Good Things to Talk About with a Girl to Keep the Conversation Going

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Good Things to Talk About with a Girl to Keep the Conversation Going

cute pick up linesMost guys need help with talking to women, so that they don’t need to fall back on corny pick up lines. So what are some good things to talk about with a girl? This is one question that has been plaguing the minds of many men who are looking to start and get into a decent conversation with a woman. With everything that can be talked about, which of those should you use to create a good first impression? Take note that not all topics are created equal and there will always be those that are more favored. There are six features that a good topic should have. It should be able to build rapport, create an emotional state, is three-dimensional, keep the conversation going, display your attractive qualities, and it should lead to sexuality.

What better things to talk about with a girl than gossip? Gossip will always be an effective tool in knowing the opinions and emotions of the person that you are sharing the information to. Such kinds of topic never fail to spark the interest of anyone. Share an issue or scandal that a friend has gotten his self into and ask her opinion and feelings on it. You can even make up your own intriguing scandals about relationships and sex. The more intriguing and twisted it is the better.

If there is one thing that will leave us talking non-stop about one thing, it has to be our passions and interests. One good question to ask a girl is one that what sparks her interest and allows her to talk about it. This gives the girl the impression that you are not a self-centered guy who only wants to talk about his self and actually cares about the other person. In turn, also talk about yours. Knowing that you are very passionate about something only gives the impression that you can make up your own mind and is confident enough to make decisions on your own.

Topics Of Conversation To Avoid

Talking about how you are right now can be a big bore. Do not do this and talk about you early struggles instead. Give her a brief account of how your childhood was like and introduce her to those people who are a big part of it. Also tell her the sacrifices that you have to do in order for you to be in the position that you are in right now. This will be very effective if you are already a very successful professional right now. In such conversations, girls will see you as a guy who is determined to achieve all of his goals and aspirations in life.

Talks about travelling will always spark a girl’s interest as all of us enjoy going and experiencing new places. What you should do here is to allow the girl to talk first. Allow her to tell you about all the places that she has been in. Afterwards, give her stories of your own too. Make sure that you have figured out the stories that will tell beforehand. Do not narrate the list of all the places that you have been to. You would not want to turn out to be a bragger. A man who loves travelling is a turn on for many girls.

Steer away from going into “interview mode” and ask her about her work, address, number of siblings, and so on. These are not good questions to ask a girl as they have already been killed with years and years of misuse and overuse. Whatever topic you pick to talk about, ensure that a dull moment never exists and that you should keep it going, Take note of the six things that a good conversation should have and use this as your guide to pick out good things to talk about with a girl.

Examples Of Topics To Talk About With Girls

No set topics to talk about with a girl exist. Girls, just like boys, are highly eclectic resulting varying interests and likes. Still, there are some good things that you can discuss with her. If you are trying to hit it off with a girl, make sure that the topics of your conversation will interest her on a personal note. In order to do this, you will have to do some researching and find out what they are. Take note of the thing that she commonly talks about. From these, take a cue and make them the basis for a conversation that you wish to start with her. Still, there are some suggested generic topics that might get a good conversation going between the both of you.

Each one of us has own share of passion and interests. Therefore, making it as one of the topics to talk about with a girl will be a good idea. Ask the girl what she does during her free time which gives her great pleasure. This is a good idea if you want to get to know the girl little better since she will be able to open up about her passions. At this point, make sure that you properly listen and react to everything that she has to say, even if it is not of your interest or forte. As the conversation is running and she chances about talking a common hobby; jump into the chance and open up about it as well. Talking about a hobby that you mutually like is a good way to hit it off.

Another one of the effective things to talk about with a girl is the subject that concerns her current job. There are so many interesting topics that can turn up on the subject of jobs such as the work environment, boss, colleagues, and corporate culture. Talk about the impending future and ask her where she sees herself in the near future as far as her career is concerned. It will also be a good idea to talk about your job as well. This topic can be very interesting especially if you share a workplace or work under the same boss.

Questions to ask a girl that are relevant to her likes and dislikes may be under the topic of her passions and interest. However, it is important to note that not all her likes may be considered a passion. There is a wide variety of questions that you can ask a girl with regards to this aspect. Ask her about her favorite color, game, sports, and many others. Also get to know the things that annoys or disgust her. The information that you will gather from this talk will be very helpful should you decide to pursue her. This will give you a clear idea of the things that will tick and those that will not.

Another topic that will be of interest to both of you is pop culture. This wide topic can branch out to the aspect of music, movies, and celebrities. Ask her questions about her favorite music genre of what her top favorite chick flicks are. Also ask her about her favorite actress or singer. Never forget to talk about less serious topics as well that are more in the lines of the funniest thing that she has ever done. This will make the talk more cheerful and light.

With so many things to talk about with a girl, you should never feel the need to try romantic pick up lines. Make sure that you inject some good jokes to keep things light and airy. Also do not forget to talk a little about yourself too; do not make it a one-way communication process. Keep in mind that the key in being successful in this feat is to properly pick out the topics to talk about with a girl..

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Originally posted 2011-11-19 07:30:25.

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