually massively multiplayer online role-playing game or the so-called MMORPG where the characters can be played with devastating powers and sweeping wings to explore a the world of fantasy where you can imagine a very adventurous beauty.

Speaking of artifacts, Inquisition decided to have a small guild event to go test the waters on taking an artifact on the bottom floor of the Abyss where thing were lower level.  Taking the artifact was a pretty simple task overall, and reminded us as being on par with some of the smaller battle objectives in WAR in terms of difficulty.  The artifact was protected by a group of NPC’s of the opposing faction with an elite boss.  While we brought 2 groups being uncertain on how hard it would be, one solid group of players would have been an adequate force.  Once the boss goes down, a broadcast message told everyone we had taken it, and our guilds emblem was stamped on the site and displayed on the map.  There is however no message to let you know when your artifact is under attack by the enemy faction.


13、Asmodean Vitality Extraction Guide 200-250

To hell with the alliteration.  You’ve done well to come this far in Vitality Extraction.  Hitting 200 is the halfway point.  And to some, it might as well be the halfway point to the halfway house. This is serious business at this point and there are no easy ways to go about this anymore. Things are going to get pretty serious at this point.  There are a few fairly safe regions to do these, but they’re less than optimal.  Hell, if you wanted to do 200-250, you could do it all right outside the Beluslan Fortress walls.  But those nodes are sparse and highly botted due to the non-aggressive nature of the enemies in the area.  I wouldn’t advise being below level 30 for the first half of this guide, and 35 for the second half.  You need to at least be able to handle 2 enemies at once and that’s the safest blanket answer I can give you for the regions I’ll be sending you to.  Can you handle it sooner?  Probably.  Should you?  Depends on how desperate you are to be ahead of the curve on your tradeskills.

Welcome to the Red Lava Cliffs, or the Salitnus Rise.  Either one works about the same for this tier, because all you’ll likely be tapping is Adamantium. Follow the outermost ridges on the rise as you approach the Ice Claw Village and you’ll find plenty of Adamantium for the taking.  Jump off the cliff and check the area below for more spawns and as you make your way up mining more, you’ll find the nodes have respawned. It can grate on you but you can level both extraction and your character at the same time at a respectable rate. Take all of the adamantite and platinum you can get, and be on the lookout for rarer crystal nodes as you trek to the east. While they aren’t the best to skill up, at this point you know how much those silly handicrafters and alchemists will pay for these fancy stones.  Unless you are one yourself, that is. 

14、Aion’s PVP is actually quite good

I currently play an Assassin. Like in any MMO the first part to PVP is knowing your opponent, knowing what to expect and predicting abilities they will use and when, then how to counter them. In Aion most every class has a TON of abilities and the skill chaining aspect of them also adds to the strategy of the game. This is just on a small scale, when it comes to group PVP class synergy becomes a factor as well, having 6 people together who all can analyze a skirmish or any situation and react to it will make you an unstoppable force, and running across another group of 6 who are equally as skilled at such things will make for great fights in the future. Aerial PVP, particularly for melee classes requires a lot of twitch skill to be good at it, also knowing how the “lag” in the game works, you can easily workaround the problem of people always being “out of range” and whatnot. Its not a pretty fix but anyone who had the joy of playing games like Quake on dial-up would know what it means to fire “ahead” of people. We kind of have to do this in Aion, and as much as the netcode is annoying, once you get used to it it is a cinch.

Zergs happen in world pvp, you can’t coordinate and organize equal groups on both sides. But people also don’t seem to realize that these zergs are usually either small groups that happened to be nearby each other, or just randoms who happened to be nearby each other. If you see you are outnumbered simply do not fight, if you are getting jumped by groups pay more attention to your surroundings. Situational awareness is HUGE in MMOs, and just about every competitive game ever made. Siege PVP will never work again. There I said it. DAOC made it work, and to some extent L2, I am told, but I think now with more graphics intensive games and servers just simply not being able to handle the load, sieging will never really be a core element to a PVP based game.

15、Aion: Using Gathering and Crafting to Make Fast Kinah

While most of the jargon employed by Aion is pretty self-explanatory, it does take some getting used to, especially if you’ve just come from a different MMO. Here, you carry your items with you in a ‘cube,’ and the overflow can be banked in your ‘warehouse.’ You can list goods for sale with a ‘broker,’ where you can also bid on items of your own for purchase. While the prons and cons of this system differ based on who you ask, the most common comparison is with using World of Warcraft’s Trade Chat Channel to advertise and connect buyers with sellers. Private stores, by contrast, do not include such features as haggling or off-topic spam. Because it’s more difficult to comparison-shop with private stores, you may be able to get away with charging slightly higher-than-average prices on some goods.

