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pick up lines broken heart tagalog
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A Satanic Cult and Antichrist Real Time Occurrence in the 21st century-Are you one of the children of SGI Buddhist Rosalinda To Uy, Phils? (Unedited)

IIn simple explanation based on research, satanism is a group of religion who are also the Antichrist. Taiwan is a perfect example of satanism loving and worshiping apotheosis hiding in the name of SGI Buddhism.

I am a Catholic since birth and I know what SINS are. Everything just comes interrelated as I do a research on the voices and the cause of the event. God and Jesus Christ are being opposed by SGI Rosalinda To Uy, Phils, and Taiwan. And with a surprise, I see worshipers of evil invoking the wickedness in their souls by defying the words of God. As the soul in invisible, the sin is invisible.

SGI Rosalinda To Uy has been followed by Taiwan for years now like some children of hers, while her biological children are being worshiped as well, even without the actual introduction.

Looking in-depth, I have been observing what they have been doing to Sally Chuang like a child’s play and what I found out is a SATANIC CULT and the ANTICHRIST. This group in Tagalog existing in Taiwan, Sally’s location, has formed a group where Sally is in the center.

As a marketer and a creative planner, I see a formation of people based on the voices and actual appearances.
1. Rosa’s family with such a huge group as Taiwan has served their purpose for breeding via satellite. They found a hole on how to grab God’s creation (soul) and Jesus Christ’s (brain, mouth, heart, feet, body, faith) via satellite where everything is transparent and accessible.

The formation
1.1. With the voices coming from different sides of the world where Sally is the primary target, she is in the CENTER surrounded by many circulating depending on her feet or without it. I can’t tell the shape or if they are following a position where they are coming from. They don’t come from the same distances basing it from the voices.

1.2. Guards. I have observed that their goal is to kill Sally. Every time Sally speaks, there is a voice timing with her with profanity in Tagalog to block her off. In that way, when she speaks, there is another voice coming out with her in different wordings.

Worse, the redundant words spoken by one mouth will be echoed by another and another, so on and so forth. So, if an echo only comes out from just ONE object, the source of echo of SGI Rosa’s family comes from ONE object but echoed by MANY different objects.

The guards monitoring Sally 24/7 have very limited vocabularies that is supported by each other they are heard as far as where I am, Taiwan and they are in the Phils. It’s been over 3 years now, so could believe that there are human bodies who couldn’t rest in peace only thinking about themselves and desires bringing it up to all who aren’t concern?

Why so big? Sally can’t travel around the globe but they have reached out to the globe. So, how can anyone say that the only reason why they are in the air we breathe is to control Sally alone? Sally can’t meet up with all these people, in fact, she is bring locked up or worse, possessed by SGI Melanie Da Da Lian.


1.To the highest level, these apotheosis performing satanic cult whisper endlessly with and without the voices grabbing attention.

2. They replace GOD for the soul in such a way wherein they share their emotions and desires to others. So, if they hate Sally, the others no matter how far they are should feel it, too. To analyze, if the Phils curses Sally who got out of it and moved in to Taiwan as a total stranger and around the globe, the Phils hops in the emotions of Taiwanese within their permission to enter and welcomed by the latter to feel the exact or far worse emotions such as hatred to Sally, where Sally and the Phils are both strangers.

In return, Taiwan penetrates South Korea with the Phils which is the same group lead by SGI Rosa’s family witnessed by Sally upon coming in. So, if Rosa commits POSSESSION, the rest commits the same as they become one.

The longer it takes possessing the brain via satellite, the more they take away attention from any religion such as GOD. And since these SGI Rosa’s group utter only the ANTICHRIST (666) against the bible, the more hearts who follow them and feel them will strengthen the SATANISM and ANTICHRIST because they are in the body of Christ but they pig on it by not living according to a human being.

More so, the soul that gives life to it is the upside down invoking the spirit of darkness through time and quantity of heads copying their image. Yes, they are going deeper and stronger, the same way the others are.

3. It’s a CULT because it is a religion that kills every second of their lives as if it is their job as dark knights covering themselves in SGI and Buddhism. Taiwanese are Buddhists and so are Rosalinda To Uy. They chant and announce SGI without anyone holding them back to say that it’s not the SGI way from Japan.

I’m impressed with how their brains are so drilled up with repeated and limited words they sound the everlasting. I can’t do that. They sound like dogs barking in different words in TAGALOG and CHINESE, even ENGLISH.

