Pick Up Lines 75

pick up lines 75
pick up lines 75

How To Pick Up Girls And Create Sexual Attraction

How To Pick Up Girls


Hi, this is Dean Cortez from Mack Tactics with some more tips on how to pick up girls and take your confidence to the next level.

Here is a letter from a Mack Tactics student that asks a very important question about how to pick up girls, and then I’ll give my response…

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Hey Dean,

There’s this girl that I’ve liked for a LONG time. Two weeks ago her boyfriend broke up with her.

So I was hanging out with her a couple of nights ago, and I decided to finally to say to her, “Hey, in all honesty, would you ever date a guy like me?”

She told me, “Well, honestly…you’re too nice. For some reason, I like jerks. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s the truth.”

I was a bit stunned and didn’t know what to say. So I just acted like I only joking around, and wasn’t really into her, but inside I felt like crap.

I guess it’s true what they say: “nice guys finish last.” I can’t understand this, Dean — why women always seem to go for guys who are liars and jerks, while nice guys like myself get left out in the cold.

I hope you have some good advice on this…

– Frank, Chicago


Dean Cortez here. Before I got my skills and confidence with women and mastered this “game,” I used to be a classic example of a Nice Guy.

When I think about how many girls I COULD have hooked up with…but didn’t, because my weak “Nice Guy” strategy messed everything up…I want to kick myself!

Back in those days, when I liked a girl, I always made myself available to her. I’d chat with her on the phone, or on the Internet, for as long as she wanted to. If she asked me to meet up and do something, I’d drop whatever I was doing and go see her.

If she was having problems with whatever jerk she was currently sleeping with, I’d listen to her and try to be supportive.

The bottom line was, instead of building a sexual connection with her, I acted like her “friend” who didn’t have any romantic intentions.

I tried to seem as if I wasn’t like “those other guys” who only wanted to get in her pants.

Of course, the whole time I was pretending to be “Mr. Nice Guy,” all I could THINK about was sleeping with her…

I made the huge mistake that so many guys make — thinking that building a FRIENDSHIP first was going to get me the sexual relationship later, if only I spent enough time building her trust.

But as you probably know, it never pans out this way. The guy keeps suffering in the “Friend Zone” until one of two things happens (and both outcomes are bad):

1. One night he finally decides to confess to her how he really feels — and it’s a terribly awkward moment that leads to a rejection.

2. Or, she starts dating another guy who doesn’t want her “Nice Guy” friend hanging around. So, she stops hanging out him completely.

(Hey, if you were dating a girl, would you want her “Nice Guy” buddy hanging around her all the time, obviously hoping to hook up with her? Of course not, you’d tell your girl to stop spending time with him.)

Look, I want to clarify some false beliefs about Nice Guys and Bad Boys — because the truth is, “Nice Guys” really aren’t as honest and sincere as they like to think they are.

In fact, Nice Guys are often being WAY more dishonest that the Bad Boys!

Let me explain…

When a Nice Guy is hanging out with a woman he is HOPING to hook up with, everything he does is a deception!

The entire “friendship” he is building with the girl is phony. He really just wants to get her into bed! He is using this friendship as a TACTIC to try to get what he is truly after.

Unfortunately, it’s a very ineffective tactic. It doesn’t work. And don’t think you’re fooling the girl: if she knows that she is sexually desirable, and she knows you’re a heterosexual MAN with needs, then obviously she knows you want to sleep with her.

She knows what the Nice Guy is REALLY after. But she’s not going to give it to him, because he isn’t projecting any of the qualities that she finds SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE in a man.

The Nice Guy is projecting weakness instead of confidence. He’s also demonstrating that he is completely available to hang out with her whenever she wants, instead of being a man with a full social life and OTHER options.

(Don’t forget, women want a guy who is wanted by other women! The more options she THINKS you have, the more she’ll want you!)

Bad Boys DO have these qualities that women are hard-wired to pursue. And when Bad Boys talk to women, they do so in a flirty, sexual, masculine way.

I have a good buddy who is total Bad Boy and truly understands how to get girls. He’s not some tattooed UFC fighter, rock musician, or strip club bouncer. Actually, he wears a suit every day to his 9-to-5 corporate job.

But when he approaches and talks with girls, he gives off Bad Boy energy. This means he is cocky, playful and ultra-confident — and he also acts like he is not easily impressed, no matter how hot she is.

I was with him at a bar a few nights ago. He said to a girl…

“I hope your boyfriend isn’t here, because I’m about to totally flirt with you. How can you blame me, when you’re wearing a dress like that?”

He delivered this opener with a confident smile and the correct body language. He then transitioned into the conversation with no delay (this is all explained in the Mack Tactics “Ultimate Approach” book), and started moving things in the right direction.

He built up her curiosity and attraction, and then he said to her:

“You’re actually pretty cool, it’s a shame that it would never work out between us. You’re nothing like the girls I usually date.”

Then he immediately changed the subject. He didn’t give her any further explanation — which messed with her self-esteem a bit, and made her want to PROVE that she was worthy of dating a guy him!

A short time later he started talking to her about how he’s a big fan of getting massages. He said to her, “If you know how to give awesome massages, then this MIGHT work out between us. If not, it’s cool, I can be your wingman tonight and help you meet a guy.”

(This is a cool game to play with women. Tell her you’re going to be HER wingman! Then point out some dudes in the room that you know she will TOTALLY NOT be interested in, and offer to introduce her…she will laugh and squirm…then keep teasing her and flirting.)

Then he used another classic “Bad Boy” tactic on her: he WALKED AWAY.

Yes! He told her he had to go say hi to some people and that he’d come back and talk to her a little later.

Then he walked away and hung out with me and my buddies for a while. We were all joking around and having a good time, and the whole time, the girl was WATCHING him and WAITING for him to come back and keep flirting with her!

After keeping her in suspense for a while, he did…and a short time after that, he used a “Deal Closer” tactic to pull her out of the venue and take her back to his place.

The *trick* to getting really successful with girls is to add a “Bad Boy Edge” to your personality that conveys confidence and masculinity.

I’m not saying you should ever behave like a jerk, or disrespect women. Women are not “into” those qualities. Rather, they will ACCEPT these qualities from a Bad Boy who she is strongly attracted to.

You can be the best of both worlds: a laidback, polite, respectful guy, but one who also has the BAD BOY EDGE that makes women desire you in a sexual way — not just “as a friend.”

You can go to the Mack Tactics website and download a FREE 75-page guide that is filled with tactics for taking your game to a rock star level.

If you’re ready to learn how to pick up girls the same way the world’s best pickup artists do it, go to the Mack Tactics site now and download your free copy of this guide while it’s still available.

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