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pick up lines about eyes

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Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines


Pick Up Lines


No guy is ever going to be able to pick up women if he doesn’t have the lines. It’s been said that men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears. Guys LOVE to look at women and believe it or not women LOVE to listen to guys talk.


Unless you begin with that understanding you’re never going to reach a woman’s innermost being. You know, the heart of hearts is what they call it. It’s the place that ever guy wants to touch. It’s the one place on a woman’s body that you can touch to drive her crazy.


THE way to touch that place is with words. If you don’t have the words, you don’t get the love. It’s a simple formula. Learn the formula. Apply the formula. Achieve the results.


Pick up lines can be taught in a normal fashion, by memorizing them. The best way, though, is to learn to create your own. Sure I could give you the best pick up lines ever created by man. If I did that, though, you’d end up duplicating me and you’d be a hollow version of me. Women pick that up with their relational radar system.


You must act normally and be yourself. Relax or women will sense the tension and race for the exit. They’ll beat a escape path to their freedom from your presence.


Always size up the woman you want to approach. Look at the surroundings in which you intend to approach her. Ask yourself some questions.


Why is she here?

What does she like or dislike about this location?

Is she bored or is she busy?

What kind of clothing is she wearing?

Does she wear ear rings?


You want to get to know her before you get to know her. Try to put yourself in her shoes and figure out what she wants, what she needs, what she’d be repulsed by. Is she a cutesy kind of woman who would like easy going chat about average every day things? Maybe she’s a studious person (reading a book kind of gives that one away) who would be more interested in deeper discussions.


Do you think she’s a wine drinker, a beer drinker, or a Pepsi drinker? It makes a difference. If you want to pick her up you’ll have to find a way to relate to her. The more you know about her before you open your mouth the greater your odds of success will become.


No matter what else you fail at be certain to memorize two things. What color are her eyes and what color and type of shoes does she have on? Why? What possible difference can that make? Women are detail oriented and if you notice the detail of the color of her eyes she knows you’re not looking at her chest. If you see the shoes she has on (and you might consider complimenting her on them) she knows you’re talking about something she loves. All women love shoes.


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Originally posted 2015-08-18 03:58:15.

Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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