Pick Up Lines Global Warming

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pick up lines global warming
pick up lines global warming

Polyurethane spray foam Insulation


Ultimate Linings is an industry leader in providing long lasting coating solutions with superior quality, application technology, and technical support. Ultimate Linings sprayed-on elastomeric polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid solutions are 100 percent solids, VOC free and designed for reducing maintenance costs and maximize return on investment.Ultimate coatings are easy to apply and are durable environmental barriers under the toughest of conditions and provide resistance to inorganic bases, acids, alkaline materials and hydrocarbon solvents.

A Single-Source Solution

In the spray foam industry, there are three primary product types – open-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation, closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation, and closed-cell spray polyurethane roofing foam.  Ultimate linings  manufacture all three types.

Is Spray Foam Green

We have orange foam to signify our AirTight spray insulation product line.  We have regular color spray foam to signify our Foam-LOK insulation and roofing product line.  That is probably not the answer that you are looking for, right

Here is the real answer: ALL spray foam insulation and roofing products are comprised of two components, an A Component or Isocyanate and a B Component.  The BComponent is our cookie dough. The specialized chemistry that formulates the B Component differentiates one foam system from another.  

Some B Components have a small percentage of sucrose based polyols and some have soy.  Even more important than the percentage of biobase materials in the B Component, is that spray foam insulation and roofing materials, when properly installed, contribute to sustainable buildings and energy conservation.

In 2004, 40 percent of all U.S. total emissions of greenhouse gases were from electricity generation, and 35 percent of this was from residential use. By utilizing technology and products that reduce energy consumption we take an active role in helping reduce greenhouse gases, thus slowing the effects of global warming.

Spray Foam Insulation

The value of spray insulation is recognized during the application process.  The materials are spray-applied and adhere to almost any substrate that they come in contact with; filling every crack and crevice along the way. Creating a tight building envelope is the fastest way to reduce energy consumption. Ultimate Linings spray foam insulation products provide a thermal and moisture management system.
Insulation should add value to:
Energy savings
Air quality

There are two primary types of materials available in the spray foam insulation industry.  Open-cell and closed-cell spray polyurethane foam systems ─ Ultimate Linings offers them both.  Plus, we have created a special cold weather formula to extend the application season for all.
Spray Foam is a Perfect for:

Residential Construction
Commercial Construction
Agricultural Applications
Specialty Applications

Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing offers the highest R-value of any traditional roofing insulation, leading to decreased energy consumption.  Spray foam roofing is a rigid, closed-cell plastic created by a combination of two liquid components, which react in seconds and can be walked on in a matter of minutes. This roof system insulates and creates a lightweight, seamless, waterproof blanket over the substrate.  To learn more about Sustainable Roofing Systems, click here to download the Sustainable Roofing Systems.
Sustainable Roofing Benefits

*   Superior cold temperature insulation performance
*   Superior long-term insulation performance
*   High compressive strengths
*   Ease of application
*   Zero ozone-depletion

Protective Coatings

Ultimate Linings offers Cool Roof Ratings Council rated arylic elastomeric coatings to improve solar reflectance and thermal emittance. The result is a cooler building and reduced cooling costs.

Protective roof coating increases roof life expectancy by:

* Adding a waterproofing membrane
* Preventing substrate degrading UV light
* Resists staining and dirt pick-up
* Reducing risk of wind damage
* Reducing thermal shock

Thermo-Flex Acrylic Coatings
Acrylic roof coatings are water-based elastomeric coatings applied to a variety of surfaces for ultraviolet (UV) protection.Ultimate Linings acrylic coating line is available in a variety of formulations for application in hot climates, low or high-humidity climates or standard weather environments.

Thermo-Sil Silicone Coatings
Thermo-Sil is a single-component, moisture-curing silicone rubber roof coating system, specifically designed for use in roofing applications as the weather seal coating in spray applied polyurethane foam roofing systems with extremely high UV radiation protection characteristics.

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