Expanding your cube space should be your first major purchase in Aion. Every class is capable of leveling easily with the gear and weapons collected along the way through quest rewards. Even though you may get a lucky drop that is a perfect upgrade for your class, you will probably reap bigger rewards in the long run by selling it to another, less savvy player.
You can also expand your warehouse space, and don’t forget about utilizing the account section of the warehouse, either. Consider also the use of mules and bank alts. While burning a toon up to level 10 in order to reach the capital city may not sound like an efficient use of your time, it will really pay off once you start to run out of space. Mailing items to alts can start to get expensive, but by using the account section of your warehouse you can easily transfer goods and materials to a broker mule or dedicated private store alt.

16、Pick up everything, sort it out later

It holds true in most MMOs and Aion is no different in this respect: while you’re questing, or even just traveling from one place to the next, pick up everything you can gather on the journey. From the loot of abandoned mobs, to fruits, herbs, ores, and wood, it’s all kinah once you reach the next town or vendor. Use they handy buttons to automatically vend all gray-quality items and sort out the white- and green-quality items. This method has the added benefit of keeping your gathering skill leveled. You can use your downtime while tabbed out of the game or even away from the keyboard to make some spare kinah with this method. You may be dying to try out the Alchemy system, or itching to start cooking up all those carp you’ve been holding on to. If your main goal is to make as much as kinah as possible, however, you’d do well to avoid this section of the city – at least, at first.

Once your cube is bursting, find a warehouse and start sifting through your accumulated loot. Manastones and gear can be listed with a broker or sold using a private store. You should avoid vending manastones at all times, since they will only go for a few kinah when sold to an NPC. Crafting materials, however, are best advertised in a private store parked next the Artisan section of your faction’s city. Wait until you have a substantial savings, or at least start with only one profession. If you choose either Alchemy or Cooking, you should have no problem marketing your wares to other players. The one caveat, however, is to make sure that you’re not spending more kinah on ingredients and materials than you’re making from selling the finished products.

17、Chanter Issues of Aion Tips
Now firstly we would like to state that even though this post might have negative statements about the chanter class(aion kina) and aspects of the game aion, but WE still really love the game and will stick to this class come the west’s release of the game. The game will undergo changes before the release and can only hope that they go the way we want for chanters. Anyone who has played the korean version and preferably the chanter class might agree with me on some of these comments and we welcome any opinion you have to make. You can’t argue that the class(Aion gold) is more of a support role, you have heals even though small are helpful. We are not looking for chanter to be turned into the cleric and be overpowered, but changes that general make group teamplay better. We are all about winning and we have a lot of passion for pvp, with playing the chanter our pride has taken a hit as we wont dominate as much as other classes, but its a role someone in a guild has to take.

Chanter is best placed in your teamplay player versus player(aion Kinah ) scenario. You will play the role of doing baby heals to mainly the cleric, while they do all the major heals. Other duties would be to stay within distance of your group to keep the now three aura’s in effect, they are constant so no rebuff unless you change to another. There are other buffs you can use, we have the single target one hour duration increase of hp(aion money) and armor and also some self buffs on a thirty minute durtion. They are only one active at a time and not game winning either. Ocassionally you will have the chance to dps, but yea it wont be anything epic.

18、Aion Power leveling guide for new players

If you would spare me a few minutes of your time, I would like to show you some tips on how to quickly and effectively power level your Aion account to higher rank. Even if you are still a green hand on playing Aion, you will find  this power level guide extremely helpful. Thanks to the power level guide shared by my best friend, I am now saving time and money and gaining more fun with Aion. The Ascension Pack comes with an extra holiday bonus in the form of four gifts to give your character a little boost and shine up his or her appearance a bit. It contains 20 Lesser Life Potions, 15 Lodas Amulets, 15 Lesser Running Scrolls, and a special dye for your character. You’ll get a different dye color depending on where you purchase your Ascension Pack, so you may want to choose your purchase place with that in mind.

