Revealing Pick Up Lines for Girls

HTML clipboardThirty years ago there were very few pick up lines for girls, it wasn’t considered socially acceptable for a girl to approach a guy. Today it has become much more acceptable; in fact it has become mainstream. There are some girls, who are much more proactive then guys when hitting on the opposite sex.
Pick up lines that girls use are quite different than the ones men use and women also have a much easier time delivering pick up lines with success. One reason girls have it much easier then guys, because guys will be much more welcoming when a girl approaches them. In fact, some guys will hope a girl approaches them. A girl can say just about anything to some guys and the guy will be interested in them. Here is a list of pick up lines for girls that are used frequently and you may have heard:
(Brush against him and say) I’m sorry. You look familiar.
(Trip and fall into his lap; then say) I’m sorry! I’m so clumsy.
(If a man is staring, go up to him and say) Well are you going to talk to me or not?
(Send a note via waiter to a man that says) “Here is my phone number. Would you like to have a drink some time? Or, send the waiter with a drink.
Didn’t I see you in GQ?
I was going to double-date with my friend and her date, but mine cancelled. Would you go with me?pick up lines
You look like a real challenge.
My girlfriend thinks we should meet and go out because we’d be perfect for each other.
Hi! You look interesting.
Remember that the same rules apply for women and men! Women should approach men with interest and with the right attitude and confidence. You can’t let the fear of rejection control you, turn the fear into adrenaline and show him how stupid he would be to pass up on you. In any event, the odds are in women’s favor as discussed above. There are many pick up lines for girls, but the key is not to give it much thought. Most men will welcome an approach by women, they have it a lot easier, so there is less of a need to use pick up lines.
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