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pinoy pick up lines filipino
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The Ultimate Secret to Happiness

Do you want to know the ultimate secret to happiness???

Do you really want to know???


Really really???

Really really really???????

Sorry to burst your bubble but there isn’t any.

Someone once said, “One is free when he knows how to keep in his own hands the power to decide, at each step, the course of his life.”

Too deep? Allow me to give you a concrete example.

A few days ago, during my son’s fair, while I was queued up for horror booth tickets, I hand over the rest of the tickets for the carnival rides over to my 8-year old son so as not to get confused as there were different tickets for the rides, parlor games, computer games, hoops game and the horror booth. Once we got our horror booth tickets, we rush over to the dragon wagon first as the horror booth won’t be open till the next hour. While we were waiting, I ask my son where the tickets I handed him were. He insists he gave them to me when I distinctly remember giving it to him. I had 3 choices:

A.) Get upset and make a fuss over the incident after all those tickets were worth a few hundred bucks.

B.) Insist we go home as we don’t have any more tickets for the rides.

C.) Forget the whole thing and get new tickets.

Can you guess which one I picked???

If you guessed A, you’re wrong. Why would I do that? The sun was (still) shining and we had a blast with all the other rides.

If you guessed B, wrong again. We were waiting in line too long already and we want to ride, ride, ride some more.

If you guessed C, then you’re right!!! Sorry, no prize for you. If you want, come over to our house, I’ll give you yema haha. Kidding aside, why would I want to focus on what we just lost? I was thankful that I didn’t lose any of the kids as there were a lot of people there and the kids were running around all the time. I was glad I didn’t lose anything as I was carrying 2 backpacks, my purse, a ginormous paper bag, 2 cameras and a handycam. I was happy because while we were there screaming our lungs out during the rides, it did not rain even though the clouds were really thick (although sadly, it rained when we left).

In the end, I believe it’s all about choice. I am happy because I choose to be happy. If I spent my time obssessing over the things I lose every single day, I’d always feel miserable. If I complained and whined over problems I have to face everyday, I’d be depressed, not to mention all the wrinkles that would show up on my face.

I may not be the richest, smartest, prettiest (well, to my 3 boys I am haha) but I do appreciate everything and everyone in my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t get upset. Believe me, I do and very often when I’m hormonal. But I try not to dwell on those feelings. I always try to find ways to cheer myself up. That’s what I love about blogging, I get to rant about the things I don’t like and rave about the things I do.

No one thing or one person can guarantee you happiness. It’s all YOU. If there’s one thing I’ve realized in my short life, it’s that happiness lies not in the external world, but within one’s soul.

I hope you find your happiness as well………………….

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Originally posted 2005-05-21 06:31:42.

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