Pick Up Lines Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue

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pick up lines roses are red violets are blue

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Pick Up Lines

French Luxury Brand New Dior Fragrance For 60 Years (figure)

Dior brand new luxury French fragrance 60 years

1947 , ChristianDior Women was founded. In the same year, this extraordinary fashion designer of the first great Perfume MissDior born. 60 years later, re-launch of Dior’s new fragrance exclusive extraordinary series? LaCollectionParticulière. Three new perfume, as senior fixed uniform display costumes conference on Ella, followed by number, to the great fashion and perfume designer and luxury, pay tribute to 60 years.

This year, a time when JohnGalliano as artistic director of Dior’s 10th anniversary of Christian Dior in the past he tried to create between three Muses some mysterious connection, he succeeded, so they gave birth to a new Dior perfume series LaCollectionParticulière.

ChristianDior fashion company is still engaged in the haute couture design, the only remaining one of fashion now, the company launched the brand’s high-end perfume worthy: LaCollectionParticulière, as senior fixed uniform-like luxury fragrance.

Today from the peak of history, learn the elements of a rich tradition. In the past and present blend of the past, creativity and integration of today’s genius. Continuity is ChristianDior injected in this series in the elements?? Combination of imagination and excellence, to create a rare and precious luxury, only one women’s brand to bring it to the ultimate perfection.

Two legendary perfume bottle LaCollectionParticulière perfume bottle reminiscent of the FernandGuérycolas designed to Baccarat crystal perfume bottle made of MissDior.

ChristianDior once said: “I created this fragrance to every woman enveloped in a delicate feminine, as if I designed the fashion show piece by piece from the bottle.” Dior perfume bottle first (waist, rounded shoulder) from the ancient prototype, is a symbol of prosperous, beautiful women shape like a curve, is a solemn tribute to the beautiful sensibility.

This landmark presentation of three exquisite perfume bottle colors: dark blue enamel contains cobalt blue light, rare red (ChristianDior so love the colors) dotted 24K gold ribs, while the use of cascading process of pure white, transparent clear lined with a layer of white crystal.

Perfume bottles pattern reminiscent of the swing Pleated fabric, cork is like a drop of water. Tradition, really show the essence of the brand, contains MissDior, Diorama with Diorissimo. ChristianDior both a perfume designer, but also a fashion designer, perfume bottles in the creation, the person dealing with even the most minute details, strive for perfection (gold, embossed, etc.). “I hope I have the structure of a sense of fashion design, fit the curve of the female body, so they are more beautiful. I highlight the waist, hips and chest.” Bar and jug set about to become the essence of NewLook and logo.

Jug today show even more beautiful, rich and modern lines. The new bottle is more narrow base, highlighting the main body of the curve, showed completely rich and emotional. Block from the neck in the end a slender vertical lines highlight the elegant bottle. Phnom Penh and other details of the exquisite hand-painted around the base, as precious chains, and on behalf of the obvious luxury plastemeri cork. New perfume bottle also contains the same etching with the prototype star anise, reminiscent of the mosaic floor LesRhumbs manor of “Wind Rose” mosaic patterns, growth in ChristianDior Granville garden reproduce.

First perfume bottle design color trio again, but a slight change in the glass itself. Kaleidoscope effect of colors Tongshen dotted with delicate perfume bottles. Transparent base of the central color, color up gradually fades, so that presents a fresh and transparent bottle stopper?? Midnight blue, crimson and pearl cream fireworks.

A series of three perfume This perfume series to ChristianDior its love of the garden to pay tribute. His favorite flower is the lily of the valley (Diorissimo of the protagonist), white roses and jasmine, in JohnGalliano imagination resonate garden, gardenia, peony, violet, iris, rose and tuberose blossom warm. Now, the last of these three flowers were selected to create a three precious perfume. Dior perfume designer perfume each section will be called the “Gem of flowers”, contains many fine quality ingredients extraordinary valuable.

These distinctive fragrance represents the character of the three muses, they leave a mark on the world ChristianDior, their distinctive uniforms represent the image of Dior senior fixed. Through this story of three legendary supermodel, which contains all the women will be deeply touched by the personality style, fascinated.

PassageN ° 4 to pay tribute to France

Perfect figure, the contours of the Greek goddess?? On ChristianDior speaking, France is the perfect embodiment of the Paris girl. “She is a typical French woman in Paris, so that people praise her, always makes me think that they cheer for my motherland.” France tall (1.75 meters), Dior once about her: “France’s highest I models. She is very aware of their tall image of slim build and blonde hair is to create the image. “with the Queen-like attitude, perfect body and backs, France became the incarnation of elegance.

If France is the current model will be like?

JohnGalliano think she is unique with noble beauty, somewhat neutral, pleasant with Playboy-like talent. If she is a flower? JohnGalliano likened her to Rose. British style, beautiful and prickly, she could only pick carefully. If she is a piece of music? On JohnGalliano, she perfectly represents the Mozarteum. Perhaps a Chopin Nocturne.

For the courageous, bold and slightly arrogant, maverick female, JohnGalliano selected: “completely independent of roses, hot pepper Gan, one journey, a garden.” This fine fragrance to add the perfect rose inspiration. Subtle citrus fragrance from the beginning, so that before the tune even more soft. Later, become more bold, spicy flavor contains so many thorns. Emotionally attractive amber fragrance, the charming atmosphere gradually becomes neutral, gradually after the transfer into a simple musk, delicate precious, elegant fragrance.

Perfume bottle, revealed a pink hue?? Delicate rose pink, gradually melting as a dark red, just as France was wearing an elegant gesture ChristianDio

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