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A planned trip to the carnival lead to the start of a murder and other crimes. Even Daniel has almost fallen victim. While Daniel keeps a close eye on his surroundings, he’s already had Ethan take Jennifer and Clara somewhere far away, for safety.

Over a hundred miles from Daniel, Jennifer and Clara have settled in to where Ethan has taken them. For Jennifer, settling in has meant sulking. "If anything happens to Daniel," she whispered to herself, "it’ll be all my fault. I never should have gone shopping so late. I should have remembered to go when I said I would."

The day before the carnival trip, Jennifer had forgotten to go to the store. She had promised to pick up some things for Daniel, but she let herself be distracted with other things. As the sun started to set, Jennifer remembered, and she hurried to get to the store and back before Daniel noticed she hadn’t gone.

On her way back to Daniel’s apartment, Jennifer felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked back, seeing a familiar face. "Daniel, is that you?"

"I only look like him," the person said. "It’ll make it easier for me to make my request."

"What kind of request?" Jennifer asked the man.

"I need you to get Daniel MacGuinness to the carnival tomorrow. It is imperative that he be there."

"Why don’t you tell him yourself?"

"If I say something, he’ll ask questions. He needs to be completely off guard. All he needs to do is witness something there. But you cannot tell him this. To do so might put both of your lives in danger."

"All I have to do is…tell Daniel to go to the carnival tomorrow? And that’s it?"

The man looked back, then stepped closer to Jennifer. "You must make it look like your own idea to visit the carnival. You must be convincing. And you have to go with him." He leaned in closer to her. "Once you and Daniel MacGuinness are at the carnival, keep an eye on the time. Immediately after noon, you must take him to ride the ferris wheel. Look in that line for a man wearing a t-shirt with a political statement on the front and back. It’ll be anti-Prop E."

"What’s Prop E?" Jennifer interrupted.

"Never mind that. The man will also have an expensive camera hanging at his chest. When you and Daniel get in line, there must be no more than 12 people in line between this man and Daniel. If there will be, then do not get in line. Do other activities nearby instead, and the man will get in line for the ferris wheel again after he rides it. Get in line immediately. It is of the utmost importance that Daniel be on the ferris wheel at the same time as this man." The stranger backed away. "And remember, tell no one what you’ve heard from me. Many lives will be in danger if you do." He ran down the street, and around a corner.

Pick up lines are the most common thing that people would discuss. Most people believe it is the core of each and every relationship for men and women of all ages. Have you ever thought that you can always say the right pick-up line in the right time to captivate just anyone you wish to attract right away?

-Are you serious?

-Well, unfortunately I’m not

Most people tend to highly appreciate pick-lines, especially when it comes to love life and relationships.

As a matter of fact, a lot of men do believe they can easily cover their low self-esteem and lack of skills when saying to a girl the right pick-up line at the perfect time. Furthermore, they are quite convinced that such lines are the one and only hope in finding bliss. Now do you find this hilarious or lame?

Men go beyond their limits and capabilities just to get the right word to say. They do challenge their potentials by getting cheesy, silly and cute pick-up sentences depending mainly on sex-related connotations and just everything your mind could ever come up with. Now a girl’s response to such words would normally be “God! That sucks! Yet again you can call me sometime. You might be silly but you are amusing.” Hence, you should know that pick-up lines are not really worth it as they tell your target girl one thing; “I feel intimated in front of you; that’s why I’m doing my best to cover it.”


However, I am certain that when a man chooses a proper conduct along with communication skills, he can easily make each word coming out of his mouth the most perfect one.

Now tell me when was the last time you got busted when you came up with those cheesy pick-up lines? Actually, I’ve had a bad experience of this thing for years and trust me it’s not nice to be in that situation but again we live and learn.

And girls, I’m positive that you too wonder why men would go that far to get you. Yet they do have their excuses as they have little knowledge about this entire thing.

Having stated that clearly, let me introduce to you some of the cheesiest and ugliest pick up lines that you could ever hear. Have a great time.

1. I’m sure we have met before, haven’t we?
This is an old and uncreative pick-up line said in most cases.

2. Fancy something to drink?
This one too is such an old pick-up line; however, it is still made use of up till this moment. Lame!

3. I know why you look so pale tonight; because you stayed up in my dreams all night long.
This line is quite sweet and cute.

4. Are you a doctor? My heart needs someone to heal it.

5. You are God’s work of art.
Absolutely clueless!

6. I think I would go really well with the color of your skirt.
This has double meanings, so be cautious!

7. Has it been a long flight from paradise to earth?
Lame no one when you get a slap on the face.

8. Do you see me beautiful now, or shall I get you more alcohol?
Well, do it on your account then!

9. I bet they’ve already arrested your mom for stealing pearls and making of them two eyes for you.
Jail is where your original habitat is!

10. If you do not want me to fake my journal, then you should kiss me now.
Well, fake it; it is going to be easier

11. Could you give me some change to make a call? My mother asked me to ring her when I find the right woman.
Now this is horrible!

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