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pick up lines dumb girls

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7 Tips for Getting More Sex with Hot Girls on Facebook

Facebook has grown into the best place in the world to search for hot girls. Not just search for them, but to actually get them interested in you and end up having sex, or a relationship. Facebook changed dating. I don’t know whether it killed it or gave dating a rebirth – probably both. In a way it’s bad – people are “socializing” on their computer, and are maybe more awkward in real life. Millions got ADDICTED to Facebook, and basically “live” there. Their entire social life is based on “pokes” “comments”, Wall to Walls, Facebook’s Chat, and LIKE-ing. And, in a way, it’s sad. Because it’s not REAL. And using Facebook and ONLY Facebook to get a date will, eventually, lead you to getting less dates – since you’ll be a loser in real life.

Instead of getting addicted to using and searching for a date on Facebook – try to find a way to complement the two – FB and Real Life. Use Facebook as a supplement, not a main meal. A lot of guys are spending their entire day SPYING on girls on Facebook, and daydreaming about having sex with her. Then they switch to watching porn. Or they “poke” her or send her a Friends Request and pray for a reply, which most guys don’t get. There are A LOT of really hot girls on Facebook, and – to be honest – they’re doing the SAME thing as guys are. Spying on each other, and ofter searching for Mr. RIGHT GUY. Maybe YOU are that guy. Or not. Anyway – here are a few tips that will get you A LOT more sex than you are currently getting (or not getting) from all those Facebook hotties.

1 – Turn OFF Facebook and go DO something.

For a change, do something with your life, instead of being a Spectator, watching other people do stuff – go OUT and do something useful. Learn a language, go study something, join a Gym, TRAVEL, meet with a member of the opposite sex. Do something interesting. The more time you spend OFF Facebook, doing something USEFUL with your life, the more you’ll have to TALK about once you start Chatting with a hot girl on Facebook. You’ll also become a more valuable person, so it will be easier to get her attracted.

2 – Imagine you are HER

Imagine you are a HOT girl on Facebook. Guys are jerking off to your pictures, sending you Friends Requests, “poking” you and begging you for a second of attention. You feel really BAD, like a prom-queen on steroids. You get so many messages from desperate chumps that you need a secretary to reply to all of these messages. So – WHO will you notice? Which kind of guy will get you thinking “Hm… I’d like to find out more about his guy, who is he?”. THINK Like she thinks – or at least try. Once you can look at yourself – from HER perspective, it will be a lot easier to approach her, and make a good first impression.

3 – Keep in touch with people you’ve met

When you meet someone, hang out for a night etc. If you meet a new person through mutual Friends, you’ll probably add him/her through Facebook. Try to keep in touch with people. TAKE INITIATIVE. Don’t be a stalker, but take some initiative. Organize things. Call some friends – AND the new person to go out together and “bring some friends if you want”. This way you’ll be connecting other people as well, and they’ll make a good impression of you. IF you know person A (new) that thinks highly of you then it is MUCH easier to send a Friends Request to his/her hot girlfriend that you want to have sex with. Especially if you KNOW that person A is in good relationships with person B. So, follow up – don’t just meet someone that’s cool and never make contact again. This is all important Because:

4 – You have to become more popular

Because, more popular means = Attractive. And attractiveness can be conveyed in many different ways and can mean many different things. When a girl looks at your profile – she usually knows within 2 minutes (if she even spends that much time on your Facebook Profile) whether she wants to have sex with you or not. She may not want to have sex immediately, but she might consider you “countable” or not. If you have a lot of friends – that think you are COOL, fun, hot – whatever. If people are ACTIVE on your Profile. Commenting on pictures, “Liking” your stuff etc. Hot girls will NOTICE that and will treat you ACCORDINGLY. If a hot girl thinks you are boring – it’s usually because it SEEMS like others are treating you like a boring person (no respect).

5 – Be UNIQUE.

In a positive way. Whatever you can do to be different from the pack of guys running after her – do it! Don’t tell her everything about yourself, don’t ask her dumb questions, don’t BRAG and try to show off in any way. Be REAL. Relaxed, confident, non-threatening. If you can distinguish yourself from all the other monkeys, you’ll end up having sex with her.

6 – Preparing is half the job.

Yes – be READY. You can “jump right in there” and try to pick her up with some stupid pick up lines, or you’ll try to grab her attention in another way, but look – being prepared is much better than just “going for it”. What does being prepared mean? It means  that you should OBSERVE her behavior. What is she like, what does she do, how does she think etc. etc. Find out as much as possible about her by observing her actions on Facebook, and her REACTIONS to your interaction (once you start communicating). If you know where to look, you’ll know enough about her that it will be MUCH EASIER to seduce her, and get her in love with you before you even meet up in real life.

7 – Don’t overpromise. Underpromise – then, overdeliver.

I hope this made some sense. What most guys do is make a girl think that they are WAY cooler than they actually are. They talk a bunch of nonsense, “pose” on pictures etc. etc. act as if they were someone that they aren’t (basically, they’re being FAKE), and then – when they meet up with the girl in real life and think that the “deal is sealed” the girl suddenly figures out that they’re just a desperate loser posing as a cool guy – and they DUMP you before they even had sex with you. Simple – BE WHO YOU ARE. Be Real. If you have nothing valuable to talk about – go, create something. Do something. Then go back to meeting girls. The best recipe for getting more sex through Facebook is by being a surprise. If you’ve never met her before in real life – you’ll make a ten times better impression if you OVERdeliver by being COOLER than she expected before she decided to go “hang out for a drink” with you. Never, ever, ever ask a girl whether she wants to go on a “date” by the way, that’s certainly not going to get her in your bed.

Originally posted 2005-10-09 19:09:31.

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