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Pick Up Lines Dumb Girls

pick up lines dumb girls

Beautiful Nigeria & other African women

7 Tips for Getting More Sex with Hot Girls on Facebook

Facebook has grown into the best place in the world to search for hot girls. Not just search for them, but to actually get them interested in you and end up having sex, or a relationship. Facebook changed dating. I don’t know whether it killed it or gave dating a rebirth – probably both. In a way it’s bad – people are “socializing” on their computer, and are maybe more awkward in real life. Millions got ADDICTED to Facebook, and basically “live” there. Their entire social life is based on “pokes” “comments”, Wall to Walls, Facebook’s Chat, and LIKE-ing. And, in a way, it’s sad. Because it’s not REAL. And using Facebook and ONLY Facebook to get a date will, eventually, lead you to getting less dates – since you’ll be a loser in real life.

Instead of getting addicted to using and searching for a date on Facebook – try to find a way to complement the two – FB and Real Life. Use Facebook as a supplement, not a main meal. A lot of guys are spending their entire day SPYING on girls on Facebook, and daydreaming about having sex with her. Then they switch to watching porn. Or they “poke” her or send her a Friends Request and pray for a reply, which most guys don’t get. There are A LOT of really hot girls on Facebook, and – to be honest – they’re doing the SAME thing as guys are. Spying on each other, and ofter searching for Mr. RIGHT GUY. Maybe YOU are that guy. Or not. Anyway – here are a few tips that will get you A LOT more sex than you are currently getting (or not getting) from all those Facebook hotties.

1 – Turn OFF Facebook and go DO something.

For a change, do something with your life, instead of being a Spectator, watching other people do stuff – go OUT and do something useful. Learn a language, go study something, join a Gym, TRAVEL, meet with a member of the opposite sex. Do something interesting. The more time you spend OFF Facebook, doing something USEFUL with your life, the more you’ll have to TALK about once you start Chatting with a hot girl on Facebook. You’ll also become a more valuable person, so it will be easier to get her attracted.

2 – Imagine you are HER

Imagine you are a HOT girl on Facebook. Guys are jerking off to your pictures, sending you Friends Requests, “poking” you and begging you for a second of attention. You feel really BAD, like a prom-queen on steroids. You get so many messages from desperate chumps that you need a secretary to reply to all of these messages. So – WHO will you notice? Which kind of guy will get you thinking “Hm… I’d like to find out more about his guy, who is he?”. THINK Like she thinks – or at least try. Once you can look at yourself – from HER perspective, it will be a lot easier to approach her, and make a good first impression.

3 – Keep in touch with people you’ve met

When you meet someone, hang out for a night etc. If you meet a new person through mutual Friends, you’ll probably add him/her through Facebook. Try to keep in touch with people. TAKE INITIATIVE. Don’t be a stalker, but take some initiative. Organize things. Call some friends – AND the new person to go out together and “bring some friends if you want”. This way you’ll be connecting other people as well, and they’ll make a good impression of you. IF you know person A (new) that thinks highly of you then it is MUCH easier to send a Friends Request to his/her hot girlfriend that you want to have sex with. Especially if you KNOW that person A is in good relationships with person B. So, follow up – don’t just meet someone that’s cool and never make contact again. This is all important Because:

4 – You have to become more popular

Because, more popular means = Attractive. And attractiveness can be conveyed in many different ways and can mean many different things. When a girl looks at your profile – she usually knows within 2 minutes (if she even spends that much time on your Facebook Profile) whether she wants to have sex with you or not. She may not want to have sex immediately, but she might consider you “countable” or not. If you have a lot of friends – that think you are COOL, fun, hot – whatever. If people are ACTIVE on your Profile. Commenting on pictures, “Liking” your stuff etc. Hot girls will NOTICE that and will treat you ACCORDINGLY. If a hot girl thinks you are boring – it’s usually because it SEEMS like others are treating you like a boring person (no respect).

5 – Be UNIQUE.

In a positive way. Whatever you can do to be different from the pack of guys running after her – do it! Don’t tell her everything about yourself, don’t ask her dumb questions, don’t BRAG and try to show off in any way. Be REAL. Relaxed, confident, non-threatening. If you can distinguish yourself from all the other monkeys, you’ll end up having sex with her.

6 – Preparing is half the job.

Yes – be READY. You can “jump right in there” and try to pick her up with some stupid pick up lines, or you’ll try to grab her attention in another way, but look – being prepared is much better than just “going for it”. What does being prepared mean? It means  that you should OBSERVE her behavior. What is she like, what does she do, how does she think etc. etc. Find out as much as possible about her by observing her actions on Facebook, and her REACTIONS to your interaction (once you start communicating). If you know where to look, you’ll know enough about her that it will be MUCH EASIER to seduce her, and get her in love with you before you even meet up in real life.