Then I start to sit down and think about ways to power level quickly. I summarized a few tips by researching on classic game video from world class Aion players and listed below. For each new player, they have to start at power level 1 with their new account, and the most difficult thing at the beginning is how to level your character to a level that can make your character qualified for more serious competition. And also new players need to have enough and abundant aion gold, aion kina to ensure your weapons and gears are most advanced which will be a steadfast backup for higher and quicker power level. So stop letting your character run around broke and not know what to do, but sit down and develop a customized power level plan suitable for your situation. Your aion character will be power leveled as fast as you want it to be.

19、How to save more on buying cheap Aion kinah

Aion Kinah is the game currency in Aion Tower of Eternity and can be used widely across the game. It plays an unseperatable part in the game and adds flavor to fighting and battling. Some players chooses to buy Aion gold to help them level up. A lot of Aion player do not want to buy Aion Kinah from online because they don’t know which store is trusted and reliable.  Choose to buy Aion Kinah at a best moment. Lots of Aion stores will hold promotions on special occasions from time to time. If you do not need Aion Kina, Aion gold ergently, you can buy certain amount of gold and store it for later use. It will save you a lot of money when you buy Aion Kina during promotion than regular prices.

Register a membership in Aion Kinah stores as many as possible. Do not bother the inconveniences of registering. some stores will offer membership award, when youbuy Aion gold, remeber to sign in the store so that they can record the amount you bought. Once the total amount of Aion Kinah you bought accumulates to certain amount, you can get discount on your next purchase. Refer a friend. If you are already a steady customer of an Aion Gold store, and invite a friend to buy Aion Kinah successfully, you will get free Aion gold on the your next purchase.  Remeber to leave the correct email address when you buy Aion Kinah. Aion Kinah stores will be sending out promotions email to notify on discount and other on sale events. In case you might miss out these important notification, remeber to leave your most frequently used email address when checking out.

20、Failure of the aion pvp

For the people who say siege is a main part of aion pvp, that’s a total joke and you know it. Let’s just assume crashes will be fixed and ignore that. Siege is just about tab tab tab and faceroll your keyboard, there is minimum skill involved, use the same skill over and over for half an hour on a general, zerg target you you are dead. I played wow for a month and i really think Aion would be a great game if it had battlegrounds and arena pvp. But that would totally destroy the whole abyss system. So Aion was doomed from the start. Everybody by now should agree that Aion is not going anywhere but down with the current situation. Pretty sure everyone have noticed the evidence. This game could use some major design change centered on the pvp, and actually do something about the bots, which is driving a huge amount of players away.

Aion has a grind.  Yes, yes, I know the classic “All MMOs are and have grinds!” line, but it is my opinion that the grind in Aion can legitimately be perceived by some as steep once you start to level into your 30’s.  Of course this statement is subjective, and depending on your prior MMO experiences your opinion may vary.  Someone from Lineage 2 might not find it bad, but someone who is used to WoW and some more modern traditional style MMOs might be in for a bit of discomfort in this area.  I survived old school EQ1 and FFXI in terms of grind just to give a little perspective on where I am coming from.  A lot of players are probably going to have to come to terms with the fact that most people won’t be reaching max level in Aion as quickly as they did in some other MMOs.


21、Well known Lumiel Legion KS boss..gets Gold drop

We were on the boss (forgot his name, big black rock thing that spawns summoned every 10 min or so and then eventually the boss will spawn 50 minutes later). Anyway we kill the summoned form 3 times.. and wait 50 minutes for the boss staying close and killing ads in the area. We had seen a group from probably the best known legion on the server, all higher level than us and all much better geared lurking around. Sure enough as soon as the boss appears here they come. We asked them to please not do this but they KS the boss, laughed at us and linked the Gold drop with “thanks for loot, welcome to contested mobs lol”

Won’t do any good to contact their officers since the player who linked the Gold drop is an officer. I have totally lost all respect for this legion. A lot of you post on this forum, you know who you are. I know this really isn’t going to accomplish anything..just wanted to vent. The only thing that Aion has that the others don’t is the pretty graphics. Which leads me to believe that Aion should be F2P and micro-transaction based. With the botting and spam support, it might as well be F2P, as the F2P companies seem to do even more than NCsoft do in enforcing the rules. Do people think this is a good idea? If not, what are we paying the subscription for? A korean grinder that doesn’t differentiate itself from other grinders besides the fact it has pretty graphics and PvP can take place in the air? I don’t understand why we should pay for a game that requires you to grind which is boring and not fun at all. Even the combat leaves something to be desired, maybe if it was dynamic and required thinking then I could grind out levels.

