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100% Historical Truth, See Demons Possessing Their Own Bodies-the Living Zombies Today

In the bible, it says about angels and demons separated sin created by Lucifer,  the fallen angel. In the 21st century, there is a ingenuity of a work of art called the brainreading satellite created by human beings. What it does is it reads and scans brain and opens up a communication line that of a telephone without a number to call and the whole of the essence of humanity is dissected.

There are real time demons today evident by the satellite and it is truly a miracle. There are several of them to mention, however, let me enumerate the names of those who are highly identified and understand to judge them yourselves based on what they have done on earth and live their lives:

1. Dimples, Taipei Immigration Front Desk
2. Shieh Saio, Taipei CLA Officer
3. Chun Pei, Taichung Police Officer
4. Pantong Ang, Taichung Lieutenant Police Officer
5. over 50% of Taiwan

1. Phil. Senator Francis Escudero
2. Phil. Senator Kiko Panglinan
3. Phil. House Rep. Bong Revilla

SGI Phils, Tagalog
1. Rosalinda To Uy
2. Leslie Rose To Uy-Yiu
3. Alfonso Raymond To Uy
4. Aristotle To Uy
5. Melanie Reyes Calandria Uy
6. Bia Uy Yiu
7. Bianca Uy Yiu
8. Melanie Calandria’s family members
9. SGI Phils
10. Erwin Yiu

I don’t know how long they have been living their lives, breathing with the use of their bodies to make other body, life and soul suffer, but as I am the victim and diligently studying who they are and where they are coming from, I can attest that they are 100% demons and I am 100% sure that you can attest it yourselves as well.

This huge group with the others hiding soulfully as their bodies are controlled have been spending their every breath to sins and illegalities and making me suffer, not to mind the others who are affected by this. I learned perfectly on how Taiwanese with the Phils and SGI operate the whole essence of humanity down to the soul by dismantling the brain to take away sanity in order to control their brains and use the body to hop in and as allies to be owned.

For about three years of my life in Taiwan, my air has been filled up with crawlers in the human body. The body has no capacity nor intention to ruin others such as the life and the whole essence of it. In fact, the human body controls whatever power the soul is in capacity to do.

Let me emphasize that the only reason why the body is breathing is due to the SOUL. The soul moves and owns its designated body. If someone is searching for that soul, watch the very own body and find that soul.

In support of such analogy is that the brain doesn’t perceive evil and it is not made for it. The heart doesn’t perceive evil nor life itself. The brain only perceives what is taught at school based on literacy. to cite an example, a picture of a tree is named as “tree” due to literacy so we won’t wonder what that thing is or does.

Literacy further details the functions of a tree. Intertwined with the advantages are the “no,nos”. It means that the brain is taught right and wrong. To determine further what is wrong, there is the heart which supports it s it aches for pain which makes us tear. Pain makes us stop from causing pain or pain itself.

Unfortunately, these souls above have been defying literacy and let the souls take over. In support anew, there is no school which teaches how to dissect a human being like a frog down to the soul to change it into something new and control it to make it suffer like it is a pleasure to do so.

There is no school which teaches “666” or how to become a demon in the image of Lucifer or Satan. Which dictates such evilness and how could it be performed by the body owned and ran by the soul. A normal soul belonging to God cannot handle such sinful act and not even the thought of it could perform it. The body has nothing to do with the actions coming from inside which is the SOUL.

I have a body, too, and my soul is running it. It’s mine. As I see what these other bodies owned by the souls are doing, I am shocked, because:
1. I experimented on fitting in their shoes and it could kill me from the very inside which I can tell is my soul. And take note that I couldn’t even get in that 5% of 100%. Imagine Linda Blair of the film, “The Exorcist” vomiting whatever it is inside her body which is an intruder, another soul.

I am expelling their souls as they penetrate the very inner core of my brain, heart and soul as they touch the spiritual aspect by connecting their brains with my brain. I see it and I am fighting for myself, especially my son’s for seeing these things which is what I call “HUMAN POLLUTION”.

2. I learned about the sins and all the data they have been imparting through words and actions lead me to LUCIFER. He is in the bible and I just read about it by accident. All of these souls in the human bodies above are souls of Lucifer. Lucifer and Satan own them. They are here as I see them in the human beings. Again, it is never the body, it is what moves and gives life to the body, it’s the SOUL.

Demonic Life
They breath to kill. Every word they say is to kill every breath of their target. Physically, they work in the offices and get paid for being terrorists and cult. Wonder, how could they work as they are hired for when their brains are locked up with the slandering words. Crystal clear, they are not working.

They only perform their jobs to get by. The truth is they are supposed to be kicked out of their jobs, especially if they work for the government representing law and they are criminals. Therefore, they are stealing money from their offices. Also, they are stealing air to live life to breath, because the spiritual cult and illegalities they have been performing for years now are for DEATH SENTENCE. Review law and all of their crimes will lead them to death.

