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pick up lines mustaches
pick up lines mustaches

Clairol Loving Care Non Permanent Hair Color

Product Features

Clairol loving care non permanent hair color, 77 medium ash brown Cover gray without changing haircolor.
Contains Panthenol, proteins and vitamin E that leaves hair feeling soft and silky.
it’s Leaves hair shinier and healthier.
Gently covers gray. No peroxide, no ammonia. Lasts 6 12 shampoos.
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I am a guy. And I will tell you straight out that the “for men” hair colors are basically a reduced selection of the ladie’s products, and overpriced. Just buy the stuff for women – it’s all the same anyway. This colorant is very easy. The two part stuff lasts longer but one mistake – i.e. leaving it on too long and oh boy will you be sorry. In comparison, there is no harm at all by leaving this stuff on too long. I tint my hair when traveling to business meetings where I think it will matter so I use it occasionally. There are a lot of warnings about putting this stuff near the eyes or on the mustache. Here’s what I can tell you: ALL of these tints are poisonous and should not be placed in your eyes. Duh. However, that said, I do put this tint on my eyebrows and my mustache. It is true that they don’t pick up the color as well as my hair, but for my purposes it’s good enough. I have the special a+b dye for those areas and it does work better, but remember the warning about timing. If you get it wrong your eyebrows and your mustache will be darker than you hair. Just try to explain that!

I purchased online because in my area the stores tend not to carry this temporary dye. Rather than waste time searching for it, I was happy to find a dealer at Amazon. However the shipping cost is ridiculous. I would have bought three bottles but not with that amount of shipping cost. There are hundreds of shades in this product line and men can mostly ignore the details, but will definitely find what they want.

First of all, thank you Amazon for offering the dark blonde shade. It is impossible to find in stores in my area, and even the Clairol website doesn’t list this color!

This product gave me great color, exactly the shade I wanted. The first day it was a tiny bit too dark, albeit a rich and very pretty light brunette. This was probably because the instructions say not to wash your hair for 24 hours after coloring. After washing I got the dark blonde promised.

The first time I used it, it lasted easily 2 weeks despite daily hair washing. I was very pleased.
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The second time I used it, I swam laps in the pool on days 3 and 4 and the color faded quickly. But I wasn’t particularly surprised as I think it’s logical that a half hour in a chlorinated pool will be equivalent to several shampoos.

I found it very easy to use. The instructions say NOT to apply it to just-washed hair, and also not to apply it to hair with “product build-up”. Since I use mousse and hairspray every day, my solution is to wash my hair before bed and then color first thing in the morning.

As recommended, I did a color test on a sample of my gray hairs, and found out that 15 minutes is sufficient for my hair.

The box I have calls the product “volumizing”, but that is not true at all for me. Although my hair is wonderfully soft after coloring, it is also very limp. I assume the added pigment weighs down my hair. Since my natural hair is already on the limp side, I could do without this. My solution is to apply extra mousse and hairspray to my hair.

This product is a great idea for people who have never colored their hair before or are otherwise wary of using longer-lasting products.

Selling it in a 3-pack makes sense, because the color is temporary so you are going to be needing it often. You can’t beat the price.

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