Pick Up Lines Using States

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pick up lines using states
pick up lines using states

Sweet Pick Up Lines She Will Love to Hear

Every man knows how nerve-racking it can be to approach a beautiful woman. She’s standing across the room, surrounded by all of her friends, and you’re desperately trying to come up with something to say.

Regrettably, you opt to take the advice of your buddies and utilize one of the sweet pick up lines they suggest.

And just like clockwork, she marches away from you in disgust after you use this pick up line.

You realize all is lost because you chose such a phony approach.

The fact is that sweet pick up lines simply won’t work in these kinds of situations. There are other ways to strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman that ensure much better results.

Rather than trying to use a sweet pick up line to talk with a woman, you should consider a more natural approach. If you’re having difficulty coming up with unique things to say, here are several options you can use to initiate a successful exchange:

1) Situational conversation starter

Use your environment to your advantage. If you witness an unusual event or a comical state of affairs, seize the opportunity to make a joke or appease an awkward situation. Let’s say, for example, that you see a girl throw her drink on the guy she’s with. You can use this to your benefit by going up to a woman who also witnessed the event and making a lighthearted remark about their scuffle.

2) Use the straightforward approach

Walking up to a woman and introducing yourself may sound like an overly simple approach, but the vast majority of women will appreciate your straightforwardness. Your confidence, honesty, and the fact that you can initiate a conversation without “trying too hard” will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Not to mention, it’s much easier to be yourself than it is to come up with a crazy gimmick to attract women.

3) Be Funny

Nothing is more magnetizing to a woman than a great sense of humor. Your objective should be to act in a confident manner while trying to make her laugh.

The essence of this method is to tease her and make her believe you are a prize she should try to earn for herself. You’re not blatantly ‘picking her up’. Rather, you’re just having a conversation where the goal is to amuse her.

Sweet pick up lines aren’t likely to get an attractive woman’s positive attention. Instead of using them, you should consider alternative ways of initiating a conversation.

Next time you see an attractive woman standing across the room, use one of the above techniques to strike up an exchange. You’ll find out how much more effective they are than sweet pick up lines.

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