Get the Girl of Your Dreams with these Sweet Pick Up Lines

sweet pick up linesPick up lines – particularly sweet pick up lines – have been around and have been used for so many years now. Men use them on girls to get noticed, break the ice, or simply to show interest. Although anyone can easily come up with sweet or cute pick up lines; it is important that men should throw out the best one there is. This is because most of the time, men only have one shot in making a good impression on a girl. Using the best pick up lines could potentially get you to where you want to be.

Telling a girl “Why do you look so good every single time that I see you? Can’t you take a break so that I can focus on other things?” is a very good way to complement her looks. Be reminded that women spend quite a long time dressing up and looking their best, especially for a night out in the bar. They make sure that they wear the best clothes just so they get noticed and appreciated. Giving her such sweet pick up lines will make her think that the effort and time that she has invested in looking good was all worth it.

Tips When Using Sweet Pick Up Lines

“Do you remember that time when you are a little girl and you begged your mommy to buy a doll that you liked so much? That is exactly how I feel about you.” This line is one of those sweet quotes that could potentially sweep the girl off of her feet. There is nothing much sweeter for the girl than knowing that the guy only has his eyes on her. In a sea of other women, particularly in a crowded club, it is a very big deal to be noticed and treated as the apple of a guy’s eye (especially if there are also women who are fighting to get his attention as well.

There are so many men who think that the way to get the girl is to be submissive. Many may not know it but women are attracted to men who exude power. Giving the line “It is not my fault that I fell in love. You tripped me!” gives a message that the man is not in to merely give in to whatever demand the girl may have. This tactic works by giving women the impression that men could also be just as powerful as they are. This is because most women make use of the advantage that they are giving men a favor just by talking with them.

More Tips about Sweet Pick Up Lines

It is not a surprise that most men who use sweet pick up lines on girls, especially in clubs, are mostly looking for someone to take home. Girls are also well aware of this, too. The trick here is to make use of the right words or figurative languages to let the girl know that you are not merely in for some chitchat. Using the lines “Will you help my find my puppy? I think it is in a hotel room” is a very effective line to get the right message across. This is not too out there; yet is still able to let your intentions be known.

Cute and funny quotes are one of the best ways to attract a girl and get her to be your date through the night. The key is to use the right lines in the most appropriate situation. Keep in mind that, sometimes, looks and status are not just the things that you need; the right pick up lines just might be all you need. The use of sweet pick up lines could potentially get you the girl of your dreams.

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