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Super Cheesy Pick-Up Lines Part 2

Due to a lot of requests this is part 2 of Super Cheesy Pick-Up Lines. Some are from You Tubers whom left comments on Part 1. 1) Hey~ What’s up girl. How have you been. Wow you look so beautiful. It’s me. It’s me. From your dreams. I’m your knight in shining armor. 2) Yo Yo Yo Yo YO Oh~…

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Girl meets butterfly meets girl (part VIII)

Girl meets butterfly meets girl (part VIII) Image by e³°°° Vlindertuin Berkenhof, Zeeland www.davidwygant.com How To Meet Hot Women In Bars Without Pickup Lines. Learn exactly what turns women on (and what turns them off immediately) when they see you in a bar, and find out how to meet women you most want without ever having to use another cheesy…

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Boy meets Girl Part Deux

Boy meets Girl Part Deux Image by lecercle Boy from Bombay slums meets girl from suburbs. Girl’s family object to boy. Girl is about to be married off but boy murders the groom. Boy is killed during shoot-out. While visiting relatives in Sydney, girl meets boy’s identical twin, who has been separated from boy one at birth and raised as…

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