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Choosing The Best Nutrisystem Plan: Deciding Which Is Best

I often get emails from folks who want some help in choosing what they hope with be the best nutrisystem package or plan for them. Many don’t realize that this diet plan offers many options based on your gender, food preferences, health issues, and how often you want to eat the diet’s meals. And, all of the choices give you a huge variety of comfort food type meals which include things like pancakes, ravioli, tacos, pizza, cookies, and cakes. In the following article, I will offer overviews of many of this diet’s popular plans in the hopes that this information will help you to determine which might be the best one for you.

Nutrisystem’s Basic Plans For Both Women And Men: Without a doubt, the basic women’s and men’s programs are the most popular. These are aggressively priced and include the most popular meals. You will be eating five of the diet meals per day. (This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack and a dessert.) You’re given enough for 28 days and the base cost of the women’s plan is around $299 before coupons. Generally, the men’s plans cost around $30 more than the women’s. Many people feel that this basic package is a good starting point because it’s an inexpensive way to see what the plan is all about and how it works. It will also give a sampling of most of the foods.

I’d also like to mention that although many people will just go with the “favorites” package so that they can sample as many of the foods as possible, they do allow for you to customize your package so that you can chose the specific foods that you want (or don’t want.)

The Silver Plans: The diet has plans for folks who are over 65 years of age. This is true for both men and women and this is called the silver plan. This one works in the same way as the basic plan. You get 28 days worth of meals and you’ll eat five times per day. But, the foods are specifically designed for the nutritional needs of seniors. There is no additional costs associated with this plan. It runs around $299 (before coupons) just like the basic plan.

Nutrisystem D For Diabetics: Like many meal replacement plans, this one offers a special plan for people with diabetes. The D plan has been studied and evaluated at Temple University with very promising results. This plan works like the others, but a few of the foods that would be higher in sugars and carbs have been omitted so that everything is very glycemic friendly. There is no cost increase for this plan. It has the same price as the other basic packages.

Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan: As you might suspect, this plan works the same as the rest, except that meals which contain meat or animal products have been eliminated. You’ll still be eating five times per day for 28 days, but your package will include only vegetarian meals. There’s no premium for this one. It starts at $299 like the others.

The Nutrisystem Flex Plan: For people who want to sort of ease into the program or to try some of the foods as cheaply as possible, the part time or flex program can be a nice option. Instead of getting 28 days worth of food, you’re only getting food for 20 days. This allows for you to take two days off per week. The meals aren’t any different, but you’re given less of them. Because you’re paying for less food, the price is cheaper. Generally the flex plan runs about $230 for women and about $30 more for men. This program is probably best for people who like the idea of eating normally a few times per week. And you can get the flex option for any of the plans that I’ve listed above.

The Nutrisystem Select Line: Within each of the above referenced plans, you can chose to go with the premium or “select” line of meals. These are frozen meals that are called gourmet or restaurant quality. Examples of some of the meals within this line are french toast, blueberry pancakes, ice cream sandwiches and sundaes, steak and meatball wraps and paninis, shrimp alfredo, and glazed turkey. Because of the premium foods, this is the most expensive option. Generally, you’ll pay about a $60 monthly premium for the select foods.

With that said, often cleverly used coupons can get the price of many of these plans down. And, there’s never a commitment or membership fee with this diet. You only pay for your food. Everything else is included. I hope this article has helped you determine what might be the best nutrisystem plan for you.

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Originally posted 2004-04-03 14:51:59.