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HTML clipboardI cannot tell you how many times I have been asked by men how to pick up girls. This seems to be an unsolved mystery for many men. You would expect the answer to this question to be pretty straight forward, but unfortunately many people are clueless to the answer. I cannot tell you how many times men have got it wrong, when it comes to understanding girls and how to pick up girls. I’ll try to give a brief answer to this complicated question.
For starters girls are turned off by needy men. The moment you show you are desperate and weak you are out. That is probably the most unattractive feature for a girl. In fact, there was a recent social experiment which confirmed this fact. There was a party in which a large group of single guys and girls attended. At the end of the party, a certain number, a select number I might add of the single men went home with some of the single girls. Quite a few single guys went home alone. The experiment aimed to discover why the girls chose these certain guys and what did these guys who were chosen by the girls have in common with one another. Data was gathered from the experiment but to produce accurate results, the social scientists conducting the experiment decided to throw a few more parties so a clear pattern could appear. So a few parties took place in which the same type of data was collected. At the end the results showed that there indeed was a commonality between the single guys who went home with the girls. The girls said the reason they chose those certain guys, is because they did not appear needy or desperate. Unlike most of the other guys at the parties, these guys did not make themselves so available and did not show that much or any interest in the girls. In other words, they played hard to get. These guys knew how to pick up girls.
Another important factor in picking up girls is confidence. You need to show a high level of self-confidence. Girls admire a man who is confident. Confidence is shown by the way you hold yourself, the way you walk and the way you talk. Many men don’t realise how important it is to appear confident. A lot of men become shy and weak in front of a beautiful girl and that works against them. In most cases a beautiful girl will be dismissive of such a man. You will come across as someone who cannot stand up for her or protect her. Remember, we are all biological creatures and have animal instincts. A girl on the subconscious level is looking for a man to take care of her.
In conclusion, a lack of interest and neediness and self confidence is how to pick up girls. It is much more important then pick up lines, money, a nice car, or good clothes. I know guys that have all of the things I just mentioned and are failures when it comes to picking up girls, because they are needy and lack confidence.
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We’ve heard that American girls dig guys with accents, so we used a hidden camera to test this theory out ourselves. See youtu.be for PART II of this experiment. Visit facebook.com for more info! Filmed by Dan Cohen of: www.youtube.com
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Originally posted 2015-12-29 10:22:08.

Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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