Picking up Pettles

Picking up Pettles
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A girl at the Battle of Flowers in Jersey picks up paper pettles after the final pettle canon goes off

One of the best and easiest places to pick up girls is at a party. If you are there with friends then the girls will already ha?e a le?el of trust in you so will not ha?e up the usual brick safety wall to keep you away. In this article I will show how to pick up girls at a party.
The first thing I would do when I am in?ited to a party is to find out who is on the guest list. Ask the person who in?ited you who is coming and who you might know. Try and find out if there are any single girls and how many there might be. What I like to do is take some roses and hand them out to the single girls and the host, if she is a girl of course. Ob?iously if the host is a guy then I will take something more appropriate as my gift for him.
You might think I am crazy and get the impression that the girls might think you are creepy but it is exactly the opposite. Girls lo?e flowers and if you make it a habit then it will seem completely normal. Be careful not to gi?e a flower to a girl who has a monster for a boyfriend, unless of course you ask first.
The flower will break the ice for you and because you ha?e gi?en them to at least all the single girls they will not feel threatened by you. You already ha?e the trust of the host which transfers to the guests and now you seem like a nice thoughtful guy. You might e?en find the girls will try and talk to you and ask why you ga?e them a flower.
Once the ice is broken you can see who is a?ailable and who you might like to try and pick up. Use all the usual skills you ha?e when you are picking up girls in other places but forget about the pickup lines. If you ha?e good one that is funny you might use that one to get a laugh, as long as you make sure it is seen as a bit of a joke.
Try and not to get to drunk when you are picking up girls at a party. Staying sober might gi?e you an opportunity to dri?e the girl home or go for a late night coffee somewhere with her. She will appreciate you being a gentleman and you will start your relationship off on the best possible footing.

The beauty of picking up girls at parties is that you can find out from the host how you are going with a certain girl. You can ask some questions about her so you will ha?e something to talk about from the beginning. She might come from somewhere you know or would like to know about, or ha?e an interest in something you also ha?e an interest in.
Using these tips on how to pick up girls at a party with your regular picking up skills will enhance your chances and reduce the risk of being knocked back. Try and talk to all the girls until you find one you are really interested in or until one shows interest in you. <!– google_ad_section_end –>

From an old tape of Chris Farley. One of the more hilarious videos he ever made before he starting making movies (I believe).
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