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Earning Money On Twitter – 4 Great Places To Find Advertisements

You can use the following to earn money on Twitter.


1. Be-A-Magpie.com

Advertisers conglomerate at this site and decide whether they would like to pay per view, per click, or per sale. Sign up at this site, supply your twitter details, and choose the ads you would like to tweet. The company will post these ads under your twittername.

Stay away from ads that look as if the advertiser is desperate to boost his/her sales. Remember that Twitter is not the place for aggressive campaigning and hard selling. You could pick a line that strongly resembles one of your tweets. For example, I would pick an ad that says, “I played around with this new insert picture feature on Gmail and found it to be awesome. You can check it out here.” This hardly sounds like an ad; it looks like me tweeting. None of my followers will suspect that I am posting an ad

Be-A-Magpie permits you to choose the time and frequency of ad posting. The site offers many other cool features too, which you can check out once you are there.

2. Twittad.com

Twittad, a social media affinity network, connects Tweeps and advertisers. While Tweeps can use it to make money out of their Twitter profile pages, advertisers can use it to reach every nook and corner of Twitter, third-party apps, and mobile phones.

How does Twittad work? Tweeps and advertisers meet on Twittad so that the Tweeps can permit advertisers post ads on their profile pages. The payment depends on how long the ad stays on the profile background.

Tweeps can use Twittad to monetize their profile pages in 2 ways:

  • They can offer their profile pages for sale on Twittad. This method gives Tweeps the freedom to set their own rate. As soon as the Tweep approves of the advertisement, it appears on the background of the profile page.
  • Advertisers announce their requirement for a Twitter profile page and agree to pay a certain amount. Tweeps can apply for the same. If the advertiser approves of the Tweep’s profile page, the ad appears on it and the Tweep earns money.

You start earning as soon as you register your Twitter profile page on Twittad and register for one of the above-mentioned methods or both. Twittad logs into your profile page and places the ad on your profile background. Twittad’s sophisticated technology keeps track of how well the ad is doing on your profile page background. If the ad captures your followers’ attention, you will get paid. The payout is $30.

You might find it a bit difficult to find ads that suit your unique style of tweeting. Still, if you search hard, you will find an ad or two that will fit the background of your profile perfectly. As far as possible, stay away from long-duration ads and stick to short-duration ads.

You must, however, retain the ad for a particular period of time. If you remove it before the expiry date, the advertiser will get alerted and give you a black mark. You don’t want this to happen as it might affect your chances of getting ads in the future.

3. HootSuite.com

HootSuite is a Twitter user’s one-stop shop and serves 2 important functions. First, it shrinks the links you post in your tweets. Second, it helps you earn some extra Google Adsense cash.

When HootSuite shrinks links, it also creates a new webpage that contains a HootSuite banner in addition to the original page whose link it has shrunk. This banner contains your Twitter details, a HootSuite ad, and a small space for a Google ad of your choice. Now, any page you recommend to your followers has your Google ad on it. If your followers click on it, you will earn money.

4. RevTwt.com


RevTwt.com allows you to monetize your tweets. Twitter users who want to make use of it must first register at RevTwt.com with all their Twitter details and PayPal id. Once they have done this, they are free to choose the ads to post as tweets. These tweets will contain the advertiser’s link. Whenever your followers or anybody else clicks on it, you will get paid.

Once again, choose your ads with care. They should look as if you are tweeting. The Twitter community will block you or report you for spamming if they suspect that you are forcing ads on them.

Here are some step-by-step instructions to use your RevTwt.com account.

1. Get a genuine Twitter account; many people sign up for RevTwt without a Twitter account.

2. Sign up at Twtad by providing your Twitter details and PayPal address.

3. Log into RevTwt.com and click on the “Post Ads” tab to start posting ads. Choose ads that look as if you are tweeting. Once you select an appropriate ad, post it as a tweet. Whenever someone clicks on it, you will get paid. Payout is $20.

A Word of Warning

You may post as many ads as you like on Twitter in order to make money; but take care that you don’t spam. Twitter users hate spammers. Posting ads all day and earning money from clicks sounds like a great idea; but in the long run, you might lose your valuable followers. So, tweet a lot about your life, your careers, your vacation, your coffee breaks, and so on. Insert an ad or two in the midst of these tweets. Then, nobody will accuse you of spamming.

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Originally posted 2015-07-12 18:17:20.