Picking The Right Pick Up Lines

Picking The Right Pick Up Lines

Are you thinking of adding witty pick up lines to your flirting? I’m sure, like most guys, you’d like to have your bag of tricks ready when a situation presents itself. For girls, guys who can make them laugh is a big plus…maybe.

Yes, you read that right, maybe. And pick up lines only work if the girl is receptive.

Actually theres more to a pick up line aside from simply delivering it. You must ooze with confidence, but not too much as you might also become irritating. This is doomsday in my book.

The key to delivering funny pick up lines successfully is confidence. Just chill and let things flow naturaly. Just so you know, she’s not going to bite and no, rejection will not give you a disease. When delivering your lines, never lose eye contact and be as charming as you can be. Below are examples that you can use:

1. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

2. I appreciate the attention, but I’m not just a piece of meat *wink*

3. Screw me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we met before?

Now seriously, I do think these pick up lines are hilarious but depending on the receiver, it can be cheesy and repulsive at the same time. Practice on your delivery though as its the main component in order for a pick line to work. I have friends who use really cheesy lines, but gets away with it. Why?

Presentation and demeanor. They mask it with a joking tone. So the girl ends up laughing and they score!

if you go online, you would see numerous sites that devotes itself to pick up lines that you can use. Try arranging them to fit your persona and approach. For example:

“I own a rocket. First stop your moons, then Uranus!”

Do you get where I’m coming from? Humor varries from one eprson to the next, so be careful as to what you use. Only use those type of lines if you are certain that the girl is into you. Here’s a safer version: If she’s been staring at you all night just walk right up to her and say, “Hey, if you want to come over to my place so much just say it, no need to beat around the bush”.

make certain that the girl is aware that you are just messing around… well, maybe. You have to make sure that your line must be somewhere between the line that divides truth and plain clowing around.

To end, pick up lines sometimes do work. It always depends on how you say it, how you present yourself and how interested the girl is with you to begin with. But if you always find yourself being rejected, then I guess its time to get expert help.

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