Something Better Than the 100 Best Pick Up Lines Put Together – Attract Her Without Pick Up Lines

I got something more powerful for you than the 100 best pick up lines put together. This is a technique that will easily open the doors with countless girls. While pick up lines do have some benefits and there are a few that actually work pretty well, I believe there are much more effective methods to break the ice with girls.

One such great method is asking for girls for their opinion on something. I know some of you may think that doesn’t sound make sense or that can’t be right, but believe me when I say this is one of the most proven strategies for successfully approaching girls.

Most females like to give their opinion on something, especially if it relates to a topic that interests them. The most popular topics for females are relationships, shopping, clothing, music, art and fitness and health. You can always browse through a women’s magazine to see what is the current popular trend among women.

Once you have picked up a few topics you can ask a female for her opinion on, then the next time you spot a girl you find attractive and want to approach, go up and ask for her opinion instead of throwing pick up lines at her. In most cases, she will happily give you her opinion and it creates an opportunity to get a natural conversation going. This works better than any of the best pick up lines out there.

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Originally posted 2010-10-06 04:15:58.

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