More so, I have never seen anything so repeating with their desires they just keep on repeating holding on to them until they get them. I think they are having a hard time to be brats. More so, they are shouting for RANSOM. They are holding KIDNAPPING. The only thing I see held from me now is my JOB, PEACE and FREEDOM as a mother and individual. There is no way for submission. They are the weakest.

In fact, based on the bible, if they get locked up for 1000 years in hell, they will come crawling back to earth for mercy to get out of there in the darkness. And that is the existence of POSSESSION where the wicked soul gets into another body of a soul owner to feel it. I think so. Just why will there be POSSESSION for? And if these people are possessed, how come their voices don’t change and exemplify power?

My point is, I don’t think evil souls are special. I think they are one of them because souls are souls and there is no special soul. Even Lucifer is a soul created by God. However, his destiny and purpose identifies him. Now, where are the other wicked souls on earth helping these human beings to satanism or are the latter has just chosen SATANISM they fit in and mold themselves according to the opposite of our creator?

Right now, I am seeing another kingdom and GOD besides God and Jesus Christ. They remake their own body and soul so naturally using ordinary words and gestures it’s so normal yet so abnormal because they aren’t acting like human beings.

3. SGI Buddhists take the CLAIM? SGI Buddhists suddenly come out and take the claim for the body and soul running after a lot a and the hardest is me, Sally Chuang. Like disciples from some kingdom of sinners killing me for the love of Catholic and fortune. They kill me in hope to hop in and claim the rest of me as theirs. and in order to do that, I need to commit SINS such as:

1. Prostitution
2. Stealing
3. Lies
4. Adultery
5. and others

After they have taken what they want, they want me to run after them for the saving of the body to survive for Money and Sex and most especially, SGI Buddhism. Just like them who were former Catholics, who knows how many more converted for some interests or misfortunes, they want me to be at the very bottom before I will be picked up and helped by SGI and the Phils with Taiwan as a form of manipulation or ruling to claim me like the others. No! They want a share of soul and goal.

I wonder, why do they suddenly pop out for a claim of the body and soul? What does SGI know about who created the soul and the body? They are SGI leaders who are being sent to Japan head quarter to elevate themselves and pass the tests. I learned it from Alfonso Raymond To Uy, my ex. Why can’t they stop? They want my opportunities and get money from me, in fact, they want more of me in the English world as a Catholic while they take me out of all of the concerns mentioned to shower them to many in the name of SGI Buddhism. Again, IT’S NOT THEIRS.

From the way I look at it deeper, they don’t like who created me under the doctrine of the Catholic church. My body is to Jesus Christ including my brain, heart, soul, feet, life, AIR and my soul is to GOD. They are in the AIR I breathe. And all they do is to kill me for every word I say and actions bringing out myself because I AM NOT AN SGI MEMBER, I AM NOT A BUDDHIST. My God!

Who made SGI involving all Buddhists with them including all religions calling even my priests to get me out of all religion for SGI? They have been expelling me to all churches I have been to so far after I left the Phils. I am only in TanTzu, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. but they have been recruiting and injecting themselves globally. Who made and gave the body and soul of SGI to take many of them and especially mine? Tricky bodies. I see Malice to doubt the people next to me, figuratively. If this fact cannot be handled and taught well to many, there will be MALICE and inevitable SWAY of FAITH.

Why is Japan running after me and claiming not to let me go, Sally Chuang, who has always been with the English? Japan? I don’t remember teaching English to a Japanese nor came close to anyone except the interviewers in Taiwan. What can’t SGI Japan let go? What’s with me? They can’t love who they have been killing. They could only hope for another recreation of body and soul which will never happen-the WEAK yet so strong with the SIN. I will do my best not to contribute to it, so my thinking helps me a lot. My child will never be safe with them as well.

Besides, just when I was searching for something, I couldn’t find it but I see SIN and it’s so big and felt PAIN I don’t want it any longer. I will die with SIN. SGI can never get me. The heat is all about ANGER which is reciprocity with LOVE. And I realized how small and weak they are and I am so BIG. My weight is spacious.

I already know a very big portion of SIN. And they can’t get my child neither because Jesus Christ is his body and GOD is his soul. I already delivered him to the GODS. And I can already guide him. It’s para normal, I already see. This is the EARTH and Jesus is the purest LOVE ever so forgiving.

