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pick up lines ties
pick up lines ties

How to Choose a Tie

Even most of companies and organizations have more relaxed dress code, but a nice tie is still an important accessory of your dress. The men’s tie is one of a few ways to distinguish themselves from one another. However, people can be really lost when they face a huge selection of ties. To make sure you choose the right tie when you dress, take these factors into consideration to help yourself choose exactly the tie you need.

Most of neckties are 55 – 57 inch in length and the wide end is about 3.5 – 4 inch. There is no absolute right for the length. Check if the bottom tip of your tie nearly reaches the buckle of your belt.  So the right length of the tie depends on your own height.

You can find ties made of various fabrics including polyester, silk, cotton and wool in the current market. In the routine days, all ties can do well. The silk has some special features which are good for ties: drape well and wrinkle resistant. Silk ties are always the first choice if affordable.

Ties are available in a large number of patterns, such as stripes, plaid, and parsley. Do not be scared. One tip solves all: let your suit, shirt and tie complement each other. Go for opposite is the trick for your decision. Striped shirt is for plain tie and vice versa.

Same as the pattern choice, make your suit, shirt and tie match each other. Also consider the season timing, usually darker from summer to winter.

It is one of the most important factors you should consider. No cartoon or novelty ties are for serious occasion such as business meeting.

Quality inspection
Besides the fabric label, remember to check the lining of the tie. The good tie should hang without twisting when you sling it in your hand. Also snags, frayed and loose threads.

Still more you should consider such as your face shape and skin color. All in all, there is no absolutely right or wrong for your choice. What you can do is to make a balance considering those factors with your own feature. Be you own and be confident with yourself with a tie like Obama either in the election-winning night or Men of the Year by GQ magazine.

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