22、Is “that other game” the cause of so much dissent in AION?

Glancing through these forums, and listening to in game chat for the past few weeks, I have been really taken aback by the profound impact that WOW has had on many of you, and by association, the entire MMO community. I mean, we rarely make it through one thread, or through one chat conversation, before someone mentions or compares AION to WOW, or the conversation just plain veers into a discussion strictly about WOW and it’s gameplay. So much so, that even I now know so much about WOW and it’s game play, and I have never even played WOW! This may not be so obvious to those whom WOW has played such a big part of their lives for the past few years, but to a person like myself, who has not only never played WOW but who has never played many video games to begin with, it is really obvious.

Where this breaks down is in the case of things like spammers and botters. It’s much too big a problem to assume the devs know what they’re doing. Seriously: on my server there are a half-dozen botters standing a few feet outside of town, right in the road. It’s the worst botting problem I’ve ever seen by leaps and bounds. If they had a reasonable number of GMs they could get this problem under control, but they don’t. They also don’t have a code solution ready to go soon. Know how you can tell? They’re spinning. They ban a few each day, and they play it off like it’s not the most egregious case of botting in a decade.


23、I showed my friend (who plays WoW) Aion

I used to play WoW and found out my friend did as well, we were going to play together but he took a very long time and I got bored of waiting for him to turn up and was tired of collecting badges I didn’t need on 5 level 80 characters. By now the trailer and in game footage had finally loaded on youtube, I showed him the Asmodian version of the classes trailer. 5 seconds in he snapped out said it looked exactly like WoW. He then asked if Aion had all the things WoW has, I said to a lesser degree it has un-refined systems you call raiding and such. Aion is hardly the only company to use this basic method of communication. EverQuest 1 was infamous for it, back in the day. Other teams have tried it to various degrees. The thing about this approach is that you need to really embrace it and you need to tightly control your message, like Aion does. If a few people spout off details they shouldn’t, your whole elaborate facade crumbles.

He was in shock, disbelief; incredulous to the notion people are not one with the world, of warcraft. I think WoW is a stellar game and will return to check out cataclysm, I continue to follow data-mined patches on MMO-champion. But the novelty has run dry, how long can you run the facade of dungeons and dragons till you get bored? I’m not in Aion to run dungeons, I’m here to pvp, and it is very novel to me, it needs work, it has it’s flaws but I have fun! I collected my epics and face rolled Arena and BGs. It was fun but I hit the wall that progression could provide. Once you had gear there was no more progression, I pushed 250k HKs on my warrior and just stopped, I knew the ins and outs of every 1v1, every 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5, it stopped being a game, it morphed into a mathematical science.


24、How to choose between a professional Aion gold sto

Some stores actually deliver Aion gold, Aion Kina to players but a few days later after payment, instead of instant delivery promised by these stores. Some of the stores do not have 24 hours live support, and customer support staff from some stores are either not reachable or being unpolite when asking questions to them. That’s why it is highly recommended for players to buy Aion gold, Aion Kina from professional stores.  If I am not backing up due to pulling Aggro, I cast Flame Bolt and the chain spell Blaze for some extra damage. At this point in the sequence it’s time to check in on how we’re doing. If the mob is on its way to turning into a glowing loot ball, then we finish it off. If however we find our pet element is hurting (at or below half health is a good barometer) then I top it off with Replenish Element.

First of all, I would like to share my thoughts on the word ‘professional’. A professional Aion gold, Aion Kina store must be a store that solely engaged in Aion gold related business. Only a store that focus exclusively on providing wow gold service could offer superhot cheap Aion gold, Aion Kina and ensure wow gold delivery with fast speed. As the old saying goes Jack of all trade,aion kinah, master of none. It is just like choosing a trustworthy store from ebay. For example, there are tons of stores that sell Dell laptop in ebay, how do you distinguish which one is selling genuine Dell? Let’s just go back to what we talked about above on choosing wow gold stores. A store that is more likely to sell good stuff is the store that operates business exclusively for one good. Do you know why Aion, Tower of Eternity is so classic and charming, it is because NCsoft spent 3 years exclusively on designing and developing, and the following several years exclusively on operating it.