I also realized why Mother Virgin Mary steps on the snake representing SATAN. It’s because of the love of a mother she wouldn’t want her children to go astray. I felt it too when they try to touch my child. And  already found out we our body really needs to sleep. In a situation where I heard my son awake at 2 am, I wanted him to sleep but he couldn’t out of fear out of that devilish exhibition I saw in my brain. And I heard his voice. I heard that he chilled.

Moving on, since he couldn’t sleep, I realized that the body will give up and make him fall asleep whether he likes it or not. Therefore, rest is important especially in terrifying and stressful situations like this. Oh well, “sleep” came across my mind out of long hours of work.

Why are many surprised with our being? I am normal because I have the bodies as yours and the soul as well. And the earth is ruled by the law of God and it’s a part of our existence. and we can’t do anything about our souls because God created us. Therefore, God is in us and Jesus in wrapping us with love. It’s a part of the body dealing with the soul.

More so, there is a temple that cannot be seen, it’s in the heart. And I already see Alfie’s soul together with his family members. Wow, it’s so powerfully sharp. He won’t grow horns and tails on earth. Among all his family members, he is the strongest yet the weakest.

So, SATANISM and recreation of oneself must require supernatural power. How can anyone get out of oneself? And that is what Melanie Da Da Lian and the others are doing. They are so POWERFUL, especially inside the body of Christ which is all about love. Added by the fact of changing the world?

It’s something about the SOUL. Common, who live with SLANDER like a language? One hard word drains me up. Sharp tongue is suicide for me. I tried it.

Is Lucifer the one to blame in this phenomenon?

Objectifying it, we are still alive in our own bodies in the kingdom of Christ. Who doesn’t know the definition of POSSESSION as a SIN? But why do these SGI Da Da Lian and the others still possess? Is it because they are NO longer Catholics and Buddhists as they are?

4. Body and soul. Well, the SOUL is the most important thing in life. A BODY can’t move without the soul. So, whatever the words that come out of the mouth speak of the soul. As a part of that body, here are the following:

4.1. BRAIN. I learned that it handles information to distinguish right from wrong which is relevant in decision -making and security that we won’t harm others because of the word “wrong”. IT is further very important to be filled up with sufficient information to survive required by the body.

In my study as to why SGI Rosa’s family, Phils, Taiwan are defying the knowledge earned by the brain to win right over wrong to hinder them from harming others and know exactly what they are doing and take responsibility of the consequences of their action, I realized that the SOUL is far stronger than the BRAIN to defy the right side of it.

Satanism and Antichrist is known to all. Legalities molded by schools are a must, we can’t do anything about it. Therefore, I look at it as a training on how to make a soul in the body acquainted with the law which is not far from the law stated in the bible, which speaks the law of God, the God of all Gods and the son of Jesus Christ, the God on earth.

As I write this analogy of mine, I feel a little bit weakened up to see the truth behind our existence, the soul. There are some things we can’t explain because we are only creations of God in the body of Jesus, we are only supposed to see them and abide by their laws. And since this isn’t heaven as a human being and sins have been made before Christ, I think that law has been created to save souls who aren’t aware of evil from evil.

God isn’t evil, so He knows what to do. I don’t know what happened and Satan has defied God because I am just an entity. If you are to observe on earth, there are only a few who are given the gift to see the spirits like magic. And it’s not evil because in the bible, there were already interpreters of dreams. Sorcery is a different scenario where it is to evil.

So, all of us are not supposed to know who are and no matter what we do,we wouldn’t know where our souls came from before birth, the same way we couldn’t tell where we are to go after life.

Remember that unlike the law here on earth where there are basis for the severity of the crime to serve justice, we don’t know the grounds on how to go to different kingdoms available in the books and electronically no matter the religion. We wouldn’t even know the exact number of our sins in our daily lives.

However, we have all the knowledge on earth such as the law of God which almost the same with the law of humanity. I can’t be sure if they are completely the same because I don’t study LAW and CATHOLIC RELIGION. But I learned that SLANDER is also a sin in the bible where sinners will be thrown to the lake of fire.

The information ready in the bible have different versions, so it’s hard to distinguish the exact information. But the commandments are constant and implemented by human law.

To continue, I look at the BRAIN as to God because He is the knowledge and the HEART to Jesus. I think Jesus is to love evident by the cross. As the son of God, when he has all the right to punish the evil souls on earth, He pays for the sins of His children in His kingdom. I feel that the reason why there are souls on earth given the brain is to study for a certain period of time and ensure the love to Jesus so they won’t be astray and Jesus wants to deliver us to heaven and be God’s angels as a deliver for the creation of the soul, which is us. Regardless of the pain Jesus suffered, He bear with the SINS because of the love of God and there really are evil spirits teasing without the voice tempting us to commit sins registered to the brain which is God.

