Sweet Pick Up Lines Aren’t The Solution

sweet pick up lines
Hey baby, want to hear some sweet pick up lines?

Using sweet pick up lines isn’t the way to get a woman into bed. You’ve got to have a game plan. Most guys simply “wing it” when they talk to girls. They’ll open the conversation by asking a predictable question, or offer to buy her a drink, or use some lame pick up line.

Do any of these things happen to you?

* You meet women when you go out to socialize, and you get phone numbers—but those numbers rarely lead to sex in the future. When you call the girl to try to see her again, she acts evasive. Or, you might wind up taking her out once or twice—but there isn’t any “sexual chemistry” during these dates and they end with nothing more than a handshake, a hug, or an awkward kiss on the cheek.

* You’ve been in situations where you had a girl at your place, but you weren’t sure how to escalate. You weren’t sure what to talk about with her, or how (and when) to touch her, kiss her, get things moving towards sex. So, she wound up leaving your place without the deal being closed—and afterwards, you sat there thinking “damn, I fucked that up…”

* It seems like the women you meet are only interested in having a serious relationship. They tell you about their ex-boyfriends or the long-term relationship they recently got out of. They indicate that they want to take things very slowly, or that they’re “not ready” to date someone new. You don’t make any moves because you don’t want to scare them away…but when you do take things slow, things just fizzle out and you wind up getting nothing.

* When you go out to bars and clubs, it seems like the really hot girls are only there to dance with their friends and accept free drinks from guys who they have no intention of sleeping with. They all seem like a bunch of “cock teases.”

The One Night Stands Playbook provides you with the answers to all of these frustrating situations. I’m going to destroy some myths, too—especially the one about girls who want to “take things slow” because they just got out of a relationship. (Often, these girls are totally ready to jump in the sack with you tonight—IF you use the right seduction process.)

All of these problems are solved when you have solid “closing game.” And like I said before, knowing how to seduce women into your bed on the first night not only gets you as much sex as you want—it’s also your roadmap to being able to pick and choose which women you want to date, or enter into a committed relationship with.

Because here’s the harsh truth, my friend…

When you don’t sleep with a woman within 30 days of meeting her for the first time, you probably never will.

Think about that for a moment. Reflect on your past experiences with women that you took on dates and were hoping to score with, but it never worked out.

30 days sounds about right, doesn’t it? Remember those times when you took a girl on two, or three, or five dates…and even though it seemed like the two of you were getting along well, you never slept with her. You didn’t make a move, because you were afraid of messing things up.

Maybe you even slept in the same bed with her and didn’t make a move—because you figured that if you “took it slow” and proved to her that you weren’t like “the other guys,” she’d eventually feel comfortable enough to give you sex.

But you never got any sex. After a while, things just sort of…fizzled out. She started taking longer to return your calls and text messages. When you tried to make plans with her, she suddenly seemed a lot busier than she was before.

And then, she stopped responding to you completely. Or, you got the speech that feels like getting hit in the gut with a baseball bat: “You’re such a great guy, but I like you as a friend…”

The truth is, if you had escalated with that girl using the techniques in this book, and given her great sex—at the end of the first date, or even the first night that you met her—you never would have had to go through that whole awkward dating process.

And you could have banged her. The only thing holding you back was your fear. Even the girls who say they want to take things slow will go out and meet some “bad boy” at a bar who screws them on the first night. It happens to all of them.

Let me relate some of my own personal experience here, since I used to be a guy who was fairly confident, had a good sense of humor, and was able to meet women without much of a problem, yet I had a really hard time getting into the “end zone.”

I used to go out to bars and nightclubs all the time; during my years living in Las Vegas, I would go out four or five nights a week! I had enough social contacts, and I was funny and personable enough, to always meet women (especially after I’d consumed a few drinks and was buzzing with “liquid courage”).

But very rarely did I sleep with a girl the same night that I met her. In fact, even though I met girls every time I went out—and got phone numbers—those numbers rarely resulted in SEX.

The reason for my failure was that I wasn’t really trying to get girls to come home with me. I didn’t have the “closer mindset.” Instead, I’d talk to them, buy some drinks, maybe dance with them…but instead of aiming to bang them that night, I was imagining seeing them again for a “date” and trying to take things to the next level when I saw them again.

I didn’t want women to think that I was “only after one thing.” I thought that by being a laidback “nice guy” who didn’t seem to have any expectations, I would earn their trust and they would want to hang out with me again.

So I’d get the girl’s phone number, call her a day or two later, and try to arrange something. These phone chats (if I managed to get them on the phone) were usually weird and awkward. She would seem like she didn’t remember exactly who I was, or she’d sound distracted. Then when I tried to suggest meeting up, I’d hear excuses about how “busy” she was, or she’d tell me she would call me back, or she’d say we could hang out the week after next…but it never happened.

Instead of getting flat-out rejected at the bars and clubs, this was more like a form of slow-motion humiliation.

This puzzled and frustrated me, because when we met it seemed like she was into me. We drank, we danced, we laughed, we told each other about our lives, our pets, our goals and plans…so how come when I contacted her a day or two later, she acted like she barely knew who I was?

The reason, as I learned, is that your opportunity to close the deal is when the two of you are in the “romantic bubble.” This is when the two of you are bonding during that first conversation, connecting with each other…having fun, soaking up the energy of the place, maybe buzzing a from the alcohol…it feels like no one else in the room matters. It’s just you and her.

This is your moment…your golden opportunity to see this through to the conclusion that both of you want deep-down: sex. It may very well be your only opportunity. Because by the time she gets home, that bubble has dissolved. By the next day, it’s usually nothing more than a hazy memory. She has returned to her daily routine—dealing with the stresses of her job, hanging out with her friends, maybe caught up in dealing with other guys. She might have a boyfriend she didn’t tell you about, or an ex who is trying to get back with her and occupying her thoughts.

In her mind, I’m no longer “Dean, the writer with the fun personality who she met at the bar last night.” I have been reduced in her mind to, “some guy she met at a bar.” (That doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?)

Instead Of Using Sweet Pick Up Lines, Get The One Night Stands Playbook…

The One Night Stands Playbook is designed to help you do two things:

1 – Create the “romantic bubble” with women that makes a One Night Stand possible. (Women are always talking about “chemistry”—they want to feel like they’re “supposed” to be with the guy who winds up taking them home, as if it was meant to be. I’ll show you how to create this chemistry by combining the right ingredients.) This requires you to start the interaction the right way, converse with her the right way, and say and do things to make her feel sexually attracted to you and up for sex tonight.

During this process, you’re also going to make sure that you Gather Intell so that you determine whether she’s a good candidate for a One Night Stand possible. This means finding out the answers to several key questions. You don’t want you to waste your time using these techniques on girls who, for whatever reason, cannot hook up with you tonight.

(And if she mentions that she has a boyfriend, this should not faze you. Later on, I’ll explain why girls who say they have boyfriends can be easy to seduce…)

2 –  Next, you’re going to learn how to escalate and get her into your bed—in a way that feels comfortable and natural to her. You will overcome the Four Concerns that are hard-wired into the female brain…because no matter how smooth your tactics are, if she still has suspicions and fears about going home with you, she will come up with a reason not to be with you tonight.

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