26、Aion: Spiritmaster Spell Rotations for Maximum Fun (Levels 1-25)

Fun is just a three letter word for DPS.If you are reading this article, then you probably fall into one of four categories: The player interested in playing the best class in the game (Spiritmaster), The player interested in beating a Spiritmaster in PvP,The Spiritmaster checking in to see if you are doing the DPS thing right, or The theorycrafter who can’t wait to poke holes in the article.Whichever camp you fall into is fine by me, even those in the last category. I consider myself a lifelong learner and I enjoy hearing of new ways to crush our opponents. Regardless of why you are here, I hope you enjoy the following blend of math and artistry as you learn a little more about the Spiritmaster.Never do your own dirty work.

The Spiritmaster is a pet class which means that we are really more of a nobleman ordering around the help than a down-in-the-trenches worker like say a silly Gladiator. As such, the key to keeping your hands clean is letting your pet keep the guests entertained while you stand at a distance (looking down your nose at the prey). This is a delicate dance between keeping the pet alive, killing the enemy and saving some mana in case of an Add (or to avoid downtime). The rotation of choice involves heavy use of pet skills and summoning Energy Spirits as well as using Replenish Element to keep them in the game. Always good to have an extra DOT on the enemy for some ticking damage.Optional – Cast Chain of Earth – this does two things: causes some minor damage, and more importantly slows the enemy if it decides to come after you. If it is slow, the pet can keep beating on it while it crawls its way to you. It does take a good amount of mana to cast this one so sometimes I’ll opt to save the mana and manage the aggro more closely.


27、OH NOES, it’s coming right for me!

As a Spiritmaster we have a couple of decent evasion techniques. If my pet dies I Root the enemy and gauge if I have time to conjure another element, or I just nuke the bad guy until he gives me loot. If I haven’t lost the pet, then I cast Stoneform (Root will break from pet damage) just go toe to toe with the foe and hope for the best. If all else fails, keep Spirit Threat rolling and run for the hills! Your next pet won’t even know about how you treated the last one. Always remember that Root is your friend. When attacking multiple mobs or having that odd pathing enemy cross your route, one simple Root will take them out of commission long enough to get a handle on the first enemy. Even if the first mob isn’t dead, you can have your pet start attacking the other mob to start building aggro. Pets won’t last long doing that so be sure you can handle either one or both of the enemies if you can’t keep your pet healed.

Many ingredients to this recipe.There are literally thousands of variables that can go into a fight (how many enemies are you fighting and of what level). There is no hard and fast rule you should get locked into, this is just one version of a recipe. Use this as a starting point and experiment with your own timing and sequencing. There are definitely higher damage rotations available, but I find that resting, using potions or bandaging doesn’t fit my goal of zero downtime. I try and keep my mana topped off and my pet healthy, everything else can be fixed in an emergency with potions or treatments. Using this formula you can cruise through the first 25 levels and be ready to tackle the Abyss. Of course the Abyss rotations are a completely different topic for next time. The best thing about Aion’s community is a very trivial thing: when you quit playing for the night, it automatically opens up a web page to their community site. You instantly see the headlines and can read the dev blogs, look at your character, whatever.


28、Asmodean Vitality Extraction Guide250-300

If you’re a tailor, you’ll love me.  Xilix is all over the damn place in the Alsig Crossroad. Look next to trees, in fields, behind you, you’ll see it every few enemies.  Hell, you’ll even see it around town if you’re one of those crazy bastards leveling up the skill before you can even handle the enemies in the area. Just look right outside the south gate and to the west after that, outside the southwest gate.  Two easy spawns and you shouldn’t have to touch a single enemy to get them, and a 250 log or two along the way. This can take you to 300 if you can stomach it. Of course, if you’re feeling brave, I have something else in mind. Thankfully it requires some intelligence and finesse, so you can make yourself stand out from the crowd if you’re looking to craft the best of the best before you’re even capable of wearing it, or want enough tries at that Noble Worthy Ultimate Silly Orange You’ll Replace in 5 Levels Anyway for your craft. The choice is yours, and the path is yours.  We have one final step left. It’ll be brutal. It’ll require a high level, or a death wish. One of these is easier to deal with in this game than the other, but only you can answer that for yourself! Decide and we’ll see you in our final segment of Asmodean Vitality Extraction!

