Romantic Pick Up Lines

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Romantic Pick Up Lines

romantic pick up linesRomantic pick up lines can be used by either a guy or a girl. The majority of pick up lines are so lame and corny until they are just plain ridiculous. Women like to be noticed; therefore, getting their attention is the first priority. Romance does not always have to be so serious. It can be funny, cute, sweet, comical, or sexy. For the most part it should also be clean and pleasant, depending on the other person. Do not forget that the right the setting and the right tone can make the difference between getting or date or getting rejected.

The look on some women face will show whether they are approachable or not. Having a good pick up line has its advantages and disadvantages. The only way to know for sure if the lines work is to use them. Some lines are classic and they work repeatedly without fail and others may need some improvement. Sometimes it is not the line that does not work but the tone of voice in which the line is spoken, may need to be rehearsed. Here a list of pros and cons guys can take to heart when they are looking for the right pick up line to use.

Pros of Using Romantic Pick Up Lines

Some men are just plain lucky when it comes to picking up women. They have the right look, the right sense of humor and their timing is just perfect. Well, unfortunately not all men have this charisma and therefore, they must work on developing romantic pick up lines that actually work.

• Starting the conversation off with a positive and memorable phrase is crucial. This could mean the difference between making it to first base or getting turned down. First impressions mean a lot.
• Use the right tone. Women like to hear pleasantry. They listen out for any signs of anger or fakeness.
• Be positive but not aggressive. Women like men who are sure of themselves. Take control of the conversation if things are going smooth. Women love to be swept off their feet. In fact, they love a strong man with an attitude to match.

Cons of Using Romantic Pick Up Lines

There are some cons and disadvantages to using romantic pickup lines. One of the worst case scenarios is having the lines to back fire. Pick up lines are meant to be starter conversations. Sometimes this works out great and sometimes it does not. Men need to practice with women often so they will not feel awkward when they are in the presence of a beautiful woman.

• Women can tell when men are not sincere. Nothing makes women angrier than to be part of a bet or a pawn. Some women can see right through insincerity.
• Starting off the conversation with dirty jokes can be upsetting to some women. Know what to say and when to say it; if in doubt just make a comment on a personal item being worn.
• Being too aggressive can be a real turn off. Approaching some women with a macho attitude can back fire and hinder any chance of ever getting a date.
Here are some famous romantic pick up lines that are both good and humorous:
• I think heaven took the color from the sea and put it in your eyes
• If you stood in front of the mirror and held up eleven roses, you would see twelve of the most beautiful things in the world
• Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only ten I see
• Do you have a band-aid? I looked at you and Cupid shoot me in my heart
• Let’s sit by the fire and talk
• You are so charming

These are so great examples of great and romantic pickup lines that really do work. Women liked to be the center of attention; just watch television. Finding great pick up lines can be challenging, but the imagination can think of a lot of good lines. Never take women for granted and do not play them cheap. There is nothing more exciting than using great pick up lines to go out on dates with beautiful women.

Great pick up lines can be used at a restaurant, at a bar, at the local grocery store, or even at work, as long as the tone is right. Romance is not always about flowers and candy. However, giving gifts along with romantic words can create favorable results.

Words are very important so being precise and using them in a way that they are understood is crucial. Some words and phrases have double meaning and can be easily misinterpreted. Stay focused, confident, and positive. Try not to be arrogant, aggressive or persistent. These behaviors can become pessimistic and annoying. Keep love alive with great romantic pick up lines.

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