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pick up lines guaranteed to work
pick up lines guaranteed to work

The Easy Way to Picking Up Women

It is every man’s dream to be able to seduce beautiful women. However, how many men actually devote time and research into finding out how to do it?

There is a science to picking up women. This srticle is intended to give you your first steps in understanding that science.

In order to attract beautiful women it is necessary to “step out of yourself” and your male mindset for awhile and enter the intricate and sometimes complicated female psyche. Although at first they may seem like a daunting task it is possible to learn how to attract women, even extremely beautiful ones, when you begin to understand some simple truths.

Many men think they can just get a pick up guide and automatically have success with women. However, you must understand why these guides work and the reason behind the techniques they teach you or you will probably fail in your own attempts at picking up women. When you don’t understand why you are doing something it becomes much more likely that you will make small, subtle mistakes that have huge, negative effects.

The following points will give you some idea of how best to approach a woman. When you understand these points you will be able to use any seduction system with 100% success and even be able to devise some techniques of your own.

1. Men and women think differently! Understanding this will allow you to easily see why so many men fail to attract gorgeous women. You will also be able to see the mistakes men are making while trying to pick-up a girl as they are doing it. The usual approach, of the average guy, when it comes to picking up a woman is to use techniques, methods, approaches and pick-up lines that he thinks will work. Unfortunately, the average guy is using these approaches based on male psychology and not that of females!

2. Men act on their decision-making capabilities. Men are ruled by their analytical right-brain functions. Women are not! When you make any attempts at picking up women you are probably using an analytical approach. This will never work on the female mind.

3. Women act on their emotions. In the vast majority of cases a man will act only after having analysed a situation. He will think it through and then make a decision. For example, when a man goes shopping for new clothes he almost always knows exactly what he wants and probably the best shop to get it in. When a woman goes shopping she will visit many different shops, try on different outfits and different styles until she “feels” she has found the perfect one!

4. When a man approaches a woman he has already analysed the situation, “weighed up” his chances of success and thought about a strategy to use. Even though all this occurs in a very short time, anywhere form seconds to minutes – hoever, be assured, that all these things happen in your mind.

5. A woman can analyse a man but she will always follow her feelings first!

6. The key to picking up women then is not in your approach, your use of language or even body language, how wealthy you are, whether or not you are famous or even how good-looking you are. The key to picking up women lies in your ability to evoke the appropriate positive feelings in your potential partner!

This is easier to do than you may think. As a human being your brain has been wired to respond in certain ways at certain times. All humans are hot-wired in this way. If you hear a large bang you may feel your ears prick up (like a dog’s) and jump as the fight or flight reaction kicks in. This is a result of our ancestor’s need to be aware of their surroundings in order to stay safe.

In the same way men and women respond to romantic stimulus in a hot-wired fashion. However, they respond in different ways.

Men are attracted to beautiful women and look for the most appropriate mate who can bare the best offspring. That is why they are so influenced by physical appearance.

Women are attracted to men who are strong and can protect them. They judge a man’s strength not on his physical appearance but on other subtle factors. A lot of research shows that only 20% of a woman’s attraction to a man is based on physical appearance.

When you understand that a woman is hot-wired differently than you and you learn how to push her emotional buttons you can almost guarantee a positive response.

To summarize:

1. Women and men think differently.
2. Men act on their decisions.
3. Women act on their emotions.
4. Normally women will look for a man that can offer protection and saftey.
5. Picking up women is easy when you can evoke the correct feelings in her.

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Originally posted 2004-05-22 05:31:40.

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