Pick Up Lines That Are Funny – What You Need to Help You Pick Up Girls

It is almost common knowledge nowadays that pick up lines that are funny have something different compared with romantic, cheesy or sweet pick up lines.

Is it complicated? Of course not! Anyone can do it? Almost anyone, yes, but you must first know yourself to know which one is best for you to choose. What is the basic idea behind all these pick up lines that are funny? Well, it is simple. Show your funny side first and allow them to know the other sides of you later. If you can get trough this step then things are becoming a lot easier.

Here are some 20 random pick up lines that are funny for you to use:

1. What can you do besides being sexy?
2. Beautiful, you must be very tired because all day you walked through my mind.
3. I am like a computer… You can play with my mind all day.
4. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I introduce myself again?
5. Excuse me, can I borrow your phone number? I just lost mine.
6. I am so excited that I forgot my greatest pick up line.
7. You know, I just realized that you look a lot like my next girlfriend.
8. I know that milk it is good for the body`s health, but, my dear, you how much did you drink?
9. It is said that an average person falls in love 7 times until marriage. Honey, you are the seventh for me.
10. Not usually meet with models, but I will do an exception this time. You can have my phone number.
11. Your father is an alien? Otherwise I cannot explain myself why there is no other girl as beautiful as you in the world.
12. You are like a clam. Hard to open, but the pearl inside is worth every effort.
13. If I had a penny for every girl that I have met as beautiful as you, I would had been very poor.
14. Hey, is it hot in here? Because I feel that I am melting for you.
15. Do you take dance lessons? Because I have never seen a more graceful walk.
16. What is like to be the most beautiful girl in the room?
17. I would buy you a drink, but I would be jealous of the glass.
18. Can you give me a photo of you to send it to Santa Claus so he can see exactly what I want?
19. Someone please give a glass of water because you are so spicy.
20. It would be a good idea for you to go out with me, because I will tell everyone that you did anyway.

Probably not all of them will work for you because there are a lot to consider when you are trying to pick up girls, but is almost impossible that at some moment some of these pick up lines that are funny will not work. Practice a lot and see what works for you best.

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