You will likely hate me for this, but the fastest way to do it with no competition is to go to North Brusthonin.  Yes, a level 45+ area. I am not sending you to die for no reason. At this point in the game you know how to judge aggro ranges and thread the needle when running in-between two aggressive enemies. You will make use of these skills and go to where no one really is at this point, at least to gather. Zeller and Pressa are in abundance in the area immediately west and north of the NPC guards of the border between the 20 and 45 zones. You should be able to access a Pressa node from within sight alone while standing at the guards, just northeast of them. If you’re too much of a sissy to go out further, just harvest this to 300. 

29、Two Kinds of Developer Relations

There seem to be two main ways that MMO developers interact with players. These two ways have serious pros and cons, but usually the choice isn’t made consciously. Instead, the choice comes from the culture and situation the team finds itself in. But if you make an explicit decision, you can stick to it and you won’t screw up nearly as often (or as dramatically).
There appear to be some population imbalances between the two races, which can be quite problematic in a PvP game. I don’t have first-hand experience with it because I’m still relatively low-level, but Asmodians on my server are often talking about how they’re outnumbered in battles, and frankly the Asmodians aren’t as attractive as the angelic Elyos, so I would be pretty surprised if they were played in the same numbers. That’s why it’s so interesting that there’s nearly a 1-to-1 correlation of races according to the Aion website.

When I first logged in, I was flabbergasted by the amount of gold spam in chat. It made chat unusable unless you spent a lot of time manually blocking every spammer. The developers said, “We currently have Game Masters monitoring all our servers. They track chat channels closely and have been banning thousands of spammers every day.” In reality, spammers stuck around for about two hours before they got banned. Even one customer-service person looking over all the 14 worlds would have done a better job finding spammers than that. (The spammers are not subtle. Players yell into a vacuum and then one day they get a new patch, which rarely (but occasionally) addresses their concerns. Because of this reality, the team comes off as aloof and distant, but we give them trust they didn’t earn. Being generally optimistic human beings, we like to assume that the game is in good hands. If a quest acts weird, hey, it’s probably just because of some design decision we don’t understand.


30、We suck and you know it, please bear with us

The other commonly successful strategy is to be open and earnest and to trust players to see things your way. Champions Online uses this approach. Their developers engage users on the forums, talk about specifics, explain what they are trying to do to fix things, and sometimes (rarely, but occasionally) change their plans based on feedback from forum-goers. This is completely the right approach for Champions to take. The game is not nearly as polished as Aion; they couldn’t possibly convince us that the serious bugs in the game were intentional. (Anyone who experienced the 50-foot-tall bug knew full well it was seriously buggy.) Instead, they play to the crowd, giving them insider tidbits about how stuff is going, explaining their motivations, and basically feeding the forum trolls to keep them relatively sedated. The Champions designers are in a similar boat and obviously enjoy talking about their game. They seem to be relatively good at not feeding the forum trolls, either, and staying on target.

This approach works well when you have small bugs that you need forgiveness for. ‘Fessing up right away and telling players you’ll fix it next week works. Actually, it works great for retention: players really like it when you respect them enough to really tell them what’s going on. When you trust players, they will often surprise you by trusting you back. That is, as long as you actually fix the problem, and quickly. (Aion couldn’t do this style if they wanted to, because the English-language team obviously has little insight into when bug-fixes will really arrive.)This communication style fails when you have to admit that serious issues are broken and that you can’t fix them quickly. A common theme on the Champions forums is that the game doesn’t have enough content. There’s not a damned thing the developers can say about that to make people shut up. They can’t add content quickly enough to make people happy. Contrast this to Aion, which also is missing content in several level ranges: Aion just doesn’t say anything, and they delete threads that are too complainy.


31、Screwing It Up

Now, WoW is an interesting example because they started out with option #1. Aside from some hand-wringing when the game launched (and was unplayable), they generally played the “we know better than you” card really well for years. This changed when the design team switched hands. The new designers, mainly the lead systems designer, Greg Street aka “Ghostcrawler”, love to talk about their stuff. If you ignore combo points (which we aren’t planning on adding to hunters), then the biggest decision energy-users face is whether to use a single 60 energy attack or two 30 energy attacks. The answer depends on a lot of variables, including which does more damage, what is on cooldown, the synergy between the abilities, etc. If you consider the cat druid (because it’s slightly simpler) and ignore finishing moves, then the druid rotation would look something like getting up a +bleed attack, applying a bleed dot, getting up a +damage buff, and then doing the actual damage. You could imagine something similar like that for hunters.

