Pick Up Lines Are You A Parking Ticket

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pick up lines are you a parking ticket

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Want To Stay Near The Best Parks And Rides? Book A Disney Orlando Hotel!

Orlando vacation would never be complete without exploring the Disney World Resort. For most vacationers, this is the top venue where they would spend the majority of their vacation days. Hence, if you are one of those who choose to prioritize the Disney World Resort, theme parks and rides, make sure you book a Disney Orlando hotel today.

There are different reasons why more and more visitors and guests prefer to stay in hotels within or close to the Disney World Resort theme parks. As the name implies, these hotel accommodations have their basic and most coveted feature which is in near proximity to Disney World. Here is the list of reasons why Disney Good Neighbor Hotels are the wisest and most practical choices for your Disney vacation getaway.

Quality and High Standard

There are certain standards observed and required for a hotel to be a part of the Good Neighbor Hotel program which is assessed and inspected by a Disney executive. This program is actually conducted or designed to monitor and qualify hotel accommodations and get the stamp of approval for their hotels. The hotel could only qualify and get approved if they meet the highest and most stringent standards and requirements. Hence, whenever you book hotels approved by this program, you are 100% sure of its quality and standard.

Closest Proximity to Disney World

The fact that these hotels are considered Disney Good Neighbor hotels means these are on-site or just around the major theme parks, rides and other features in the Disney World Resort. Hence, guest and visitors enjoy walking distance accommodations to their all-time favorite rides and theme parks. Most of the hotels also provide exclusive privileges for their guests such as VIP pass to avoid long lines and wasted times. You could also purchase Disney tickets at the Customer Service or Front Desk so that you no longer have to wait in line to get your ride and theme park tickets.

Great Affordable Rates

You could avail from 30% to 40% discounts if you book or reserve your hotel accommodations with a Disney Orlando hotel. Most hotels in Disney World collaborate with their partner establishments so that they could offer extras and freebies to their guests. For instance, you could avail the free meals for kids or there are those who offer instant privilege to access rides without putting up with the long lines.

Shuttle and Customer Service

In availing the best Disney Good Neighbor hotels, guests are given free scheduled shuttle services in different Disney World theme parks and rides. Guests are dropped off in the morning and could avail the free shuttle service scheduled to pick up hotel guests at night. Just imagine how much you could save from hefty transportation fees and fuel expenses.

Reward yourself and your entire family with the most magical vacation in Disney Orlando. To guarantee hassle-free and fun-filled getaway experience, the wisest way is to find the most comfortable, plush and budget-friendly Disney Orlando hotel throughout your stay.

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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