7 – Don’t overpromise. Underpromise – then, overdeliver.

I hope this made some sense. What most guys do is make a girl think that they are WAY cooler than they actually are. They talk a bunch of nonsense, “pose” on pictures etc. etc. act as if they were someone that they aren’t (basically, they’re being FAKE), and then – when they meet up with the girl in real life and think that the “deal is sealed” the girl suddenly figures out that they’re just a desperate loser posing as a cool guy – and they DUMP you before they even had sex with you. Simple – BE WHO YOU ARE. Be Real. If you have nothing valuable to talk about – go, create something. Do something. Then go back to meeting girls. The best recipe for getting more sex through Facebook is by being a surprise. If you’ve never met her before in real life – you’ll make a ten times better impression if you OVERdeliver by being COOLER than she expected before she decided to go “hang out for a drink” with you. Never, ever, ever ask a girl whether she wants to go on a “date” by the way, that’s certainly not going to get her in your bed.

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Pick Up Lines Dum

pick up lines dum

Jazz Arabic Music Interactive


As you know, the roots of jazz come from West African and Arab cultures.
The researcher Gunnar Lindgren wrote an article on this topic that was published on the Internet, (which Professor Andrew Shenton emailed to me). Lindgren mentions in his research that Blues come from the word “BLA” which meant “black” in old West African language. I also found that the roots from the word “blues” come from the Arabic language, because BALA AZRAQ in Arabic means dark blue which refers to what we might translate as sadness, catastrophe, or calamity.

I have heard here in our jazz course some of vocal melisma which commons in Arabic singing style practically in blues and cool jazz. In general the voice of the cool singing sounds like an Arabic sliding chant, especially the style of Ella Fitzgerald, or Chat Baker.
I noticed also that the instrumental performance included many ornamental tones, which the musician added to the skeleton of the main melody. The musicians enrich the melody when they articulate the tones in vibrato. They also add many protamento and glissando between the tones. e.g. Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillenspie and Charlie Parker.
The following are some of the similar elements:
1. In common cases the tone pitches in Arabic music are of unequal temperament, making the intervals between the tones inexact, theses intervals are measured approximately in cent units such as: the 1/2 tone equal approximately to 100 cent, and the whole tone 200 cent. And also 3/4 tone (which only exists in the Arabic Quarter Maqamat) is equal to approximately 150 cent.
2. There are many tonal ornaments in instrumental melodies and some vocal melisma in singing styles.
3. The musicians exaggerate their use of vibrato.
4. The musicians exaggerate the articulation of portamento and glissando.
5. If the musicians repeat one melody in unison or coupled octaves, you will hear features of heterophony— each melody will have different details of ornamentation and timing of trill.
6. The syncopation of rhythm and spontaneous improvisation are common in both jazz and Arabic music.
7. The contrabass plays always in pizzicato (plucked).
8. Many musical pieces (both instrumental and vocal) have no scores, which means that the music is performed directly from memory.
9. Sometime the Arabic singer improvise vocalize in pronounce-syllabic “Ya Liel & Ya Ein” which means in Arabic Night & Eyes. This vocal Improvisation called in Arabic “Mawwal”.

The ethnomusicologist Sven Berger maintains that many European musical instruments have been developed from Arabic predecessors, especially pizzicato and arco string instruments (pizzicato means plucked and arco means bow). These instruments reached Europe by way of Spain.

I personally believe that the guitar developed from the lute, and the zither from the Qanun, and the Violin from the Rebab which in Arabic is called “Rababa.”
Furthermore, I think we all know that the harp comes from ancient Egyptian civilization.
The traditional ensemble of Arabic music consists of small group called “Takht” (2 violins, the cello, nay, oud, qanun and the req . In traditional contemporary Egyptian music, most composers use chamber orchestra called “Ferqa” (which consists of bowed-string instruments (without viola)). There are often solos by the guitar, nay, saxophone, oud, (sometime trumpet), and percussion section (mainly daraboka and req)
Description of some Arabic Instruments:

The Oud: is a plucked instrument with 6 doubled strings whose resonance box (called the “sound board”) is made of wood in an elliptical shape. (The strings are tuned from thicker to thinner strings in musical degrees: {C-1,F-1,A-1,D+1,G+1,C+2}. The player plucks the strings with a pick to produce a typical tremolo, a deep and mellow sound.
The Qanoun: is a plucked string instrument (like the typical zither) and is a descendent of the old Egyptian harp. It has 26 tripled nylon strings which are strung across a narrow trapezoidal sound board. The strings are tuned in about 3 and 1/2 octaves from G-2 up to D+2. The instrument is played flat on the lap of the musician. The strings are plucked with 2 picks attached to the index finger of each hand.
The Nay: dates back to ancient Egyptian civilization in the third century B.C. It is a simple wind instrument, made of a hollow bamboo pipe, with openings on two sides. The nay has 7 holes on the front and 1 on its underside. The player blows across the top opening of the pipe to make a sentimental and melancholic sound. The nay is made of several pipe-lengths to cover different ranges. A highly skilled nayist can reach as many as 3 octaves.