If you use the dev-tracker on their forums, you will find that it’s full of Ghostcrawler saying things like “You’re banned” over and over. Why is this a problem? Somebody has to do it, right? Yes, and that person needs to be the forum moderator. Forum mods can occasionally pull stunts like telling users to die in a fire, and get away with it. That’s because forum-goers treat moderators like “one of us” instead of “one of the dev team”. But when developers are constantly moderating the boards, they lose the last bit of distance from the players. Suddenly Ghostcrawler’s opinion isn’t more valuable than Joe the player’s opinion. Ghostcrawler doesn’t get any respect anymore and has to spend more and more time defending himself. He’s playing the forum game and losing. (He should at least make a fake moderator account for this stuff! But he’s not really thinking objectively about this anyway.)


32、Advice For All Community Management Types

If you’re an Option #1 game, you need to keep your developers away from the forums and blogs. You can’t have a distant and aloof ivory tower development team that occasionally stops in to chat about game innards. That just makes everybody look stupid. Their message gets taken as having far more significance than intended (because it’s so rare that they get information), and people will be confused and upset about why devs took time to talk about this one issue and not the 500 other issues people are concerned about. Whatever you do, you have to stick to your guns. Explicitly decide what your community plan is, and detail it, and write it down, and make sure the people who matter agree with it. (That does not mean getting the whole company on board. It means getting the key people on board.) Now, you can completely change your community approach. This is often useful for older games where the circumstances have changed since launch. It is quite possible to go from an Option #1 company to an Option #2 company. It is harder, but also possible, to go from being Option #2 to Option #1. (It will take about six months for that transition to stick, however, so be prepared for stress.) What is not possible is to become a hybrid company, sometimes aloof and sometimes chummy, accessible today but invisible the next. You’ll get eaten alive.

If you’re an Option #2 game, you have to expend significant amounts of developer-time communicating with your audience. If you stop, people will freak out. “They stopped caring!” is what they will hear. If you only have one developer posting on the forums, you can actually expect your forums to get nastier when this developer goes on vacation. It’s that sensitive. You need to allocate significant resources towards communication, and that means maybe 20% of four or five developers’ time. Really. (This is also why a blog is a better choice for developers to post on. You can queue up little tidbits and release them one a day, requiring less posting overall to get the same feeling of participation.) So plan it out. Decide why and how you’re interacting with the audience. I’m sure there are some other communication styles I missed here that work for different situations. The key is just to have consistency with whatever you decide.

1           The Experts World Of Warcraft Guides

What’s going on here? Recently World of Warcraft gold peaked at almost a dime per gold piece – not bad when you consider that the World of Warcraft MMORPG where it’s the prime unit of in-game currency debuted in late 2004. The gates opened and the minions of the Qiraji spilled out in a titanic melee. Additionally invasions of Silithid insects occurred in almost every populated area of Azeroth. C’thun was responsible for the creation of the Qiraji and the Silithid armies they command. At level six the hero can obtain an ultimate skill that is potentially more powerful than the others. A’dal is a member of the Naaru and leader of the faction known as the Sha’tar. In World of Warcraft you have access to twelve main professions which are advisable to exploit to enhance your gaining experience. There is a fan convention for World of Warcraft. See worldofwarcraftworld.com. It’s also kind of the center of the universe for Horde players so you really do need to learn it if you hope to use the auction or make new friends.

Meanwhile Grom Hellscream and the Warsong Clan have been left behind to gather enough lumber to build a permanent Orcish settlement on the isle and in cutting down the large amount of trees necessary to do so anger the native night elf race and their demigod Cenarius. There are dungeons available for all ranges of mid- to high-level players and offer many rich quests rewards and enemies to encounter in the depths below ground. Whether you are playing for the Horde or Alliance realm you will need money at some time or another during the game. For a MMORPG it looks pretty good similar to Warcraft III but obviously much more detailed since you are taking the perspective of a single character in the world of Warcraft rather than controlling an army from up above. On the second tier five points in World of Warcraft Toughness gives you ten percent more armor contribution and at the high armor ratings a warrior can achieve this talent can decrease all incoming damage by up to five percent.


2                      Sell World Of Warcraft Gold To Us For Real Gold Prices

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