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Old Ford pick-up

Old Ford pick-up Image by Baileyusa115 With a custom primer paint job! It looked like it was pretty well done, and the black stripe in the belt line dimple contrasted the brown pretty well. Why are sweet talk pick up lines important? Well, for one thing, watching another guy introduce himself to a girl – without breaking a sweat –…

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Yat Ming 1938 Ford Pick-up

Yat Ming 1938 Ford Pick-up Image by PMC 1stPix 1/64 Yat Ming 1938 Ford Pick-up making a qucik stop in downtown Mystic Beach. When this old girl needs a little oil, you got to stop what you’re doing and give her some…after all she’s 72 years old. The term “Internet meme” refers to a catchphrase or concept that spreads rapidly…

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