Pick Up Lines Ghetto Girls

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pick up lines ghetto girls
pick up lines ghetto girls

Seduce Women With Humour And Tease Her!

One thing I’ve been noticing most recently is the confusion guys are having regarding negs and being cocky and funny. This article will set the record straight once and for all.

When a guy first tries out a neg hit and see’s how successful it works for him, he will do this again and again to the girl, up to the point where she gets super pissed at him, storms off and he never see’s her again. He is left wondering to himself how something that worked once, hasn’t worked for him again.

First of all, for the benefit of those reading this who are not familiar with a neg, it is a statement used on girls who are rated a ‘Hot Babe 8’or above which lowers their bitch shields to the point where your value is actually higher than there own.

Because this has worked for the guy when he first met the girl, he ends up using this again when his value is already HIGHER than that of the women, therefore giving the girl the impression that you are an ass.

“But i’ve seen guys do this to girls and they don’t get pissed! What gives?”

What gives, is the fact he isn’t negging the girl but rather being cocky and funny. There’s a fine line. Negging is only used to demonstrate to the girl that you have a higher value than her. If your dating her, there’s no need to neg her, since your value will be higher.

“But YC, what’s the difference!?”

Let’s look at some examples.

The Neg

Man: Hey, that’s a beautiful dress your wearing!

Girl: Thanks *slightly uninterested*

Man: Yeah, my grandma wore the same one to church last Sunday.

*continue conversation without stopping for reaction*

Cocky + Funny

Man: Wow babe, you look great in that dress!

Girl: You think so? *happy*

Man: Yeah, my grandma wore it to church last Sunday!

*kino and smile*

That’s the exact same line. So what’s the difference?

The neg: Here, the girl thinks she looks hot, she’s been having guys all night telling her about her dress, then you mention it including your neg into the process. See how you don’t stop for reaction and carry on the conversation? She won’t go all ghetto on your ass, as that would make her look like a violent crazy bitch – after all, it’s only a statement, one that isn’t that mean from outside the box. But her subcouncous will be playing 20 questions. “Do I really dress like an old lady?”, “Were the guys being serious?”, “Do they just want to get into my pants?”, (and the kicker…) “Are other women looking at me thinking I dress like an old lady!?”

Cocky + Funny: Here, you already have the higher value, your dating this chick, but keeping it fresh by being cocky and funny and TEASING her. Because you have the higher value, when you make a comment about her dress she’ll be happy, that an alpha male like yourself thinks she looks good. You then TEASE her about dressing like an old lady. This shows that you’re playful and still not ready to give into actually admitting she’s hot – i.e. still remaining the challenge she desires.

Have fun keeping your girls and tease nicely!

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Originally posted 2005-02-24 04:45:11.

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