Pick Up Lines Will Smith

pick up lines will smith
pick up lines will smith

How to Pick Up Women

What the heck is flirting you might ask?  Well, flirting is essentially a form of nonverbal communication, actions as well as dialogue which aspires to draw you closer to a potential partner.  For most men and women, comes naturally because of their self-confidence, to others they have to on purpose do it to get close to the opposite sex.  If you desperately want to learn how to pick up women through flirting then you certainly must have the capacity to identify first when the woman is flirting with you too.  Once you have figured out if they’re flirting or not then reciprocate by flirting back and the rest should be history.

Several body language signs that she’s flirting with you would be the following:

  1. Prolonged eye contact – If she’s gazing you eye to eye for no particular reason, then it’s likely that she’s interested in you.
  2. Winking – Well, a wink is really a wink, and winks are definitely signs of great interest, unless she’s something caught in her eye.
  3. Licking of lips – Lips could get chapped every now and then, most women usually hide their faces if they wish to moisten their lips.  If they do this in front of you, then it may be a great indicator of interest.
  4. Touching their hair – Most women unconsciously flirt by touching or stroking their hair.  This unconscious sign is probably one of the easiest ones to detect since they have an inclination to do it a lot if they’re excited about someone.
  5. Smiling – You need to determine whether she’s smiling because she’s having a great time or she’s actually smiling at you, but then the line for this is very thin so you can take this as being a good sign.

So, listed above are some of the body language signsthat you simply look out for to ascertain if she’s flirting with you.

Another set to discover whether she’s considering you and is flirting could be the conversation aspect.  It is just a short list but one you have to keep to heart if you wish to learn to pick up women.

  1. Laughter – If she’s laughing at your jokes or perhaps generally having a great time together with you, this shows some interest on her part and you ought to capitalize on it.
  2. Whispering to you – If she opts to lean in close and whisper questions in your ear instead of shouting it out over the din of the club then this can be a sign that she’s flirting with you unconsciously.
  3. Singling you out – If the woman is singling you out in the group and pouring her attention on to you rather than to anybody else inside the group, give her the attention back and you’ll be in for an excellent night.
  4. Personal questions – Well, once things start getting personal, you already know where this is headed.

So there you go folks, a bunch of tricks to consider if you want to pick up women.  If you look out for these signs and reciprocate in kind, congratulations! You’re already flirting and so long as you stick to your wits, you should be able to get yourself a number or ask for another date.

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