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Honda’s comprehensive Safety Campaign: From Occupants to Pedestrians

Honda strives to be a company that “society wants to exist,” one that creates products and introduces technology that will benefit the public at large. This effort is most obvious in Honda’s safety innovations.

Honda is dedicated to making the roads safer for all drivers, motorcycle riders, and pedestrians. Owning two of the most sophisticated crash test centers in the world, it is no wonder that Honda is a continued leader in airbag technology, compatibility in collisions, and pedestrian safety.

Honda remains at the forefront of advanced airbag technology, creating the first front passenger airbag that deploys vertically instead of directly toward the passenger. In addition, all Honda and Acura models are equipped with innovative side curtain airbags.

Apart from airbags, Honda recognized the need to further protect against collisions between cars of different size, height, and weight. As a result, Honda produced the Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body type in the 2005 Acura RL. The ACE™ structure provides greater safety for passengers if a frontal incompatible collision occurs. Today, 19 of 21 Honda and Acura models use the ACE™ technology.

Drivers and passengers are not the only persons who need automotive protection, however. Pedestrians also have the potential to be affected by vehicle collisions. But before formulating any technologies to protect pedestrian safety, Honda wanted to understand the fundamentals of pedestrian collisions first. Consequently, one of the most advanced pedestrian crash test dummies in the world was created: POLAR II. This innovative crash-test dummy made it possible for Honda to add features like collapsible hood hinges and breakaway windshield wiper pivots to decrease pedestrian injuries during a collision.

And crash testing does not stop at POLAR II. Honda boasts of two of the best crash test facilities in the world: the Tochigi facility in Japan and the R&D in Raymond, Ohio. Tochigi was the first indoor, multi-directional car-to-car crash test center in the world, leading the industry in the creation of occupant and pedestrian safety features. In addition, the Raymond facility exhibits the world’s first crash test sled which successfully simulates frontal collisions for more accurate testing. Certainly these crash testing centers greatly aid Honda’s mission to bring the best safety features to the market.

If all of these innovations are not enough to show Honda’s dedication to safety, then its numerous safety awards surely are. Using newly updated safety rating criteria, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) gave the 2011 Honda Accord the first 5-star Overall Vehicle Score as well as a 5-star rating for the frontal, side crash, and rollover categories. Furthermore, the 2011 Honda Odyssey is the first minivan the NHSTA has ever given a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety also gave the 2011 Odyssey a “Top Safety Pick” rating. Cleary all the hard work Honda has put into safety technology has been recognized, and rightly so.

Back in 2003, Honda launched a “Safety for Everyone” campaign which led to the safety innovations Honda is known for today. In 2006, Honda pledged to include a standard package of advanced safety features on every vehicle, no matter the cost or size. In a world of number crunchers and payoffs, Honda has decided that safety is the real bottom line.


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