Stupid Pick Up Lines Cheesy

stupid pick up lines cheesy
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Seduction Tips For Men On Catching A Hot And Sexy Woman!

You are sitting at a bar and happen to make eye contact with a HOT girl across the room. You start to muster up a sweat, your heart beats rapidly and you get that nervous feeling inside. You remember being in these situations a dozen times, and nothing ever happens the way you want it to! You either make your way over and when your mouth opens you say something stupid or nothing at all. You can’t understand why a woman so attractive would even make eye contact with you. You start to panic and think that this is hopeless. Does this happen to you?

I have been on the receiving end of situations like these because yes, I am a woman. And yes, I also have men approach me that lack in confidence. Although, a little intimidation can be cute, it also can be a turn off. Most women like to have a man who is somewhat in control. Of course, we don’t want someone controlling and possessive, but a man who knows what direction he is going in and can show confidence is a turn on for us! It’s no fun to be the woman in the relationship who wears the pants! For myself, I like someone who is in control…. I don’t need an auto-pilot!

For you guys out there that are intimidated by women, I have a few pointers.

1. We are just as nervous as you are when you approach us! Always remember that since that could make the situation a little less intimidating. And 99% of the time, when we look at you, we ARE checking you out!

2. Smile a lot. We like to see your pearly whites. We like to see a man who is happy and has a sense of humor!

3. Compliment us! Nothing crazy like, “You must look amazing without your clothes”, but something like, “You look beautiful” or “You have nice hair”. Stay away from, “You look sexy” and the cheesy lines like, “I can see the blue of the ocean in your eyes”. Pick up lines RARELY work.

4. Be gentle when you speak and watch your language. Verbal diarrhea is just as disgusting as the real thing, so speak to us in a gentle and kind manner!

Hope you feel these are some great starters for Seducing and Catching Sexy women!

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Originally posted 2004-03-28 03:26:38.