Using Pick Up Lines is Not The Best Way To Approach Women

The deliberate use of pick up lines has been popular in contemporary dating.  Some of the pick up lines work, while some simply don’t. Most men don’t realize that the use of pick up lines is not indeed the best way to approach a woman. Many guys believe that it is the best way because of its growing ascendancy.  The phenomenon of the use of pick up lines brought a familiarity complex to women wherein they became immune to such routine. The good thing about this is that, more women are shifting to the old norms of dating which is having substantial conversation and interaction, not the mere outburst of pick up lines.

When men ponder about meeting someone and heading out on a date, they visualize themselves going with someone they have known for a while. Alternatively, someone they have spoken to for more than a few minutes, but there are times during the day when we catch a glimpse of someone that we are instantaneously attracted and fascinated. The vast majority of men simply groans and moves on and let their mind’s eye marvel what might have been. Worse, some men resort to funny pick up lines or dirty pick up lines that are not effective. If you have ever wondered how to approach and pick up a woman you have never met before without the use of pick up lines, here are a few basic tips.

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Using Pick Up Lines For Girls

You need to be pragmatic about your prospect. Flirting with an absolute stranger hardly ever works. You have to hit the exact note straight away or you will likely come off as uncanny or even a bit creepy especially if you start blurting out those funny pick up lines or worse a dirty pick up line. Try to become aware of something about her or something that she is doing that you can connect her in conversation about. If she is reading a newspaper while waiting in line for a meal, make a remark or a quick, funny joke about the food.

If you can make her laugh and alleviate the stress you are both under, you are well on your way to getting to know her. There is a saying that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For women, the quickest way is with humor. You can learn how to pick up a woman easily if you have a quick wit and a great sense of humor, not simply relying on those widely used funny pick up lines, dirty pick up lines, or any pick up lines for girls.

If you don’t have much time to talk, be ready to give her your number quickly, since neither of you will have time to write down anything. It helps to have a business card handy or a similar way for you to exchange information. Don’t expect her to give you her phone number since you’ve only likely been talking for a few seconds. Even if she is congenial enough to take your card, again, do not expect a call since the chances of triumph here are wiry. If you do hear from her, start with an excuse about how awkward your first meeting was and offer to take her for coffee or a drink somewhere else. Learning how to pick up a woman in this kind of environment is going to take extreme practice, but do not get disheartened if you failed.

Know when to let things go. If you approach a stranger in a coffee shop and her tone tells you that she isn’t interested, back off immediately. This can definitely happen if you resort to diry pick up lines. Some girls are not just fond of this kind of openers.  You don’t want to be “that guy” that doesn’t know how to take a hint. You tried, you struck out and hopefully you’ll do better the next time. Learning how to pick up a woman means knowing how to deal with rejection gracefully and maturely.

There are literally hundreds of books that have been written on the subject of how to effectively approach women. Some of these books are about the use of pick up lines in approaching a woman. Although, there are cases that such routine may work, it is not a sure fire way to get a date with the woman. One of the best techniques is to overcome fears; it usually involves lowering the gradient.

Pick Up Lines Are Not The Best Way To Approach Women

Gradients are like steps on a ladder. If you try to go to the top of the ladder on your first step, it will be unattainable and you will be unsuccessful. If you keep trying it repeatedly, you will initiate building up a “complex” about failing, and in a little while not try to any further extent.

If you try to hop up four or five steps on your initial attempt, it will also be frightening and daunting – not essentially unattainable but terrifying.

The correct approach is to take the first step and then advance, take the ladder one step at a time. It is the most comfortable and safe way to climb a ladder. Some men are fond of the short route, which is the use of pick up lines for girls such as funny pick up lines and dirty pick up lines.  The use of pick up lines is not the best way to approach a woman because not all girls are not aware with the humor that comes with such openers.

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Approach Women Effectively

As most guys do, it is very common to approach women in a social setting. When approaching a beautiful woman in a social setting, rather than telling her how beautiful she is and how much you are attracted to her, lower the gradient of approach and simply say, “Hi.” If a girl likes you or is interested in you, she will find a way to continue the conversation. If she does not then I know she is not interested and the simple “Hi” just appears that you are being friendly and courteous.

Don’t ask her, “Do you want to get intimate?”  Take a lower gradient and ask her if she wants to unwind, get comfortable, and just watch TV at your house. If she does not want to get intimate, she certainly won’t want to be alone with you, right? Or rather than trying to suddenly “kiss her”, simply hold her hand or give her light touches every now and again to see how responsive she is to your touch.

In addition, you can even use “multiple choice” as a test of gradients. When planning a date and fearful to approach her directly on the subject of coming over to your house.  You can present various options on what to do so that there will be no possibility of rejection.

These are some examples. When you feel uncomfortable and fearful whether approaching a woman for the first time or someone you are dating, on a subject matter you are uncomfortable with, just try to think of a lower gradient that isn’t as scary and allows you to make forward progress toward your goal. If you do this you will learn how to approach women and how to relate to them very quickly.

Remember, if you are looking for a serious relationship, it is important to start it off on the right way, refrain from using an irrational opener.  Surely, pick up lines can initiate an interaction but it does not guarantee the quality of the conversation.  Be different, think of something worth your effort and stray away from using pick up lines for girls



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