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10 Tips to Attracting Single Women

Single men have been troubled throughout the centuries on how they should approach single women. Somehow, things change over time. What women look for in a man seems to evolve. But there certainly are some facts that somehow withstand the test of time. Most single women have a few things that they look for in a man, and single men need to keep these in mind. So, here are the tips on how to attract single women.

Be the best that you can be. Most women crave to be with the Alpha Male. He is the most powerful, most potent, and the most manly man out there. The Alpha Male is strong and determined, which means that he promises to be protective and reliable. Women want to feel protected, because nothing is sexier than a man who pushes himself to the limit to get the best out of life.

Be physically attractive. Of course, not all women fall for the buff, golden skinned Adonis, and not all men are blessed with drop-dead handsome features. To be physically attractive sometimes means that you have to be in good physical shape. Exercise, the right diet, and a decent observance of personal hygiene would work for any man. Oh, and you have to smell good, too.

Be interesting. To be interesting means that you can be interested in something with a passion, such as a sport, a hobby, or anything. It doesn’t mean that you go pretending to be someone you aren’t. Relax, be yourself. You don’t have to brag because if you really are someone who is genuinely interesting, she’ll soon discover it and would even like you more if she found it out through other sources instead of you.

Be respectable. Build up an honest reputation of yourself. Don’t sleep around or mess up at work. A man with a high social value is very attractive to single women. Most women want to be with someone whom everyone admires.

Be respectful. Mind your manners and be a gentleman. Brush up on common courtesy and other chivalric behavior. Never underestimate women because they know about these “rules” of common courtesy, and if they’ve observed that you don’t act upon these, then not even good looks can save you.

Be widely ranged. Ever wondered why so many women ditch their super hot boyfriends? That’s because these guys tend to end up being dull. They’re one-dimensional. Not even their looks saved them. What you can do is to explore new things, read a lot, and just be well-informed.

Be Knowledgeable. Be adventurous and learn. Single women want men who have so much going on in their lives and know so many things without being nerdy. Heck, even nerds get some of the girls.

Be a subtle flirt. Everybody knows why cheesy pick-up lines don’t work, but many still do that anyway. When approaching a woman, be subtle and relaxed, like you’re only mildly interested in here, or feign disinterest even. Most women feel like men approach them at a drop of a hat, and a disinterested man would make them wonder and want.

Know yourself. Confidence makes you sexy and attractive. Just that nonchalant kind of self-confidence, the kind that you feel when you’re about to join in a quiz bee and you know all the answers. Of course, self-confidence must never fuel boastfulness.

Make her feel special. A woman wants to be adored and a little bit goes a long way. Make the extra effort for her to feel special, because even if you’re just opening a door for her even if it’s out of the way would keep you lingering in her thoughts.

Originally posted 2011-07-30 12:52:11.

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