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How You Can Get Girl To Like You

How You Can Get A Girl To Like You With the multitudes of pretty girls that you are surrounded with almost every day of your life, for sure there will be that one single girl with a pretty face and wonderful smile who stands out from the rest. Yes, I know, you want to get this single girl and claim…

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How To Steal A Girl From Her Boyfriend

How To Steal A Girl From Her Boyfriend by Dean Cortez Isn’t it frustrating when you’re rapping to a girl, and she seems into you…and then she drops the “B” bomb? (AKA, she mentions the fact that she has a BOYFRIEND.) Well, did you know that it’s actually EASIER to hook up girls who say they have boyfriends?This used to…

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Getting Girls to Notice You

Getting Girls to Notice You When you enter a room, you want to get attention from the ladies right away, but it is not that simple. When you want to get the attention you want, you can do one of two things: act like the most self-assured man in the world or just be your plain friendly and gregarious self….

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