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pick up lines quiz

Pub Quiz – How to Create a General Knowledge Quiz without Spending any Money

This article will go through resources for pub quizzes and ways of creating different rounds. Creating a quiz for pubs or any other event isn’t a difficult task in it self but they take time and dedication to make sure they are correct. If you’re about to host a quiz and want to put a bit more fun in your quiz round selection this article will help you. This guide assumes you are using the standard 5 rounds length but can be easily adapted for more or less depending on the event itself.

  1. Split your pub quiz into what rounds you want to do. The easiest format is 3 general knowledge topics a specialist round and a handout round. You then need to decide upon how many questions you want in each round, commonly it is 10 per quiz round but you can put more or less if you wish.

  2. Now design your handout round. The easiest of these it would seem is guess the celebrity from their picture. However this is not the best one as you could be breaking copyright laws. A story board, Anagram or Guess who are better options. For story board you have a story with words missing and the quiz goer has to put either words what they think fit or select one from a list. Anagrams, we all know what these are but be sure to find a anagram creator to make these, there are lots on line. The guess who’s are basically a little bit of information and the contestants have to guess who the note is about

  3. Compile your general knowledge questions for the pub quiz. Have 3 rounds of ten questions of general knowledge. You need to mix the subjects up and don’t be too topical on your answers. These are general knowledge after all and often can be too specific in lots of cases. E.g “Who won blah world cup in whatever year?” is ok but “Who scored in the quarter finals for Croatia?” is to specific. Keep it so everyone has a chance of knowing the answer.

  4. Pick a specialist rounds. This could be era, topic, connections or almost anything really so long as people can answer the questions or have a chance at least. Connection rounds are really good but can be a bit difficult when starting out so look towards a era or topic round.

  5. Create an answer sheet. The answer sheet doesn’t have to be professionally done but does need to follow the same format for each team. Easily created on computer and not too difficult by hand but it will take longer. Have any area where you can total the pub quizzes correct answers up and also each page needs to be able to have the team name put on it.

  6. To keep it free and that little bit better for the environment use old paper that been used but is clear on one side.

Hopefully you will approach your Trivia Quizzes with a fresh approach and make yours more interesting.

pick up lines quiz

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