Mother Virgin Mary

Right now, SGI Rosa’s group is like the Mother Virgin Mary in being followed by many such as Taiwan in the other way around, “666”. And her children are her creations acting like Gods being followed as well by Taiwan which is also “666”. For a very long time now, they whisper and speak out loud with their voices like Gods in controlling life and destiny, more so, distorting beliefs and pushing sins to the soul. It’s all about the SOUL. No matter what we do on earth, the SOUL will always pay. Depending on what we do, by the time we leave earth and crossover, we will be judged objectively.

I wasn’t aware of these things but out of extreme study, I learned beyond reasonable doubt that SATAN has his disciple in Jesus body grabbing more souls to bring down to his kingdom after death of the body. What is he gong to do with lots of evil souls in his kingdom? Since the sin happens in the kingdom of Jesus and these souls were given to Jesus by God, I don’t know, but evil crawls on earth.

I am glad that I see the truth behind the SOULS moving the body. They are HERE in the bodies of a lot. They trick using their bodies to join them. And since most of us are not aware of EVIL SOULS in the bodies on earth, we give in.

I don’t know how it happens but the temptation is without the voice. If there are evil spirits, can they roam around earth? How can SATAN stay on earth? If he is in hell, how could he be heard on earth?

I have bee thinking that if I become and angel, they scare me because I already see them as a human being right right without their real capacity to unleash their strength. I learned from myself in researching for their never ending strength where LIE is a LINGO coming from their HEARTS which represents the SOUL, their strength comes from SINS. The stronger they are, the heavier their SINS are. So, I pray to God to weaken me up to SIN not to retaliate with anger which is a continuity of SINS.

They hate the brain evident by their repeatedly spoken language in Tagalog which are very harsh it’s harassment and slander, sinful by the law of God. They hate the brain for the progress in learning they make it stop from progressing and be utilized well, they kill it from processing with their formation. These SGI Japan who are calling on the help of the Buddhists globally to help them out kill me in uniformity as I am a Catholic conversing via brain-satellite technology are conquering the souls and body of Christ.

Then I wonder, how come they aren’t afraid of the Holy Water, in fact, they still go the church for their matrimonial to be blessed? I am just ONE Catholic who has nothing to do with them, so small to gather the world to unify to kill me and get me as one of them is I survive and harvest fruits from SIN.

I don’t see LAW today because they allow this to happen. So, the criminal case these Phils, Taiwan and SGI (religion) are to present to the world is a fake, in fact, as a SATANIC cult and Antichrist, if they serve justice per se to what has happened to me like a CHILD’S PLAY, once again, they want to be on top as GODS to the human body and the soul. They want the earth because innocence is here where souls are continually poured in for knowledge. And I learned that demons are released from hell after a long period of time of punishment in the same body, for the love of Christ, who can tell?

The souls speak louder while the body covers them. This one is different because they really are in the human bodies defying it’s original image. Then I get surprised, demons are in the same body as mine, so strongly built by SIN. I couldn’t tell unless they speak and express themselves. It’s REAL.

So, I thought that if Jesus saves me and send me to God, I will just rest from what I have witnessed on earth and come back to help Jesus in lightening up His pain from the CROSS. I thought of what to do with extreme wicked souls who have totally transformed to SATANISM without the body?

As the creation of God and for the love of Him, how could we kill His original image as well. There is no SATAN by origin nor does Satan have creations by soul. He doesn’t have a body, too. It’s like a problem even after a breathe.

I thought that it’s so funny how they play because they can’t be an “origin”, but is an “origin” to “666” to come up with a kingdom. I thought that terminating the soul is not as easy as lethal injection, where only the body is dead and the soul will be absorbed by another kingdom. So, there must be something out because SATAN is not just terminated when He started the SIN. So, if God and Jesus can’t take him out, the more the angels cannot take out the souls. Then, they should be locked up and angels should ensure that they don’t scatter on earth.

But if there will be more of them in love with SATAN and has fully surrendered their souls to him, what will happen to them if Satan leaves? Then, he would be followed. I thought that perhaps they should seek for mercy from Jesus, but look what they have done. His followers have been scavenging and collecting souls for the judgement day. They love the angels I think, because they won’t fight as much as Satan would out of SIN, so they play around with them. And tease to join in.

