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What should I consider when choosing a New York Virtual Office?

What should I consider when choosing a New York Virtual Office?

There are several items to consider as each business is unique in it’s needs. For this reason, we at VH International Business Solutions provide pricing for all of our services on an a-la-carte basis. You pick and choose only the services you need – we don’t “prepackage” and stick you with services you’ll never need or use.


Let’s start with the address. This is the main component of your New York Virtual Office.

You will be issued a physical office address with on-site reception and meeting facilities directly on Broadway in Midtown Manhattan’s trendy Flatiron District. Office address rental rates are from only $25 per month. You can use the address as you would any physical office address. We issue you an actual office suite address – not a fabricated suite number, which is usually just a smoke screen for a mailbox. You can walk right into the office address you are issued and meet with your clients, you can’t do that with a mailbox.

Our offices are located on in a high rise office building designed by a renowned architect. The building is a combination of stone, brick, terracotta, iron and copper in the Beaux Arts style with extensive detailing inside and out.

Our office building holds Landmark status from the City of New York – What constitutes a Landmark? A landmark is a building, property, or object that has been designated by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission because it has a special character or special historical or aesthetic interest or value as part of the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of the City, State, or Nation.

Location, Location, Location:

We are across the street from Madison Square Park with its notable surrounding architecture as well as brilliant sunlight from the broad expanse of the area which is also home to such architectural highlights as the World renowned Flatiron Building, the Metropolitan Life and New York Life buildings and the exquisite New York State Appellate Courthouse – as well as multiple foodie hot spots by renowned top chefs.

We also offer easy access to transportation to all parts of the city and the tri-state area. We are within 2 blocks from the R and W subway lines. A block further are the F and V lines, as well as the Path Train. A short walk will bring you right to Penn Station with access to the Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit, and Amtrak.

Mail Handling:

You are welcome to receive mail at the office. Since it is a physical address, there are no limitations on the type of correspondence you can receive. Reception can sign for any UPS, Fedex, DHL, TNT, Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Service of Process, etc. You can select to have your mail forwarded anywhere in the world – anywhere! You can also arrange to pickup mail and have your mail wait for you at reception.

If you need your mail to be sent out of NYC with an NYC postmarked, we can assist. This is what is commonly referred to as re-mailing.

Phone Service:

Need a phone number? No problem, we offer local 212 phone numbers ready for your use and to advertise as your own on business cards, stationery, etc. Now, the question to ask yourself is: How should my number be answered?

  • Do I need a human to answer the phone in my company name? If so, we can arrange to have a live operator answer the call in your company name. The caller can then leave the message with the operator or be transferred to voice mail to leave a message. Our operators are available to answer your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service is called Live Answering.
  • Do I want to answer my own calls? If so, we can redirect a 212 Manhattan phone number to ring directly on your cell phone, office phone, home phone, or whichever phone number you choose. You, or your staff, can answer the calls directly. This service is called Call Forwarding and available to you if needed
  • Can a machine answer my calls? This is the most cost efficient option. If standard voice mail is what you need, we have multiple options for you. All of our voice mail numbers include a generous 2-minute outgoing greeting and allows callers to leave up to a 3-minute message. You can record your own greeting, or send us a sound file with your professionally recorded greeting. All of our voice mail services are flat rate, so you never need to worry about how many calls you receive.  Retrieving your messages is easy!  We have multitude of options for message retrieval and notification, a few examples: Your messages can be sent to you via email so you can listen and save your voice messages. You can receive a phone call each time you receive a message. We can send you a text message notifying you of a new message.

Fax Service:

We offer 2 types of fax services. You’re issued a local 212 direct dial Manhattan fax number. There’s one important question to ask yourself: Do I receive many and / or urgent faxes? If so, we recommend dedicated fax service. It’s a flat rate service, so you never need to worry about being charges for extra faxes or pages.

If you rarely receive faxes, and they are of a non-urgent matter, you can use our shared fax service. There is no monthly charge for this service when you order a New York Virtual Office address rental. All incoming faxes are free of charge. Only fax forwarding charges apply. You may also choose to have your incoming faxes forwarded via post mail along with your standard mail and at the agreed to intervals at no extra charge.

Visitors to your NYC office:

Wondering what would happen if an unscheduled client/guest shows up at your NYC virtual office; Simple – they are greeting by reception as a guest would be greeting in any standard office. They’ll be notified that prior appointments are required to meet with you and offer to take a message from them and then forward that message to you. The message will either be emailed to you or we can scan and email any documentation the visitor leaves for you.

Meeting Facilities:

We offer professional meeting space, in a sunny, clean and well appointed facility. You receive approximately 200 square feet of room – all to yourself – equipped with a computer workstation; wifi internet connection; conference table with leather seating for 5; a whiteboard; easel; stereo speakers and an 84″ x 84″ projection screen. You will be appointed a staff member to assist and coordinate your meeting. Additional available services include administrative support, easel pads, digital projector, office supplies, printing, copying, water service, catering, car services, etc.

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