Tips on Picking up Girls at the Mall

Tips on Picking up Girls at the Mall

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Do you think that malls are not great places to meet girls? A mall is a wonderful resource for beautiful and young ladies who man the check-out counter or who watch over the goods in retail stores. But a word of caution for you: You may only do your job of picking up girls at the mall if you are a male who is about twenty years old and even younger as the girls in the shops are also the same age. Nevertheless, if you are confident enough to pursue a young girl even if you are a man older than twenty years old, you may also do that. You just have to be equipped with the necessary skills to do a great job.

The very first thing that could ensure your success in picking up girls at the mall is to convey the image of a happy and jovial person. This is easy enough to do by flashing those pearly whites. If you are extravagant with the smiles you give people in the place, you can attract the very same people, including the ladies, because of your friendly nature. When you do this, you just might get lucky and receive a smile in return from the girl behind the counter.


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Picking up Girls at the Mall

The second tip you can use when picking up a girl who works at the mall is to come up with an interesting opener to get her talking. The mall being a neutral place, you can stick with fun openers which can be statements or even questions. Let’s say for example the girl you have your eye on works in a record bar; you can ask her: “What is the title of this song that has been running in my mind all day -the one that goes…?” Choose the most popular portion of a song that is all the rage at the moment. This will really get the conversation started which can go on and on, if you know the fitting follow-up questions.

The third important thing that can make picking up girls at the mall easy is by keeping eye contact. Your smile and suave opener probably worked to your benefit and made the girl talk to you. You need to ensure that she keeps talking to you by maintaining eye contact. You need to do this to make her feel your interest in her but just be careful not to stare as girls get conscious when you do. In order not to stare, it would be helpful if you look at the girl’s right through your right eye; this is proven to limit the girl’s feeling of being stared at.

The fourth tip you can try when you are picking up girls at the mall is to keep from talking about yourself and you alone. The really friendly people are generally more interested to find out interesting things about others; thus, they tend to talk a lot less about themselves. You can use this to your advantage by focusing on the girl by asking her questions about her job, her likes and dislikes, and anything that might come up during your conversation. Of course, you also have to inject a part of your life in the conversation but never dominate it by giving the girl a rundown of your achievements and successes. This way, the girl you are interested in feels special about the attention you are giving her.

In conclusion, getting a smile or even a few words from a girl at the mall is not so difficult. You can use the different tips in getting girls to notice you: smile, say an interesting line, maintain eye contact, and talk about things other than yourself. When you do this, your time spent picking up girls at the mall will be successful.

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