I wonder and it makes me laugh, they have broken the law of Jesus and God again getting as much souls as they can, is he on suicidal mode? Really, I thought of terminating that soul but I am not God and I didn’t create Him, I couldn’t ask for his death. It’s not like Satan is made as a form of a drill like a toy like a 2-head monster.He is a soul molded from the image of God. Therefore, he is TROUBLE so disgusting me.

More so, if I become an angel, I will definitely be coming back and forth from heaven to earth out of DISGUST. They look DISGUSTING. It’s like I want to tell him, “What happened to you? Why do you look so ugly and so powerfully sinful? I know now why you are scary, it’s because of the SIN. Get away from me and the others? I want to tell Jesus, Virgin Mary and most especially God about you.” Please don’t forget that Jesus is the son of God and you can’t be the son of God and I don’t want it because your almost everything He is not.

And just why are you playing around running after me with all your disciples? I see you but I don’t so keep on hiding! Don’t scare me. So, you have been keeping up with the technology, thanks God. If I am not aware the power of the technology and I see your image, you will kill my heart and shock my brain. You know I can’t join you because your SIN will kill my soul even before it could ever be my SIN. More so, this is the 21st century, the kingdom of God is not a Toy Kingdom and souls are not to be played around with fire.

Finding out about this reality will make me sound sick because it’s true. These soul recruiting on earth is just TROUBLE. Well, I guess, servants of God will find a way to scrape you up slowly from Satan to wanna be Satan. Well, wanna be Satan is here on earth. And human law has been watching. Akin, ah, the wanna-be Satan is duh, dummy.

I am just running away from it because of SIN, I want to enter a mission only God and Jesus can allow. If they grant it to me and I catch them “after” my breath, be mild with the looks. Why not look like a dark angel without power? I pray to Jesus and God that you will never show who you are. Don’t shoo us away on earth. Jesus is the Son of God. I cannot accuse who Satan and Luficer are because I learned that they are different.

That is why we need law on earth to hold that soul in the body to express itself. And look, it’s a miracle how literacy and education have joined together.

Jesus Christ for the life

Now that I see what is going on, I figured out what Alfonso Raymond To Uy told me about him, bringing me to life. His SGI family has been killing me and pushing me to be killed over and over again wanting me to freeze in bed and leave me nothing but air. That’s life.

I realized that the body is to Jesus and my soul is to God. They can’t get me a body and soul so they just want my brain dead and jobless ledt with nothing but food in bed until it’s already time for a pick up. In the process of doing such, they want me to commit sins by pushing me with different “666” commandments such as “Coveting thy neighbors spouse”. And that is probably the reason why the husband of Melanie Calandria Y Uy Da Da Lian who is Aristotle To Uy is squeezing himself to me and holding me in the neck like his wife, Melanie.

He has been teasing me to have an emotional attachment via satellite with her wife around pushing her to. I heard Alfie spoke “Aris first”. I could recognize it because he is an aphasia. Aris never left me where even his sound of his breathe tells me it’s him. But it’s disgusting I scream. He further threatened me to follow me for the rest of his lifetime.

Now, Alfie just like Jesus Christ wants to give me life to be surrendered by Taiwan and killed by SGI in the Phils and Taiwanese.

That’s the reason why Leslie Rose Uy Yiu wants to claim that I am crazy to divert from the truth. She is the one who wants me to be a Filipina. I need to protect my son from them.

SGI Buddhism is the God for the soul

As all of them are SGI Buddhist members shouting and claiming that I will end up and helped by SGI to be an SGI member, they are the Gods operating my soul to SIN. Almost all forms of SINS like malice and temptation end exhibition of possession which cannot be done with their souls held in their bodies are performed.

Guardian Angels

In reciprocity with the guardian angels of Jesus and God, there are also guardian angels in reciprocity with it, the “Guardian Devils” that kills and hinders the right path. They are the echo of profanities and that is why they standby be at anytime of the day, 24/7. Their job is to kill me in a formation to be delivered to Alfie (Antichrist) and SGI (Satanic cult).

If you are to listen to all they say, it’s all so negative to kill me. Is that good karma? Besides, they have several lawsuit cases to face. More so, their desire didn’t even happen in their dream.