The Arabic Violin: is the same as the western violin but its strings are tuned to G-1, D+1, G+1, D+2. The technique, however, is completely different from western articulation, especially in the ornamentation, trill, portamento (which refers to sliding “glissando”), vibrato, and flageolet.
The Req: is the most common hand percussion instrument in traditional Arabic music. It is a typical tambourine, but the frame is covered on one side with a goat or fish skin. Pairs of metal discs are set into the frame to produce the “jingle” when the struck by the hand. The sound of the Req sets the rhythm of classical Arabic music.
Darabokka “tabla”: is a membranophone of goat or fish skin stretched over a vase-shaped container with a narrow neck, usually made of clay. The player places the “tabla” under the left arm and strikes the middle to produce strong beats (“Dum”) and on the edge for sharp-weak beats: (“Tak”).
Technical Terms presented in order of appearance in the text:
Arabic Musical Terms:
Arabic Music: Music that uses special musical scales which in Arabic are called Maqamat, (singular of Maqamat is Maqam).
Dum & Tak: Strong & weak beats in percussion, especially used by the Darabokka and Req.
Maqam: Arabic scale. (Maqamat is the plural of Maqam).
Gens: Tetrachord. (Agnas is plural of Gens).
Quarter Maqamat: Maqamat which involves 3/4 tones between some of its intervals.
Quarter tone: An interval between 2 semitones which moves up or down around 50 cent.
Three Quarter tone: An interval equal to about 150 cent.
Mawwal: Solo vocal improvisation (called in instrumental improvisation “Taqasiem”).
Takht: Ensemble consisting of 1 oriental violin, 1 oud, 1 nay,1 qanoun, 1 req and 1 singer.
Ferqa: Chamber orchestra consisting of about 15 players (generally the takht + chorus + String group without viola).

Western Musical Terms related to Arabic music:
Interval: The difference in pitch between 2 tones, measured in cent units. The temperate half-tone is equal to 100 cent; and the octave includes 12 half-tones equal to 1200 cent in total. Intervals are regularly counted from the lower tone to the higher. In Arabic music the microtonal interval is used commonly, the most important interval is the 3/4 tone which equals 150 cent approximately. Each interval has 3 parameters—1) movement up or down, 2) the degree (from the first to the eighth), and 3) the type of interval: major-minor-perfect-diminished and augmented. Tetrachord: The 4 scale-tones which contain the interval of a perfect fourth. (In Arabic music, this Perfect fourth could be a diminished “Saba” or an augmented pentachord-”Eqd”.

Melisma: Vocal ornamental tones added to the main melody of the song (common in Arabic vocal music).
Ornaments: Grace notes added to the main skeleton of the melody. In Arabic music this is usually not notated in the musical score.
Portamento: A smooth gliding from tone to another, primarily in string instruments with the exception the harp.
Glissando: The exaggeration of slower portamento—easy for strings, difficult for wind, impossible for acoustic keyboard instruments.
Vibrato: A sort of shaking of the pitch which makes the tone more beautiful, deep, warm and magnified; common for string and wind instruments, impossible for acoustic keyboard instruments.
Pitch: The perceived fundamental frequency of the musical tones. Each musical tone has a specific pitch which is measured in Hertz units. The tone A+1 is considered the standard tone for the orchestra. In the US the standard A+1 equal 440 Hz. In Arabic music it is a little lower, around 425 Hz.
Temperament tones: In western music the octave is divided equally into 12 half-tones. This means that all sharp & flat tones have the same pitch, like the equivalence of a C sharp and D flat in keyboard instruments. This system is called “equal temperament”. The 48 fugues of Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is considered the pioneer of the temperament system. In Arabic music the octave is divided into unequal 24 quarter-tones. This means that the sharp & flat tones do not have the same pitch. For example the C sharp is a slightly higher than the D flat and vice-versa. This means that the system of Arabic Maqamat is of unequal temperament. Therefore the tempered keyboard instrument like the Piano is not convenient to perform Arabic music practically the quarter tones Maqamat . The string & wind instruments can perform clearly the fine differences between the unequal intervals.
Cent: The unit used to measure the intervals. The half tone is equal to 100 cent, and the whole tone 200. In Arabic music the 1/4 tone is equal to approximately 50 cent and 3/4 tone is equal to approximately 150 cent. It is difficult for the human ear to recognize the fine difference in “intonation” between about (1- 10) cents, especially in very low & high registers.
Octave: The interval between one tone to another with half or double its frequency. The octave also exists on the 8th tone above or under any tone. In western music, the octave includes 12 tempered 1/2 tones. The Arabic scales—Maqamat—commonly have diminished octaves which contain only 22 unequally tempered 1/4 tones.
Heterophony: Subjective variations in the details of a single melody when it is performed simultaneously by more than one instrument or voice in unison or coupled octaves.
Subdominant: The fourth degree (IV) from the tonic (I) in a diatonic scale. This tone exists below the dominant (V). In Arabic music, the most important degree is the (IV) not the (V) like in western classical music. This degree is considered a vital tone to construct a melody. Also in the cadence, the melodic line reaches the tonic through the subdominant. (Baroque music might be influenced by this cadence, as in the plagal cadence in Bach’s fugues ).

