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Girls Live Here

Girls Live Here Image by NCM3 Dang, those girls have a lot of stuff, and that bathroom is atrocious. Someone should talk to the parents about that. So, you’re caught in a situation where you suddenly find yourself alone with a girl. You know that the right thing to do is to start a conversation, but you don’t know exactly…

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This is sure to attract women visitors here. =D

This is sure to attract women visitors here. =D Image by ??? L!n! HOT RIGHT?! =P It’s easy to attract women when you understand how to impress women. If you believe that it’s enought to attract women by physical looks alone, then you are wrong. It’s very easy to attract women when you start out with a good personality. If…

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Come here often?

Come here often? Image by jeffreyw whats4dinnersolutions.wordpress.com/2010/08/14/saturday-m… Are you trying to use pick up lines to get women? Call pick up lines corny, scruffy or unwanted, but as long there are men and women to catch their attention, men will persist in using lines to pick up women. You may ask yourself – why do they do it? The answer…

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