Their wish to ENVY SGI Melanie per se to being pulled up is nothing because of the huge shortcomings, physically, mentally, spiritually, all. Why should I envy a big and long nose, big and thick lips, big, long and jawed face, no background, no humanity, unfortunate and ugly desperate husband possessing to be a lover, unsaleable, satanic, etc. She is a JINX and a walking pit from hell. She even formed a satanic cult within her family to kill and replace me to get out of her husband’s and be saved by a man.


They plan to conquer the earth via satellite in the air we breathe and all around the surroundings with their physical patronage. Everything is dark in the light of the day. SGI is sick hating a stranger, the figure they are longing to be. And it’s most powerful kingdom is TAIWAN. From what I see, how they run their kingdom is unlawful and a piggery where blood is to wine and flesh is to bread.

Jesus Christ! Just as I mentioned it, they want to feed blessings to many through my blood and flesh and life. If the case planned by the Phils pushes in breaking the door to English and gathering the nations, I as the source of it and the victim will be distributed to many like a mass for as long as the right to English or whatever blessing will be showered upon them through me is me, Sally, the sacrifice under the credit of SGI as they have been working hard together with Taiwan and the Phils involving Japan. SGI is Japan. Just why would Japan grab me and love me when there is no string attached? I am a Catholic who never thought of Japanese Buddhism.

And this kingdom separates them from HUMANITY. They use the bodies to recruit and cheat and a house for their intangible souls while they spread out Antichrist and Satanism. I never thought it would go this far. It’s far worse than sick.

Moving on, for the past 3 years, there is nonstop echo and tears, push, lies, slaughtery, etc., like there is no tomorrow. Time passes by so slowly yet so quickly. They whisper like demons do even straight to the heart. Who knows who the evil spirits are with and without the body. They are all around. They are SATAN and they can do more without a shake, without a shame. THEY ARE SATAN.

They want my soul it seems that they are sweating with blood to turn it upside down. Just look at the size. My brain won’t shut down and even if it happens, my soul will carry on. There is no such a thing as a total memory loss. At anytime, I can talk to the doctors and lawyers. The question is, whose are they?

This is the first time in my life I have seen their souls awakened. They will always hide without a trace. I pray for the souls in their bodies to be nurtured and guided by the right spirits. I get scared but not really because they are held by the bodies. It’s just not a body, there’s the soul in it. And be strong not to retaliate their tease to anger. The heart of Jesus will protect the soul from the SIN. This is the EARTH.

No HUMAN BEING with a pure or good heart can carry on a gigantic SIN. As they grow stronger and longer, they go deeper. On earth, as they strengthened up with their SINS, I weaken up from it to get away. In reciprocity, if I will become an angel without the body and serve God as my prayer, I will be at my strongest they will be at their weakest in hell. The more sins they gather, the purest I pray for mine. The farther they take me from the spirit of God, the more I love them.

The brain and the soul are perfect combination of God, while the heart softens up from ANGER to SIN. Anger provokes and love pacifies. It makes sense to me. In the long run and the bottom line is, every soul goes back to its creator, GOD whose kingdom is in HEAVEN.

It’s beautiful. As they wish to pressure God to come down and save me, I don’t want Jesus to show Himself in a huge SIN like this to carry the cross anew. I pray that the angels will work hard to scrape the SINS for the coming of Jesus and not to suffer from the SINS anew.

I am just a normal human being. They are not. We are just supposed to just study here.
I learned a lot about the earth. Knowledge is here.

Free Entity

These Gods who are the Antis are not free because they are synchronized by the goals evident by their words, gestures, hearts, etc. They are being looked at directly via satellite at anytime they wish and talk to anyone if they like it.


Possession is being performed when the soul is tied up by another. It isn’t obvious because the manifestions aren’t visible. Melanie is possessiong me. In fact, I felt something inside me although it’s just done via satellite. There are emotions I felt that can’t be mine such as sadness to nothing. Why shouls I feel sad with such a heavy heart whose eyes are so sad I saw it through the brain.

These Taiwanese souls are welcomed by each other to be as one. It’s a SIN and against the law if unwelcomed. And I don’t welcome it especially when I hear my son from Manila telling me things. I also heard him say, “Matt’s going to die” in Tagalog, and it’s recorded on his yahoo account. As a four-year-old child, where will he learn these things? That’s is POSSESSION.


SGI mocks me who is a Catholic and a believer of Jesus and God that I am suffering from Karma when I have a beautiful life. In fact, they just want to hinder mine and shower it to many through “INHUMANITY”.