Neapolitan: A major chord built on the lowered second “supertonic” of the scale in the first inversion (flat II6) or (N6). This chord will called a Neapolitan sixth chord. The traditional Neapolitan chord dates back to the 18th century composers of Italian opera. However, the original Neapolitan chord dates back to both the Maqam Higaz and Kord (similar Phrygian), which was distinguished by the lower second degree.

Lectures of Prof.Dr. Andrew Shenton in jazz course, BU College of Fine Arts, (May-June 2007).

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Pick Up Lines Dumb

pick up lines dumb
pick up lines dumb

Tres hechos que la opción perfecta por artista

Sólo las pocas palabras "cómo atraer a una chica" envía un ambiente sensacional en todo el cuerpo. Estas no son las palabras que sólo se preocupa con la persona que ha estado en las relaciones anteriores, pero incluso aquellos que nunca han estado en relación siente muy emocionado, sobre el tema. Estos son básicamente los síntomas entre las personas con las edades mayores adolescentes y adultos jóvenes. Genéticamente a la persona en estos grupos de edad tiene niveles más altos de la secreción de hormonas y tienen tendencia a llegar atraídos por el sexo opuesto. Esto es sólo un natural fenómeno. Pero acostumbrarse a las chicas no sería tan natural.

Habría dos tipos de niños a su alrededor, una los que están lo suficientemente bueno con las chicas que tiene una fila completa de ellos a sus espaldas. Y los otros son aquellos que sólo han estado buscando a las niñas, y todavía están buscando y en el futuro próximo estaría buscando si siguen pasando de esta manera. Acercarse a las chicas o ser un servicio de recogida artista es bastante simple cuando se le acaba después de algunos pasos a la perfección. La primera impresión es la última impresión y asegúrese de que cuando por primera vez frente a una chica con la que salir de allí sin posibilidad de distracción. Tener confianza, ser maduro y sólo regalar que el comportamiento infantil. Si usted está llevando su imagen linda niña hermosa, entonces usted va a obtener un muchacho como de tratamiento. Así que el trozo fresco que acaba de llevarse a la niña en la primera mirada.

Además de ser seguro de que también tienen que ver cómo preséntate ante las chicas. Especialmente los que aman a su aspecto peludo que tomar una acción seria en este contexto. Tiene un corte de pelo bonito, construir un buen físico, tiene un buen par de pantalones vaqueros y una camisa y ser el hombre limpio y ordenado. Estas cosas impresionar a una chica en gran medida. Las chicas les encanta a los niños que están ordenadas y limpias en sus miradas. Y después de esto el que se interactúa y hablar con las chicas. Simplemente no creo que su comportamiento calmado y tranquilo que le hará ningún bien. Ella simplemente piensa que como hombre tonto y aburrido. Así que abra usted mismo antes de ser positivo. Hablar con ella, que ella sabe cómo se siente y decirle tus sentimientos. Estas son las cosas que a menudo llamar la atención y se juega papel crucial. Mantenga la calma y confianza, y se comportan de una manera sensible y en algunos momentos se También se puede poner en las esencias de malicia. Esto le ayudará a sentir que no son sólo el bueno, pero puede ser travieso y encantador en algunos momentos también. Puede utilizar algunos piropos mientras interactúa. Esto aliviaría el estado de ánimo.

Estas tres cosas son realmente debe y debe tener en cuenta estos cuando se acerca una chica y quiere ser el artista recoge, a continuación, puede unirse a nuestra comunidad en línea de PUA en: www.puaforums.com

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