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Tortoise Has Won Again


With shocking revelations in American economy the awe was felt in the worst form in the premier business institutions in India, with students in IIM Bangalore and other premier institutions forming student committees to pursue the recruiters and guide them to the campuses as most of the investment foreign banks, which were highest paying recruiters were down and out in the global melt down the wrath has been felt by are B school rabbit institutions with focus back to the domestic companies, with realistic rather deserving packages where work will be something they will have to do other then flashing there IIM badge on the salary day.

Without doubt this is no bliss for us nor it is for the nation but this certainly has shown the mirror, to the hype of these premier institutions wherein once you are admitted you consider to be hired and consider yourself a decade ahead in terms of profile and packages with other students of your age group or with similar experience, one can live with that, if this absurdity has some substance at its core.

 Unfortunately the Indian system comes into play and makes it real hollow just because some kid is good in math’s went to a convent school, cracked CAT with a decent percentile, can assure good management, no its just like picking the cricket team amid the fastest runners irrespective of the inclination and specific talent and skills needed for a particular game.

That is why one feels very confused when one comes to know that on an average an IIM pass out used to switch at least 2 jobs in the first year after passing out, that is when they get pocketful of offers and often have the luxury to select the best suited profiles. Sounds ridiculous, It is rather frustrating, but the good thing may be the Indian rabbits are sleeping in utter snobbish IQ confidence but the corporate has given the signals already, most of the young corporate lads who are rising to steep posts are not from premier institutes but are people who might not have the “IQ” expertise to solve a permutation and combination CAT Joke, but knew the very art to survive the corporate fever embedded in the simple Art of “Knowing the work and executing it and getting it executed with time”.

With the meltdown swirl on and the rabbits are waking up from their sleep with finish line is far not insight the with zero day and 80 hour campus placement becoming things of the past. My friends the tortoise has won the race again students from mediocre B schools young lads no way inferior to the IQ champs. They are the people who climb the corporate ladder with rigorous slogging at times questioning the very fact that has their degree bought them this Meager job, they might question it still, but they surely will get a job, forming placement committees cold calls to super snobbish HR mangers in India they have learnt the art of MBA tag selling  even before entering the system, with few offers and abundant candidates they fight their way within or at times out side the campuses, with friends turning foes professors turning there backs on them as in these B-Schools professors are as useless and clueless as our education system, at the end of the day student at a tortoise Bschool learns the 21st century way its my way which is the hard way where you don’t get placed you crack your by banging your mind and guts against the corporate glass window, where recruiters do not look for your talent but try and point out the lackonas to slim down the competition. Inspite of that these brave hearts do get hired, and they are doing that right now placements in average Bschools around the country are having recruitments done if not in the campuses students are searching them outside as they always do each year and with their aspirations mind you “Regulated but not Restricted” they will always be ahead of the rabbits.

As for the Rabbits it is a wakeup call, with dream job becoming a taboo and getting a job a necessity more then ever, they need to know if they are called premier institutions they need act like premiers not just by getting hefty packages but by justifying that by making the entire Bschool fraternity stronger in the nation inducing change and innovations right from the curriculam to the placement campaigns.

Be the pioneers and earn your worth because the time of imposing Bschool supremacy has lost its ground for good in India toady virtually the entire Business school fraternity is on parallel lines whether it is a premier Bschool or an average Bschool all are feeling the melt down heat some how and the hard earners are becoming the front runners.

The much needed change is becoming evident and imperative for our Management education system it should get out of this IQ excuse, they need to put on their thinking hats and device test programmes suited for the selection of desired talent most of western nations are now relying on the concept of EQ Emotional Quotient to judge the relevance of a candidate appearing for the management program. There is an intense urge to make management studies an intellectual process more then just a shining statement in the Resume.

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Originally posted 2011-04-07 06:54:23.