A high profile case like this involving human bodies to carry the weight of Jesus Christ and God with Virgin Mary and the other angels in one body like mine has a gravitated soul to defy to real Gods. And they will leave the earth without a remorse. Whether they cry or laugh, they are outside the norms. The Phils which conceptualized this project with Taiwan who can test the time are definitely not my soul.

Given the gravity pulled down by the earth, they are around the globe daring to carry the weight of the heavens down to the bottom part of the earth can carry souls as they devote their lifetime to hopping and collecting souls in them to deliver to SATAN.

With all honesty, they are a miracle to be witnessed by the normal human beings with limited capacity to the heart connected to the soul. And given that strength, they can face or trick any body as they can trick a mass to the point of absorbing that heavenly bodies. Can you carry the weight of Jesus to earth? Or God to the number of souls including demons and angels?

Crossover. They need to leave their bodies and crossover. I pray that they will be the everlasting. A slander mentioned once is a sin. Repeating the words 10X is far sinner. Using slander as a language for over 3 years to the rest of their lifetime if they last for 30 years would set them on fire. And it’s just the tongue.  Murder is like a saying “Excuse me” to them. No one can handle that huge a soul except Jesus, Mother Mary and God. And they are still on earth.

How come I am so small? If they came from hell released from 1000 years coming back here, how powerful hell is and I just can’t imagine the power of SATAN and the former arch angel, the fallen angel, Lucifer.

Can you kill the earth and it’s creator? I don’t want to see that thing. I thank God for locking them up in their bodies.

If Jesus can carry the SINS of these SINNERS, how big are these sinners to shower SINS to the souls of the earth.I couldn’t feel them any longer. It will kill my heart. Therefore, they don’t have a heart. So, I’ll just pray to Jesus to send be back to heaven. I want my soul back to God and serve Jesus when nobody sees me. I won’t ask my son to come down on earth anew when sinners have reduced in size. So, I pray that angels will find a way to scrape them.

My son will be fine this lifetime. In a few more years, they will be out. By the time he reaches 30 or so, they will be out or reduced in numbers. The Phils is shouting like a cult and crying like sickos. One shut to their heads and they’ll leave to crossover. They are supposed to be dead by now as dictated by law. The Phils and Taiwan are breeding SATANISM. This Alfonso Uy is very special for us. It’s not possible to fit in the earth and the Gods in a roof.

This is the longest playing emotional and spiritual hold up where tears keep on pouring out from the normal beings, not to exaggerate. I’m impressed with the word “irresponsibility” of Taiwan, the witch doctors. It’s ridiculous why people never get tired following them. They are becoming a part of them. When they talk, they look as if they are talking about serious matters but they are just talking about it all the time. Even the people without the voices via satellite are little Gods to in passing on their words to many to be followed.

SGI is not a RELIGION because it doesn’t have the heart to feel conscience and sanity. They are outside humanity, so whatever they say will not be considered real. In fact, when they talk about these people, I don’t consider their human names because they are already excluded on earth. Then, leave the body then hurt the ones who took them out of the darkness. Go and don’t crawl back for mercy from any of the Gods. In hell, I don’t know if they can do it to their God “666” or “SIN” thickened for years times the global demographics today. Jesus! We don’t exist in the word SIN of SINS.

It’s a good experiment and learning to feel ourselves real time that SATAN is really to be feared. So if the bible says, “Don’t call Lucifer’s name, then don’t call him because not all souls and hearts and carry his weight.

In this special event, I just suggest to pray to be protected from temptation just like the ones on the prayer books and pray for the scraping of Lucifer. He needs to be scraped out from sin, I think named as the “fallen angel” and “Satan”.

Once I am out of Taiwan be it physically or soulfully, I will never look back in it which goes the same for the Phils, the more. But I’m thinking that if I will become an angel, these two are monstrous, but it’s alright. There are several nations out there in need of help too.


4.3. HEART

4.4. FEET

4.5. BODY


I had a dream about a “big, black cat” as tall as the tower at night darker than the night with fury eyes chasing me in my normal size on the streets with no one around. I was wondering how could there be a huge cat in the city of civilization because the towers are evidences of the modernization.

In the interpretation of dreams online, I found out that it means “Treachery”. Yes, I agree. It is a treachery because it can’t be seen by the eyes like the air. In continuation with my studies based on observation, research and analogy, I realized that it means “SIN”.

