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pick up lines guys use

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Pick Up Lines

Mature Dating – Do Pick Up Lines Work With Mature Singles?

You can try to use pick up lines on women, but guys, it’s not going to a very successful dating approach method. Women have evolved through time the same as men have evolved in their romantic perspectives and it’s not fair to women to play the pick up line game when they are far too smart for that. If you’re not looking to be in a mature dating relationship, pick up lines might work, but if you want a serious relationship, don’t bother with the lines. So, why don’t pick up lines work?

Today’s dating environment is different than several decades ago and women are intelligent creatures. They are not interested in hearing clichéd pick up lines, especially when they’ve heard most of them before. Most women have had bad experiences with such pick up lines.

Guys, if you approach women with unoriginal lines, they are going to see right through their guise and know that they have a hidden agenda and are only after one thing. Women are interested in dating guys that are mature and honest and not given to being disingenuous. They want to be involved in mature dating relationships and if a man is coming up to them with such lines, women will know that he is not the mature dating type that they are looking for.

Sometimes if you decide to play the pick up line game, you are so focused on remembering your lines that even if you are genuine in your intent to ask this woman out on a date and try to get to know her, you will appear as if you are being disingenuous because you’ll be nervous and fidgety and she won’t necessarily trust your intentions. If you want to be in a mature dating relationship, you need to start the journey on the right footing and begin with a mature attitude. Starting off with pick up lines is not exactly a mature way to act and the intelligent woman of today’s dating seeking world will realize this right away.

Pick up lines have a bad rap and rightly so because many sleazy type of guys have utilized them to their advantage with women and in turn, women, generally speaking, do not like pick up lines. They have had dreadful experiences in the past with such shady characters and have either fallen for their lines and then realized the dishonest intentions too late or they have been repeatedly approached by such characters and cannot seem to find a mature person.

Do not get all caught up in what your friends are telling you that women like pick up lines. Take some advice from a woman’s perspective and start off in a mature dating attitude and approach women with genuine honesty and be your own fun loving authentic self. You don’t need phony lines to get a woman’s attention. You will catch a woman’s eye when you approach her with authentic self-confidence and honesty, allowing your true self to shine through.

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Originally posted 2005-03-08 10:46:45.