Tips On How To Talk To Women

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Tips On How To Talk To Women

how to talk to girls

There’s no doubt that meeting women can be really difficult. So once you meet them, you don’t want them to tune out as soon as you start talking.

Figuring out how to handle the first few interactions and conversations with a girl can be tricky, and if you blow it — and have no idea what to talk about with a girl — you might not get another chance.

So what should you talk with a girl you recently met, or are meeting for the very first time? For starters, you should show her that you’re interested in her and what she has to say, and you should also give her the impression that you’re a mature guy who can handle a relationship (even if you’re not looking to be in a relationship, women should sense that you’re capable of it). That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But as you know, this stuff is never THAT easy. Talking to girls can be a challenge for any of us.

This is because when you’re talking to girls, what’s even more important is knowing what you should NOT say.. Mentioning certain topics to a girl can cause her to immediately lose interest in you. To try and help you keep the conversation going, here are a couple of things you should never say to a woman you just met.

Marriage and Kids

Don’t even go near this issue until you know the girl very well. Sure, she might be interested in marriage and kids for herself, but when you blurt out that you’re eager to find someone to marry and start a family it only makes you look desperate. There’s really no good way to talk about this early on in a relationship so it’s best just to stay away from it completely.

Serious Relationships

Whether you want a serious relationship or not, don’t ever let on that you’ve never been in one. If she thinks you don’t have any “relationship potential,” she probably won’t want to waste her time with you.

Mom Talk

Regarding things to talk about with girls (and NOT talk about), one more tricky subject to navigate is mothers. As a rule, you should never compare her in any way to her mother. Mother-daughter relationships can be very complicated and it’s not an area you should try to get involved in.

Also, you might think that talking about your mom makes you seem like a sensitive guy, but it really will probably just make you look like a mama’s boy, and that’s not gonna get you many second dates. After all, no woman wants to think she’ll be competing with your mommy for your affections.

I hope you enjoyed in this article, and will benefit from these guidelines on what to talk about with a girl.

Originally posted 2011-05-10 09:13:12.

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