Sin is running after me and one of those is represented by Rosa’s soul. And she’s just one of them with a normal size body, her strength gained from sins have risen. up. And she has the others. Well, I can’t see her nor hear her but I can hear her via satellite from other people’s mouths physically echoing her words. The media can attest to this like globally.

I can see her and her family members through other people’s bodies. And since they are sinful and push sins from other people to do the same sin they do to me, they collect sins, not to mention law because it’s evident.

I realized that they are running after me to attempt to push me to follow them and collect sins from me, too. Remember that fight provokes anger to push a tongue to sharpen up and the body to hurt. More so, the heart to curse which damages the soul coming from the Catholic side. We can’t call the lawyer or police all the time when we fight with our friends or partners.

This family has gathered so much strength and stamina to face anyone without shaking or fear because they aren’t normal. They fear nothing that is why they are still alive after the miraculous phenomenon I see. Almost everybody uttered their words and contributed to it, even a toddler.

Then I thought of the government officers in the Phils and that crazy CLA and other Taiwanese. I am normal and I can tell that I couldn’t show my face or walk outside or live and sleep peacefully after what happened if it happened to me. But it could never be the same size of sin.

There was someone who asked me via satellite why they are running after sins. Why do you think after being a Mother Mary and played a whole cast of Gods, even angels upside down “666”? It’s because they are running a SATANIC CULT and ANTICHRIST to be justified by themselves, the Phil government. Aren’t they Filipino citizens? And Taiwan? Am I not a Taiwanese passport holder surrendered to the Phils?

If they act on tearing or feeling sorry for what they’ve done or weakened up per se, it’s not true. It’s a TRICK.

A big a sin as that per human size doesn’t have the heart. They just use their bodies. If they cry, I see it as a part of the body. The soul is different because if they are sincere with their tears, then they could’ve make the voices stop after destructing the globe.

If they feel like Jesus and the heavenly Gods, how would they find wrong in what they do and feel sorry nor guilt?

I think that they feel so Godly that when they asked me to bring them down is to take away all their sins. Are they crazy? Their sins intended to be weight of God and his creations cannot be brought down by anyone. They never went up as well. They are still so small in their houses in the Phils. Their brains and stature are still the same as individuals. They didn’t grow up.They use others to get money from.

Now, if these two governments such as the Phils want me to crawl into their government out of squeezing to drop my financial down to zero, oh well, I won’t be surprised if they can face me to handle my case when they are the culprits performing SATANISM.

I realized that the Phils has been creating holes all the time to trap me out of the word “NEED” for the body to survive such as monetary. Consistently, they are pushing me to spread my legs to a Taiwanese over and over again and SICK Taiwanese are all blatantly shouting for it even on TV. NO!

Firstly, they aren’t beautiful. Secondly, their sick. Thirdly, their souls are dark. Fourthly, it’s DISGUSTING. They are like dead people getting an erection. Human beings have shame to feel. They are so small yet so big inside, truth is rare in Taiwan.

I am 100% sure that the amazement to strength is to SIN pertaining to the SOUL. If you aren’t hurt psyhically, would you notice? If a person with a good soul reflected in ones character, he couldn’t bear hurt a stranger nor provoke anger. Taiwanese are TERRORISTS so calmly. SINS thicken them up and it can’t be seen. I see but not all of them. The trick is with the human body protecting other human bodies, too.

They are smart to hide via satellite but isn’t smart enough because I see them. POSSESSION alone is a great SIN penetrating brains as if they are a part of them. Taiwan is Rosalinda’s children, isn’t that a miracle. Only a reflection of themselves can love itself. If I am not a killer, why should I love and be a killer myself?

These souls are great on earth. I like to write my observation on how I see their souls and body to trick and use psychology to understand them. I am IMPRESSED.

Note: I am just an observer, a researcher and I am very careful with all the information I am sharing because of the psychological, emotional, spiritual, social impact. Kindly bear with the unedited work for immediate publication. Taiwan has a dark soul exactly as they are via satellite spitting on angels by acting like one once-in-a-while especially their composure.

I see not just the bodies but souls in the body of humanity. No matter their highest and darkest souls, the body is holding them so naturally to act like us.

It’s so funny because they would even shout for “You are going to pay us!” Hahaha! These thick sinful souls can’t get the hang of it. Again, I don’t want to share my child to them neither anyone around him or those who don’t want it, but most specially my child.

Jesus, they look at each other like a part of themselves like a part of their souls and bodies. Who made this? They are away from the REAL CREATORS.

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