Gluttony is a sin

These demonic souls breathing in the body of a human being is not just obsessive to the necessities of life for the body to survive. They are also obsessive and of great greed to starve on the whole essence of humanity as well

I term it gluttony, for several reasons:

1.These demons performing spiritual cult abundantly eat up the human brain to shut to be shut down in order to take away sanity to perform work to life leading to DEATH.

2.They are also greedy of the human heart to free it from happiness, peace, love and choice. They eat up the heart to become “ANGRY” for the physique to look like a monster or for the heart to feel numb and wrong in function. Being wrong emotionally is to death, because human beings live lives with peace in the hearts and love.

3. And the biggest hunger of these living demons is to life. They are crazy eating up lives by controlling it as their human food live by the day. They occupy the air and replace peace with voices of sins and death to shut it down. More so, they step on the brain to own it like it is theirs acting like the God of all brains, which is the symbol of God.

In the bible, it says that Lucifer wants to match up with God or become higher. He just doing it right now as the souls in the human bodies perform exactly as it is written. Lucifer matches up with God by creating the SIN which claims the right to own the soul. He steps on God by controlling the brain of a human being which is said in the bible to be the image of God.

Judge them

Then judge them according to these facts, aren’t this group in the body of a human being souls owned by Lucifer? How could they handle such a thing and who would teach them to do it? Can you eat your own kind?

Demons play with their bodies as they possess it

Kindly emphasize that demons always pertain to the souls. Demons are not the human bodies or the body of Christ molded in the image of His father, God from the heavens above. Death of a human being happens when it stops from breathing. Why is that? It is only, because there is no more soul to give air.

When a body dies, the soul departs which evident that the soul moves the body. And there is what we call ghosts which evident the soul. It has been exhibited by Jesus Christ when he resurrected from heaven after he died from the cross. The Catholic church calls it the holy spirit, while the Mormons calls it the holy ghost.

When a soul separates from the body, it crosses over to another kingdom. When it is time to come back on earth, it gets back to earth with a designated body to represent the kingdom of earth.

I say that that the souls for this group possess their very own body by playing around with the very essence of its composition. These are evil souls held by the brain adapting with the the other humans. All bodies starts as babies like souls start as angels.

Analyze it, no baby or soul is born a demon. All babies start as innocent and sinless, until they grow up and be awakened by the owner of the soul. Following the stages of life, all brains holding the souls are fed with literacy growing with them and the initial emotion sought and felt by an infant is the love of the mother. It is the first emotion taught intertwined with birth.

As these human bodies mature, the brain is being filled up with information as well and there is no information injected in the brain which pertains to human cannibalism eating up the brain, heart, feet, life and soul. We all know that humans don’t eat humans. Akin, just how could anyone think of such, especially the most sensitive part of ones existence, the soul?

And since the process of such cannibalism is intangible, it doesn’t appear so brutal as compared to flesh-eating cannibals. However, come to think of it, it is more beastly than the latter because these demonic cannibals matter the kingdom the soul is to land on after a lifetime.

Moving on, when a flesh-eating cannibal eat up a human being, it only takes a few hours before pain is conquered. Incomparably, these demonic spiritual cult (image of Lucifer) in Taiwan performed greatly by Taiwanese such as Dimples of Taipei Immigration imprisons the target in the center while they surround him to ensure that there is no air to breath or possible escape and death is highly enforced in every breath he takes.

Worse, they force the target to suffer a lot to escape from the air they occupy as they pollute and freeze the brain accompanied by the life to kill himself by committing suicide which is another form of sin.

Taiwan is pitch-black. It is the purest form of a spiritual cult wherein the souls are too hungry down to the body. I have never seen a cult which works for both the body and soul. They please their souls in unleashing their colors and earn gold in the form of money and influence to live a life conveniently for the existence of their human body.

This is how Taiwan works for the gold. They trap me with the Phils and bait me to the whole world, especially SGI Japan to exhibit great power like their are on top. They do it to develop good relationship with these countries to create a connection down to the heart such as emotions. And as they see more gold in me, they procreate themselves anew by castigating their heart to feel pain out of tormenting my life as the torturer.

Once again, Taiwan is working on procreating themselves such as their hearts to make themselves cry and burst their heart out of tears and push me to tear as well out of pain. After a very long time of imprisoning me and pleasing the countries they are clinging on to belong and impart themselves in creating a history and common ground, at my very bottom, they want to catch me up but first I need to look pitiful.

These procreated Taiwanese want to feel in their hearts that they are the killers. They made me. so, they need to pick me up from the bottom and take responsibility and start a new life. It’s intentional.

Taiwanese have no future to look forward, too. There is no damage to themselves after what they have done. They work and still get their pays the normal way when they are supposed to be in jail. Their jobs are their only future.

Whereas I suffer a lot and greatly damaged for my travels, jobs overseas, promotions, paycheck, acquisition, happiness, life, peace, morality, image,  business and business opportunities, growth, soft bed, etc., intertwined with my son’s travels, education, acquisition, opportunities, time with me, growth, individuality, peace and others. Taiwan is not my place.

