Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Girls

Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Girls

You will find a lot of cheesy pick up lines for girls on several books, the internet and magazines. The problem is, most guys just blurt it out without even thinking about how they should deliver it.

“That’s a nice shirt, can I talk you out of it?”

If you understand the psychology behind every successful cheesy pick up lines, you won’t have a problem nailing it. Here are some useful insight on how you can improve your flirting skills, unless of course you’re a certified chick magnet.

The Psychology

Communication is the foundation of all types of relationships. Your demeanor or approach when you talk to another person directly affects what kind of relationship you will have with them. When it comes to dating and flirting, first impressions matter since it always last. Though some might argue that it is really not that important since there is a huge chance that you won’t see the girl again, wont you rather score on the first try than go through the whole lot?

The Right Approach

You must approach a girl with confidence without appearing or sounding obnoxious. Using a simple line like “What’s your favorite drink?” may work or not depending on your approach.

If you do it in a forceful way, then chances are you’re going to get a cold shoulder. On the other hand, if you let the question come out naturally and in a manner that would make her think you’re actually interested in her favorite drink rather than getting her into your bed, you would get a good response.

Getting a “no” for an answer shouldn’t discourage you. If your approach was ok, that line could be the door to further conversation.

The Power of Persistence

Be persistent in the sense that you need to assert your existence. However, you should understand that going overboard is a no-no. Let me reiterate that forcing yourself to the girl is a formula for rejection.

So if the girl says no to your offer of a drink, follow up with something like “Ok, my bad, I totally understand coz if I was hit on as much as you, I would actually feel a bit pissed.” Though this is not one of those cheesy pick up lines for girls, the point there is to try and continue the initial conversation that was established.

You must remember to use a tone that is a mix of regret and acceptance when delivering your follow up line. Through which, you’re trying to make her feel that she’s in control. This will somehow make her think that you’re not one of those guys who wants nothing but to get her into bed.

Sense of Humor

Women love diamonds and shoes but other from these, they also fancy men with a good sense of humor. Once you’ve engaged her in a conversation, you may try to add a subtle pick up line into the mix such as, and “I wonder what pick up line works on you since mine totally sucks”. You may want to turn on your amused but curious “puppy look” and give her a hint that somehow, you’re at it again. In case she hesitates, smile and tell her “Well, the least you could is help a man out” and end it with a laugh. Keep in mind to keep things light and fun. Always ask questions rather than issue statements. Being able to establish a connection matters the most with girls. By doing this, you are indirectly getting information about her personality. This strategy can help you point the direction of your chat towards a direction that’s favorable to you.

The secret to successfully nailing cheesy pick up lines for girls is through the use of psychology and imaging. Apparently, despite the fact that this article is all about cheesy pick up lines for girls, it is not enough to ensure you a solid game plan.

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