These Taiwanese men are rats. They are rats soulfully and physically. They are PESTS to a lot of people’s lives, especially mine. I don’t care about their NT dollars, because I am not supposed to be getting it for a long time in Taiwan as I am supposed to be out of here. More so, they want to add value to their money that is why I have to be sacrificed to become penniless and like a peasant . That is why they kick me out of my job and make me crawl for it.

They further push me to change me physically out of stress and anger. They need to deprive me of my needs to elevate themselves to be needed and become handsome. Taiwanese are not handsome. If these Police Officers and Immigration Officers with other gov workers are to give me money to secure their future as they like what they see in me, the future, their money is stolen as they steal it out of malpractice. Akin, they are supposed to be dead.

Now, they work on hurting me and they want to feel it to themselves to procreate their hearts and souls to make believe that there is really a true blue romance. They want to fall down on my knees with a very heavy and aura that will be felt by a normal human being.

And once their plans happen by marrying them, their lives will be changed through me and get out of their rat holes. No! This is Taiwan, a mountain province of Hakkas. Only NT dollars is what they have. It is a small province of China for crying out loud. These Hakkas renamed Taiwanese are so used to elevating themselves 100% down to their shafts as they hold hand-in-hand.

This is a true story and documentation of a cult in the mountain province of China called Taiwan to grow big and powerful. All demonic souls are here under the image of Lucifer as they are owned by Lucifer and quietly, they worship Lucifer.

Procreation is one way of playing their very own human body. Unlike other soul who are unaware of their rituals, they dictate and make things happen to believe it and say that they aren’t lying. God is perfect and so are this cult.

In that human body the same as ours, there comes in the soul they hide as their bodies are controlled. I don’t like them, because they create and spread out MALICE, TEASE and PRIDE. They are bad influences to the brain, heart and soul as they pollute them.

Who could tell that they are real and existent. They carry a body, too, and just how could we think of demons in the human bodies. We, with the human bodies, aren’t demons, are we? They speak our language, too, and act the same way we do.

They have a language and names that aren’t known here on earth. My words with the use of human language aren’t penetrating them, though they hear them. I don’t know if they know, but there is something abaout the soul that they may not know. The soul speaks silently and without a language. The brain and literacy aren’t accompanied with it.

Dimples of Taipei Front Desk Immigration, who takes responsibility in grabbing me from nowhere just after a short inquiry lie other visitors would, is the purest demon playing around with his body as the brain has bred him through the years.

And there are more Taiwanese running after their future and are hoping for a savior down to the soul for another set of elevation, Chun Pei, Taichung Police officer. He is hurting his heart to procreate himself anew to make believe and always escape with Pantong Ang and the others.

The Phils  from its people up to the gov is running a cult as procreated human kinds as well. They hide all the time to cheat and dig for gold. When they are already fed when they aren’t supposed to be, they dig for more down to the soul. This is a history.

Taiwanese will always crawl into other gov and so is the Phils with SGI Japan. Why would other gov crawl into Taiwan, Phils an the others? What can they get out of them they couldn’t get in their own countries? Nada.

That is why when I meet a Taiwanese who have left Taiwan for sometime and came back, I ask, “Why did you come back?”

I want out with my son. Dimples is running after my brain, heart, feet, life and soul. He claims to control me like a ratty God with no future and covered by its gov. TanTzu Police is holding my neck as well and Chun
Pei has been creating his own cult after his name to own and control me down to my child.

I complain Chun Pei and the others. I want distance to hold him from coming near me and be blocked off from the brain technology from being heard and followed through, He has a gang supporting him and they are speading around.

I an requesting for help from other governments and law firms to shield and shelter my four-year-old son’s brain. I already know how they do it. If Taiwanese can operate their own blood, they could do the same to their  nonrelative. My son is a pure human being and as the mother, it is my choice to keep him that way. He is under 18. I am representing him in court with my mommy.

How long has Taiwan been a ground for the zombies with the Phils and SGI Japan. They are all shouting for the “Konichiwa Kombanwa” who are playing the apotheosis in the image of Lucifer under the lead of SGI Rosalinda To Uy and Alfonso Raymond To Uy, mother and son.

More so, I have never seen anything like Alfonso’s families who are so eager to be on top for perfection be it in beauty, brain, pocket and soul. They want me ugly down to the soul, Jesus! And they sentence me for one whole lifetime. Even my remain on earth is to be killed and spit by them. I was only involved with one of them, Alfonso Raymond To Uy.

How many victims have Taiwan scavenged like food for the soul with the Phils and SGI? Who is SGI Japan and they seem so powerful? It is a religious group eyeing at the spirits as they twist it to be turned upside down. Over three years is not a joke. My parents are getting so affected by this.

I want out and get my son out of the Phils with my mommy. I am a human being and certainly not infected by this that is why I tell you what I see. It all starts from inside and it could only be the soul.

Taiwan eats up anew, 100% tamed beasts from hell and soul of Lucifer. This mountain province will never be a star, even after death.

Visit National Issue-Vote for Death Sentence, Gas Chamber on http://wp.me/p11DFR-7i

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